conditioanl formatting

  1. K

    How Get Question Reference

    (1) How to get reference Sheet 1 to Sheet 2 (2) We Need four Option Reference According Match Question on Sheet 1 *Kindly make this formula for "sheet2" Condition 1 :- i will change Serial Number After Change Question in "sheet 2" (match Serial no. and question to "sheet1") Condition...
  2. K

    Conditional Formatting & Subtotal Macro

    Hi All, I am trying to build a conditional formatting macro at the end of a string I already have that will help visualize the data represented. The data is located (A12:V750) but the conditional formatting will apply to Column F (I am hoping to have the highlighting apply to the whole row...
  3. V

    Conditional formatting and multiple duplicate handling | vlookup | countif

    Hello, I have been making an excel sheet and have a question in regards with conditional formatting and duplicate handling. I want to be able to use conditional formatting to compare 2 columns but have the conditional formatting only highlight the amount of duplicates that exist in the lookup...
  4. srizki

    Conditional formatting using SUMPRODUCT. Match two lists

    Hi All, I need to match two lists and find the matched value. The short list has 16 digits invoice number, while the lookup table has long list with the same invoice numbers but with the extention “-SBOO2”, “-SBOO3”, I need to match the invoice number. I am using the conditional formatting with...
  5. K

    Named shapes to link to cell value adjacent to name - Help

    Dear Community, I am attempting to connect the shapes, which i have named "pc****" (standing for post code, followed by the first four letters/ numbers of the post code), to a range of values with an adjacent name of the linked shape file. The purpose is for the map to change colour based on...
  6. A

    Two Lists of Contacts within one sheet. Need help sorting to find duplicates/format

    HI, I have received very two lists of contact information that have been combined into one sheet as seen below. I have broken this down into a smaller sample size because each list contaions over 5,000 rows and 20 columns wide. My question is.... Is there a way to sort the list below by...
  7. S

    Conditional Formatting Dates

    I am looking to do a conditional formatting formula as follows: In one cell someone can write a date based on that date it will auto populate 4 other boxes. If a person types in a date 01/01/16 through 01/31/2016 into a cell the other four cells boxes will become: <tbody> 01/25/16 </tbody>...
  8. J

    how to insert conditional formatting based on multiple cells

    can anyone help me ... i want to insert formula in a cell base on i have 5 cells and in 6th cell i want to insert formula which tells me if min 3 cells (based on 5 cells) had value "1 " it flag true or color the cell green else red. <colgroup><col span="4"><col></colgroup><tbody> Day 1...
  9. E

    Applying conditional formatting to a pivot table

    Could someone help me out with applying a conditional formatting to a pivot table in Excel 2010? Example: I would like to highlight the totals for Sales Regions that did not meet their sales quota for a given month. Sales regions are drilable to show salesman names and their sales for past 12...
  10. A

    VLOOKUP & Conditional Formatting

    Hi New to this forum but it's always been helpful in the past so thought i'd give it a go myself! I have created a drop-down list for a Dashboard which then uses VLOOKUP to populate the next 6 columns with the data. This data is for a set period e.g. (this month) On the next sheet, I have the...
  11. B

    VBA Conditional formating based on another cell

    Hello all, I have run into a very common issue from what I can see, I need more than the allowed 3 conditional formats. I would like to format cells in range D17:D300 based on B17:300. The cell in column B could have a 1,2,3,4, or "E" in it and I would like to change the fill pattern of the...
  12. G

    Compare Cell against previous cell

    Hi all, need some help. I have a list of depths within one column ("I"), the top of that column (I12) contains the word "depth". I need a script that will compare the 2nd depth (I14) to the 1st (I13) to make sure its deeper (larger value), then 3rd (I15) to 2nd (I14), 4th (I16) to 3rd (I15)...
  13. T

    Conditional Formatting and Spreadsheet Control?

    Hello :) I have a sheet with some conditional formatting which is going to be running in the background of a user form... On the user form I have a spreadsheet control which I need to populate with values from the worksheet. I there a way I can do so and as well as keep the conditional...
  14. J

    Matching Multiple date ranges with other date ranges

    I have a data set where I am trying to get excel to recognize when two data sets overlap one another. In both tables I have an Activity, a name, end date and start date. If two date ranges from the two tables overlap, and the names of the two people match, I want that row to highlight. The...
  15. G

    SOLVED....CF based on criteria in 2 other cells - Not Blank

    Hi, first time poster looking for some help. I would like to set conditional formatting for a cell, based on whether another cell is not blank and also the cell being formatted is blank. I can do this with an AND function like this one =AND(B3>0,ISBLANK(A3)) when the cell is a number but mine...
  16. V

    Conditional Formatting Formula

    Hi, I am trying to create a conditional formatting rule which highlights rows based on whether the quantities in two cells within the row match: Column E contains the cost invoiced. Column J contains the amount paid. If both these quantities are the same, I would like the row to remain...
  17. N

    Conditional formatting on pivot table to track positive or negative change

    Hi, I am struggling with some vba code, I am quite new at this so please bear with me. I have a pivot table for a sales pipeline which updates from MS CRM online 2013. I would like to conditional format the opportunities that changed from one sales meeting the next. That is to say, if a...
  18. P

    Conditional formatting - difference between cells

    Hi all, I have an excel sheet for recording the results from measurements made on round material. What I want is to have the conditional formatting so that if they have more than the allowed difference in a column they are highlighted red. Example: Allowed difference is 0.06 so the cells with...
  19. A

    conditional formatting

    So i have a formula which reads like this =IF(((INDEX(RSheet1!A$4:$H$108,MATCH(Sheet1!BL$6,Sheet1!$A$4:$A$156,0),MATCH(Sheet1!B$21,Sheet1!A$4:$H$4,0)))=0,forecast($C$6:$BK$6,$C$21:$BK$21,BL6),((INDEX(Sheet1!A$4:$H$108,MATCH(Sheet1!L$6,Sheet1!A$4:$A$156,0),MATCH(Sheet1!B$21,Sheet1!A$4:$H$4,0)))...
  20. T

    Conditional formatting in Table format

    Conditional formatting format: Boarder - bottom boarder The problem when I insert a raw in the middle of the table the condition formatting is not applied. How can I make excel carry over the conditional formatting? The only reason I formatted the data in a table because it'll automatically...

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