1. S

    Convert Excel formula to VBA code

    Hi, This is the excel formula that I need in VBA code. Would appreciate if someone could help me convert this formula into a VBA code. Thank you...
  2. X

    Converting % data point to different format for notepad extract

    Hi I have a macro to extract data from excel to a very specific format in a notepad doc. Most of it is fine but struggling with best way to convert 1 data point. It's a percentage in excel but the extract must always be 9 characters, eg below: 0.05228% = 000005228 0.52280% = 000052280...
  3. Q

    Convert list with commas and spaces in single cell, into list in separate rows - Assistance

    I'm looking to convert an entire column within a spreadsheet, to ensure each cell containing a list is converted into rows underneath with single postcodes as per the example below. I wasn't sure if there was a function or a formula I could use to execute this. Any help would be much...
  4. D

    CSV to XLSX conversion

    Hi everyone. I am trying to come up with solution to convert .csv file to .xlsx. Although there are many topics regarding that, I am unable to find anything suitable for me and I am not that experienced in VBA to write the script myself, yet ;( I would like to create an ActiveX Control button...
  5. M

    Macro/VBA to add text from another cell into current cell when I type a certain value.

    I am creating a schedule within excel with days along the top, time down the left and activities populated in the table. The column headers/dates are not stored as dates, but as unique values based on our calender (e.g. Week 1 Mon, Week 1 Tue). I would like something that means if I type in...
  6. E

    Convert Columns Data to Rows Data

    Hi everyone! I have a spreadsheet to convert the (attached picture) in green to rows in yellow. Is there possible formula or code to create the remining data from rows 7 thru 24 to columns L thru V) ? Here is steps example for manual input (to convert green row 2 into yellow rows 2, 3 and 4)...
  7. P

    Help converting VBA into Power Query

    Hey guys! I use this VBA since 2018, but now I want to use it in Power BI. Can someone please help me converting this from VBA to DAX, so I can use it? The VBA calculate the period between the two dates, only considering working hours (8h30-18h30), working days, discarding weekends and holidays...
  8. F

    Converting 1-5 scale to 0-5 scale

    Hii all, For my internship I have to convert a 1-5 scale to a 0-5 scale. So the 1 is a 0 and the 5 is a 5 (with a range of numbers in between) Is there a formula that can do this? I have tried different things but I cannot figure this out on my own. Thanks in advance!
  9. D

    Convert VBA Code to Formulas in Excel

    Basic need is I need my macro turned into formulas or something that can be on the spreadsheet without macros. Work is getting rid of the ability to use macros (disabling all), so I need my codes to work without being codes. I have tried different formulas (find, if, vlookup, etc) and I can't...
  10. G

    Date Format YYYYMMDD

    Hello, I have a Excel sheet in which dates are in this format : YYYYMMDD without "/" separation, So I used "Record Macro" - DATE -> Convert to change in to this format : DD/MM/YYYY, here the code it got me out : Range("A5", Range("A5").End(xlDown)).Select Selection.TextToColumns...
  11. Jyggalag

    Make excel macro refer to other sheet than itself

    Hi all, I currently have this code, which saves my sheet (entitled "Sheet3") as a PDF: Option Explicit Sub SaveFileWithMacro() Dim Path As String Dim fn As String Path = "S:\Path\PDF files\" fn = Range("A63") ActiveSheet.ExportAsFixedFormat Type:=xlTypePDF, Filename:=Path & fn & ".pdf" End...
  12. J

    WORD: Macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black

    Hi, Can anyone help with a macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black? Thanks.
  13. G

    Converting individual rows into individual files

    Hello everyone, I have an excel file that I would like to split in individual text files per row. I have found a similar function from the VUTOOLS package, however, I do have a mac and unfortunately, I cannot make use of this convenient extension. I am not very proficient in excel coding, so...
  14. S

    Convert JavaScript code to VBA

    Hello guys, i am a noob VBA user and im looking for a way to convert geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to UTM coordinates and vice-versa. In my searchs, i found a JavaScript code that allows me to do that, but i would like and have to do it on the excel, where i have the map of my...
  15. S

    Convert cells with hyperlinks into active links without hyperlink formula

    I have a snippet of code Dim xlRange As Range Dim Rng As Range Set xlRange = Range("G2:G" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row) For Each Rng In xlRange ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Rng, Rng.Value Next This code error's at line 65532 1004 error I need...
  16. Seba Robles

    JSON to CSV - Repeat all row items

    Hello, I have a JSON file that I converted to CSV using an online converter. When I open the CSV file, I have all the data but some rows have blank cells that I want filled. (See image below) Notice how rows 2 through 8, and row 14 are single row items. However, rows 9 through 10 and the...
  17. D

    Need help converting 15 minutes intervals into 30 minutes interval

    Hi everyone, I am trying to convert a 15-minute interval export into a 30 minutes interval and sum up the different values (Total 1 - Total 9) within that 30-minute interval. The data table is as below: Text Date TIME_Interval Split_Number Split_Name Total 1 Total 2 Total 3 Total 4 Total 5...
  18. B

    Convert or split then combine numbers from cell

    Hello! I have plenty of cells with dimensions in the following format: 100x50cm I am looking for an efficient way to convert those to inches, so the result should look like 39x20" inches. I am looking for a formula that could convert it directly or indirectly, perhaps by first splitting the...
  19. H

    excel to html

    hi dears i have excel with 10 sheets and i need vba for convert to 1-html format and 2-csv comma utf8 and 3.txt format 1-do it for entire workbook automatically and with no question 2-for each sheet make seperate file name and same as sheet name in my excel file path 3- printarea by default...
  20. F


    Hi all, I thought this would be a straightforward exercise. I have a column that is a YEAR, but it's a GENERAL data type. I need to convert that to a date, basically the last date of the year, 12/31/2018. example; 2018 --> 12/31/2018 I have a column that has years beginning from 2018 going to...

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