1. S

    Excel VBA to extract 2 or 3 keywords left and right from cell content

    Hi Friends, Trying to extract 2 or 3 keywords from cell content through excel vba. Sheet1 ColumnA has rows with content sample file attached. I need vba to search for keywords from sheet2 ColumnA in Sheet1 and extract 2 or 3 or 4 keywords from each row content into sheet3.(Popup box would be...
  2. J

    find the content of a cell in another sheet based on the content of a cell

    Hello, I'm looking for a macro to jump to a cell in sheet 2 based on the content of a cell in sheet 1. Basically what the macro should do is: Find cell A1 of sheet 1 in column B of sheet 2 and go to that cell. I've looked for a solution but couldn't find it. Hope it is a simple question...
  3. M

    VBA to get content from internet

    Hi Need a help. In column A of sheet 1, I have links of certain section of company websites. I need to copy all the content from that section to sheet 2 of excel once all content got copied from first link move to 2nd link and copy all content and so on. however i also need an identifier...
  4. diddi

    Combobox Text behaviour

    Morning All! I have a minor but irritating problem with UDF comboboxes. I need to display a long text item for user to have correct information in selection, but do not need to display it all after selection. my annoyance is that after selection the content is always displayed right justified...
  5. M

    Hold or anchor cell content

    Hold or anchor cell content to scroll with cell Not sure if I am explaining it right but in the attached example you can see the milestone I added do not scroll with the sheet they stay on the page no matter how much I scroll. Any ideas on how I can add them and they scroll correctly
  6. M

    IFERROR (or is it IF(AND) still giving #VALUE!

    I seem lost on this one. I am trying to combine a number of simple functions and seem to be going in circles of failure. I'm working towards placing a result in Column I based on a few things: I never know just how many rows of data there will be so I check for any content in column A, if A...
  7. D

    Excel 365 VBA to place values in Word 365 Content Controls Rich Text

    Hello all, Now they want to add information to a form from the Excel workbook NoSparks helped me code. The code is in Excel and is below. I have it calling to where I have the Word template fine. It goes to a word document with more content controls then what I am requesting to be filled. So...
  8. T

    make cell blank if greater than

    I'm looking to change cells to blank if their content is greater than 30 using VBA anyone know how to do this please
  9. C

    Copy text files and their content into a single sheet

    Hi There, I'm looking for macro that would read all text files from a specified folder (not subfolders). The code should loop through all text files and complete 2 columns with filename and file content column a: filename column b: file content I tried to start with a simple code below ... but...
  10. Nelson78

    VBA: loop in cells and delete bracket content

    Hello everybody. I'm looping in a range: For Each cell In Sheets(2).Range("F2:F" & lr3) '.... Next cell For each cell in this range, I need, if existent brackets with exactly 2 characters as a content, delete the brackets and its content. For example: LONDON (LD) has to be turned into...
  11. kelly mort

    Update image file name based on textbox content

    When I enter the textbox, I want to store its content to a variable "MyEnter". Then when I change the content I store the changed content to " MyChange". Then inside a folder , "MyPics", located at the location of the workbook, if there is an image file called same as the content of the "...
  12. R

    Power Bi

    Power Bi is not displaying content from the office planner.Our requirement is to office planner content in Power Bi Page.We are using tile with link set to office planner however we end up with error message "Content cant be displayed in iframe".Is therr any other method for dislaying the...
  13. D

    Pivot tables Headache

    Evening Folks, I have some issue with Pivot Tables. Don mind bear with me & advise some solutions ifpossible.Greatly appreciated. I have this pivot Overview Sheet here. Whenclick on John Value 5 to access the internal data -->Sheet 4 will be createdand it looks something below: Sheet 4...
  14. M

    How to change a visio shape text to the content of a range stored in a variant?

    Hello I'm trying to store the contents of a excel range into a variable and then add the content of the range to the text of a shape in visio. If I use a position like cel (1, 1) it adds the content of the position to the name but I need to add the entire content of the range for the active...
  15. H

    VBA for excel to send multiple emails; subject; body (Content)

    <tbody> To Subject Content; ABC - 1 Content 1; ABC - 2 Content 2 </tbody> Hi, i found this code but it only work for email but not suject & content Sub SendEm() Dim i As Integer, Mail_Object, Email_Subject, o As Variant, lr As Long...
  16. K

    Count continuous cells as one in a column

    Hello, I need to count "grouped" cells with values as one. Column "I" has bunch of 1's and 0's if it was on or off. I already deleted all the 0's and was left with 1's and empty cells in between. For example: <tbody> 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 </tbody> This has 3 "groups" so the...
  17. E

    Repeat rows/columns

    My spreadsheet has a lot of columns with data, so I set Excel to repeat lines $1:$6 and $A$A column on all pages. The content of the "A1:A6" cells extends to the "H" (text cells) column, BUT on pages 2 ... n the repeated cells have been cropped, the extended content is hidden, Excel is only...
  18. A

    How to auto-fill until the last row of data based on user-specified input on a separate worksheet

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to autofill column A in "Master Publisher Content" based on a user-specified value in "Enter Info" in cell H3. The catch is that I only want to fill column A based on the last row of data in "Master Publisher Content." I'm using column C to find the last row of data, but...
  19. T

    Need help with an IF/THEN formula to include AND in addition to a date lookup

    I am new to this forum, so I apologize if this question has already been addressed. Here is what I am attempting to do: IF the content of cell "A" AND the date (the year only) in cell "B" THEN the content of cell "C" is inserted into cell "D". An example: "B" "A" "C"...
  20. A

    Compiling Worksheets from the Same Workbook

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to compile 6 worksheets from the same workbook, into 2 separate worksheets. In this instance I am trying to copy data from the 3 publisher content tabs into a master sheet, but I am getting an error with this line of code For Each ws In...

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