conditional formula

  1. szita2000

    Excel formula working in cell, but throws error in Conditional formatting

    Hi guys. I came across something peculiar. I made this formula for a conditional formula as I always did. (To the side of the table I create the "will be" conditional formula in a cell) It was evaluating correctly in the worksheet cell. Then when I went and copied in the formula for the...
  2. szita2000

    Is it possible to pick up the <>= symbols from a cell for a conditional formatting?

    Hi guys. I am trying to build a sheet where our management can set targets based on cell values, and the <,>,<=,>=,=symbols in another cell. Here is my mock up for the conditional formula which does not evaluate at the moment. I also tried to operate with the INDIRECT formula to pick up the...
  3. R

    IF conditional formula

    Hi I'm sure this is simple but I need a formula in a column that differs depending on the value in another column. This is how I would define it: IF A1="APPLES" THEN formula = G1-K1 ELSEIF A1="PEARS" THEN formula = K1-G1 It simply swaps the column values around in the actual formula to be...
  4. E

    Pop Up message when value is changed - dependent on other conditions

    My data starts in row 2. Column AA is validated for Y,N,N/A values only, column ABcontains N/A or a date, and column AD can contain N/A or a date. All columns will initially be ‘N/A’ but there is apossibility that this will change, is there any formula that will bring up apop-up message if AD...
  5. C

    Formula based on data in 2 column

    HI ALL, Could you please help me with formula which can give me result based on data from 2 different column. <tbody> ID Type A500 S A500 S A501 P A501 P A506 P A506 P A506 S A506 S A506 S A506 S </tbody> I have data in 2 columns A and B, I need a formula which...
  6. D

    Complicated Conditional Data

    I am trying to write a function that looks through the data with the following characteristics: If the range of the data (cells A1:A500) has part number "abc-01" then I want to look at the value for that part (values found in range B1:B500) and see whether the value falls within 4.99 of a...
  7. A

    Multiple cells contain same TEXT

    [/IMG] Kindly help me, I'm looking for a formula if multiple cells (D54 to D61) contain the same text (Closed) D53 should show as Closed if one of the columns (D54 to 61) has a value other than Closed (Such as pending or in progress) D53 should show "pending"
  8. G

    Check Boxes - Auto Insert when inserting new row

    I have check boxes in one column on a form. When the user inserts a row I want the check box to populate as well in that new row in the same column as where the others are now. Is there a way to do that? Side Note: I already have a conditional formatting formula to shade alternate rows when...
  9. A

    Variance, 0 Divisor, and Conditional responses

    I am currently working on a sample events budget and I would like to show the variance between my actual and projected budgets and whether or not our forecasting was successful. However, there are some instances in the example where the actual amount used was $0.00 while there was a number...
  10. H

    Is it possible to do a 3-color scale conditional format using a formula.

    My data set is mostly negative integers with some positive integers. This means that the regular 3-color scale makes the few positive numbers all the most extreme green so you can't tell the difference. So when I'm only interested in the positive numbers is makes the regular 3-color scale...
  11. S

    Conditional Formatting Based on Multiple Variables - Formula Failing to Register

    Hello, I have been working in a spreadsheet with a really large data set and i need to identify a set based on 2 variables - not date related. Everything I have seen so far has a date in it and I have tried to copy those formulas, but get the error that says, "are you trying to create a...
  12. B

    if condition is met, cut off first 4 characters

    Hi all, Looking to transform <tbody> KMGW-S8004-5384 </tbody> <tbody> BRAU-R8205 </tbody> <tbody> 8888301523 </tbody> <tbody> KEND-7176 into.. S8004-5384 R8205 8888301523 7176 </tbody> Is there an excel formula that can handle all of this in one fell swoop? Thanks! Bill
  13. 1

    Conditional formatting as you move down a row

    Hi, I have setup a formula that is based on other rows to return a certain value, in effect in cell AW4 it's something like =IF(AM4="",Average,AM4) with Average being a named range. Cell AW5 has the same formula except the values for average move down one; I'm covering range AW4:BE94 with this...
  14. M

    Highlight entire row if duplicates exist in the same column

    I am trying to highlight an entire row if there are duplicates in Column B. The duplicates can either have COR, ENC, or ENA at the end of the text. Here is an example of how I need it to look: The numbers are not sequential in Column B. The next Item No could be SFC.....COR, Blue123-ENC...
  15. M

    Conditional Formats using Conditional Fomula or another method

    I'm stumped I have multiple rows and columns that are independent of each other. I need to setup a legend that's automated with three colors. The spreadsheet is setup like this ... <tbody> A B C D E F G H S L H W SD V 1 Goal .2 .3 .3 .4 .6 .6 2 Actual .1 .4 .3 .5 .7 .6 Total...
  16. U

    Visual basic formula based on Date

    I need help with the visual basic code to calculate interest based on a date. If the date is before 01/27/2015 I need the formula to be Amt*.12/365*days. If it is on or after 01/27/2015, I need it to be Amt*.10/365*days. <tbody> A B C D Date Amt Days Interest 01/25/2015 500.00 7 Amt...
  17. U

    Conditional Formula including sum, blanks, and multiple cells

    I am having trouble working through some conditional formulas. Any Help would be appreciated. I would be ok with using other cells for formulas if needed to provide the solution. Option A: If any of the cells in D10:D13 or E10:E13 are blank, I would like D14 & E14 to be blank also. If all of...
  18. T

    Running Conditional Sum Based on Month

    Hello all, I'm trying to structure a running conditional sum based on a monthly cash flow stream. To clarify, picture three elements: - A stream of twelve cash flows in one row, each one corresponding to a month - A list of twelve months in another row - A single cell that acts as a...
  19. J

    Conditional Formula: As more data is entered the range of cells in calculation changes

    In E5-E16 I have data from one year. In Column H5-H16 I have the same data type for the next year. I want to see the year to date increase/decrease in percentage which for each month I have Calculated in Column "I" as =(H5-E5)/E5 and so on down through E16. I have data complete and in all...
  20. J

    Copy rows from one Master work sheet to multiple worksheets

    We have a spreadsheet of all our client's trademarks and relevant information. All the information is contained in a worksheet titled "All." I would like the information contained in the rows from "All" to be copied to the applicable worksheet based on values in "All" column "E" and column "I."...

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