1. F

    Contact details spreadsheet...!?!

    Hi All, I have inherited a sizeable spreadsheet from a predecessor and need to clean it up to enable me to convert it to a CSV file our our CRM system. The problem is, she has entered all of the telephone numbers into one column and i need to distinguish between landlines and mobiles. Is there...
  2. S

    create files with contact information list

    Hello, I have a list of contact information and a template to transfer it to. Information that has become a row will go to a fixed place in the template. how can we create a copy code for this? creating a copy of the existing template file in accordance with the number in column B would be...
  3. J

    Search two columns

    I have two workbooks with a company name column in both, I need to search workbook 1 for matching company name and if it's a match I need the name from the contact column in workbook 1 added to workbook 2. I can do this with INDEX/MATCH, but my problem is I have rows under company name that have...
  4. T

    Auto saving date

    In my spreadsheet in E1 is yesterday date in this style 31/07/2019 is there a way of adding to my macro a way to save as T/P5 August 2019/31.07.2019 Contact Finance
  5. T

    Format field as a phone number in report

    I have a common access report. One of my text boxes is ="If you have questions about this report, please contact: " & [CompRptCntctFirstNm] & " " & [CompRptCntctLastNm] & " at " & [CompRptCntctPhone] When I run it I get something like the following: If you have questions about this report...
  6. F

    VBA - Copy All Duplicate Data (Including first instance)

    Hi guys, I've just started a new role and I need to find all duplicates in data over the past 6 months as my predecessor hadn't been doing this, and the idea of doing it manually for 8000 lines of data is terrifying me. Can anyone help me with VBA code to pull all duplicates into another...
  7. A

    Expiry Date of Excel

    Dear Expert i have some files for which i want excel stop working after specific date excel cannot open after 31-Aug-2019 and show msg "Contact administrator" please send me macro codes for this.
  8. M

    Excel Autofill contact info from previous times entered in

    I have a "Form" that I input a customers contact info in such as Name, company, city/state, phone, email. I would like excel to remember the name I typed in and when I go to type that name in again the contact fields will autofill with that persons information. is there anyway to do this or am I...
  9. N

    Finding / Listing all Members of a Team

    Hi. I have a table containing staff member names (column A), team they belong to, which is numbered between 1 to 30 (column B) and contact info / location info in columns C and D. The whole range is A4:D434. What I'd (ideally) like to do is have a Userform pop up and show all of the staff...
  10. A

    contact way

    Hello All, i make a simple user form to collect some data related to customers i make Frame contact 2 options call mail i need when the user select call an Text box active to write numbers only
  11. L

    Search matched fields from changed row to other worksheets of the right hand side

    Hi, I have a excel log book for booking resources with multiple worksheets for each month of the year. Each worksheet has the same templates (same headers). Like Column A-D is for Book A, E-H is for Book B...etc and Column A, E will record the user name, Column B, F will record the contact...
  12. I

    Matching, lookup, or returning rows based on date

    Hello, I fairly new here this is the first time that I have ever posted on the forum but have visited here for other information that i have stumbled across. Hopefully, someone can help me figure out how to do it or tell me that it's not possible. I work as a case manager and I am trying to...
  13. M

    VBA code for creating new worksheet based on macros

    Raw data is in "Sheet1" of WB named as " Contact Details " and located in “E:\Excel” My code is in module1 of WB named as “Macro code for Contact Details” having a Button on Sheet and the code is given below: <code class="s1w8oh2o-7 bpZJor" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border: 0px...
  14. A

    Whats app attached JPEG file

    Hello every one Kindly guide can we send a pic from excel via whatsapp I have below vba code but its can send only text through whatsapp kindly support Dim text As String Dim contact As String text = Range("C1").Value If text = "" Then MsgBox "Enter the Message to be sent!", 64, "PROCEDURE...
  15. M

    Reformatting or consolidating multiple worksheets for summary

    Hi All I have a workbook where each tab represents a country. Within that, it shows the same functions and items per client. I need to summarise the data across all sheets to extract key pieces of information without having to reformat the sheets. I inherited the workbook so don't want to...
  16. I

    Dependent combobox

    Hi all, I don't speak english very well but I will try to describe my problem. I have a combobox with names of customers on "Sheet1". The name of corresponding contact person and his email will show in C24 and C25 after choosing a customer from combobox. I have list of customer on "Sheet2"...
  17. O

    Excel Data Sorting

    Hello kind people not sure if anyone is able to help me at all been trying to sort this for hours but don't think I'm quite up to the level needed any help would be greatly appreciated. So I have data in a spreadsheet; - Owner Name - Business Name - Contact Number 1 - Contact Number 2 - Email...
  18. E

    Index, match, countif function

    Excel 2016 One workbook Sheet: Project Team Cube Row D4: D100 contains all resource names. (I created named range: EmployeeNameProjectTeam) Note: this sheet is a hidden sheet and the same names can appear several times. Sheet: Contact List & Details Row C11: C100 What I want: I want to...
  19. J

    Printing a person's name if a company name matches approximately.

    I've been really frustrated trying to look up (oh god no pun intended) how to do this. I'm trying to do something so simple to understand but I'm having such a hard time trying to get Excel to understand what I want. Basically, I have 2 excel sheets. What I need to do is fill a contact list of...
  20. W

    Combine two data sets. Pivot Table?

    Hey guys, I have two data sets that I want to combine. Data is currently on two different worksheets. Below is an example of what I am trying to do, but my actual data has more columns for both Opportunity and Contacts. I also have many more rows. <colgroup><col style="text-align...

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