1. C

    How to get automatic data that will update for foreign users.

    Hello - I’ve been tinkering around with a sheet at work and I’ve been using various sources for getting data into a specific sheet so a group of 50 people can use. The best way I can query my data is through Microsoft exchange and applying filters to a specific email with excel attachments...
  2. M

    Can't find and delete unwanted external link

    Hi guys, My file pops up an error msg every time I refresh it says can't find the external file used, but actually, I don't have any formula or table linking to that file -- I have checked: 1. and 2. None of these involves the file the error msg mentioned. I do find the file in Existing...
  3. D

    Bringing data into power query from connections

    Hi, If I've loaded a table into power pivot , it is then showing in the 'connections' of the queries and connections pane in power query. Is it possible to load these into power query? if yes , how? if no , I can stop trying. RD
  4. T

    Report Connections Clearing "Keep only selected" filter

    Hello and thank you for viewing my post. I have a spreadsheet that has 5 pivot tables on 1 tab and I've created the graphs and copy / paste those graphs onto the Dashboard tab. When I add the sliders; 5 in total, I connect 3 of the graphs to the slicer without issue but when I connect the 4th...
  5. 7

    Query as record of subqueries - how to load subqueries in ExcelTable or DataModel

    Hello everyone, it proved to be the most useful to divide the query into small parts that can be easily tested and reused. So I'm trying always write the query as a record of subqueries like it is in #shared, for example: Data = [ Cleaned = let source = csv.. renamedColumns = ...
  6. M

    Load cumulative data from Web .csv data Query to Excel table for a different Parameter Date each time

    Hi all, I hope everyone is keeping well during these difficult times! I have an Excel Power Query question and I hope someone is able to help me! I created several connections in Power Query which are currently 'connections only' within Queries & Connections. All data is being imported from...
  7. S

    Remove old connections with VBA

    HI, I have seen multiple posts about removing old connections using VBA but they remove all connections. I have a sheet with 62000+ connections that have built up over time and would like to remove them and retain the 100 usable connections. Is there a way i can filter against the "Last...
  8. F

    Excel maintaining connections to Access

    I have multiple excel files with several connections to a single Access database. The problem I have is that if more than one file is open at once no one can refresh the files to draw in the latest information from Access. Unfortunately, as these are used for forecasting the files there will...
  9. B

    Updating several web connections with queries in blocks with dependent data

    I'm trying to update several connections in 2 blocks, the connection of the second block required data from the first block as input. To update the connections the user had to click on a button which starts the web data update process. During the update process a message is displayed (with a...
  10. E

    Excel 2016 error

    Hello all, I have issue where one of our Excel spreadsheets suddenly shows following error message. External Data Refresh Failed This Command requires at least two rows of source data. You cannot use the command on selection in only one row. We were unable to refresh one or more data...
  11. nikio8

    Delete server connections from excel

    Hi all, recently there seems to be a problem in excel where it constantly crashes. I am trying to make it as simple as possible with as few features as possible. The spreadsheet has few "workbook connections" to a local server. When I open data / connections/ they are there, but there does not...
  12. M

    excel crashes upon refresh of an exteranl data source

    Hello, I have been using 5 workbooks for about 3 years they al pull data from a master file. Now when I t to refresh connections it immediately crashes. The message says "Microsoft excel has stopped working" Any help would be appreciated.
  13. E

    Batch edit connections VBA

    Hi there. I want to edit the connections of the activeworkbook doing something like: Dim oCon For Each oCon In ActiveWorkbook.Connections oCon.Refresh BackgroundQuery:=False Next oCon The code above does not works. How can I do that? Thanks! EDIT: Better explain: I want to disable the...
  14. G

    Existing Connections

    Hello, I am doing a little house keeping to tidy andhopefully speed up so spreadsheets, I clicked on Existing Connections and gothundreds of reportserver connections listed. if I click on any of them its says noconnection. As the spreadsheet doespull information from a report server, is this...
  15. M

    Connections using Tables Not Updating Properly

    I have a master file that has data for a bunch of employees. I built seperately a file for each individual employee that reads from the master file, but found out that it can't read properly if they didn't open the master file, so started using Connections to pull in the data on a hidden tab to...
  16. D

    How to stop Excel from opening several workbooks connected to it

    Hello! I have a workbook with connections to 4 seaparate workbooks. All of a sudden when I open the main workbook, it opens all of the files connected to it. This did not happen before. How could I stop Excel from doing this, while refreshing the connections as it used to? Cheers
  17. H

    VBA to Refresh Connections

    Hi, I have code that automatically does a RefreshAll when a worksheet is activated. My issue though is that I need the refreshes to happen in a certain order since pivotables are based off of connection refreshes. I would need all connections to be refreshed first and then all pivotables to be...
  18. D

    Vba- ado connection

    I want to learn ADO connections. I want to copy data between closed files. Where can I start to learn?
  19. S

    Refreshing Website Connections - Including Date Of Refresh

    Hi everyone, I am currently using the Connections tools (under Data tab) to retrieve information from a website. In the end I will probably need about 50 separate Connections to retrieve all of the data that I would like. The problem i am facing is that when the data is refreshed, it does not...
  20. F

    Excel Formula Connection

    I pull several reports once a week and created a file with a ton of formulas to pull data from the reports. The reports must be open in order to extract the data. The report names are always the same as I use a macro to open the reports and then close them once the values have been...

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