1. J

    WORD: Macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black

    Hi, Can anyone help with a macro to Cycle Through Headers & Remove Merge Fields / Change Formatting to Black? Thanks.
  2. G

    Converting individual rows into individual files

    Hello everyone, I have an excel file that I would like to split in individual text files per row. I have found a similar function from the VUTOOLS package, however, I do have a mac and unfortunately, I cannot make use of this convenient extension. I am not very proficient in excel coding, so...
  3. S

    Convert JavaScript code to VBA

    Hello guys, i am a noob VBA user and im looking for a way to convert geographic coordinates (latitude and longitude) to UTM coordinates and vice-versa. In my searchs, i found a JavaScript code that allows me to do that, but i would like and have to do it on the excel, where i have the map of my...
  4. S

    Convert cells with hyperlinks into active links without hyperlink formula

    I have a snippet of code Dim xlRange As Range Dim Rng As Range Set xlRange = Range("G2:G" & Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Row) For Each Rng In xlRange ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Add Rng, Rng.Value Next This code error's at line 65532 1004 error I need...
  5. S

    JSON to CSV - Repeat all row items

    Hello, I have a JSON file that I converted to CSV using an online converter. When I open the CSV file, I have all the data but some rows have blank cells that I want filled. (See image below) Notice how rows 2 through 8, and row 14 are single row items. However, rows 9 through 10 and the...
  6. D

    Need help converting 15 minutes intervals into 30 minutes interval

    Hi everyone, I am trying to convert a 15-minute interval export into a 30 minutes interval and sum up the different values (Total 1 - Total 9) within that 30-minute interval. The data table is as below: Text Date TIME_Interval Split_Number Split_Name Total 1 Total 2 Total 3 Total 4 Total 5...
  7. B

    Convert or split then combine numbers from cell

    Hello! I have plenty of cells with dimensions in the following format: 100x50cm I am looking for an efficient way to convert those to inches, so the result should look like 39x20" inches. I am looking for a formula that could convert it directly or indirectly, perhaps by first splitting the...
  8. H

    excel to html

    hi dears i have excel with 10 sheets and i need vba for convert to 1-html format and 2-csv comma utf8 and 3.txt format 1-do it for entire workbook automatically and with no question 2-for each sheet make seperate file name and same as sheet name in my excel file path 3- printarea by default...
  9. F


    Hi all, I thought this would be a straightforward exercise. I have a column that is a YEAR, but it's a GENERAL data type. I need to convert that to a date, basically the last date of the year, 12/31/2018. example; 2018 --> 12/31/2018 I have a column that has years beginning from 2018 going to...
  10. I

    How to convert numbers to words in Excel with Hyphen - Minus Values

    Hello Everyone Good day, I'm using below VBA code for last 1 years and today I discovered the small error in VBA code . When I write minus -10,000 it shows on "Only Hundred Ten Thousand" When I write positive 10,000 it shows on "Only Ten Thousand" works fine Can someone please correct my VBA...
  11. E

    how to separate HTML tables from one cell into multiple cells?

    Hi, I have a complicated situation with an unwieldy amount of data. The situation is I have data from my website in excel, each row is a profile (around 100k profiles), that all biographical data is crammed into one data field (or in this case, a cell, since in Excel) in HTML format. The HTML...
  12. D

    Convert Entire Sheet to a Named Table for a Pivot Table

    Hi guys, I have looked online to try and find some solutions but I keep getting an error. Perhaps I am messing up with the syntax. I want the vba to go to the worksheet titled "Index", and then to convert all of the data on that sheet into a table called "Source" (similar to going to the...
  13. K

    Convert 15 Oct 2019 16:23:28 GMT+00:00 to 15/10/2019

    Hello I have downloaded a report and the date in the above format stored as text. I would like to change it 15/10/2019 to create a Pivot table. I have tried datevalve, format the cell to date but no joy. Any pointer please. thank you.
  14. U

    VBA - Convert Excel Files to PDF

    Hi Gurus, Could you possibly help me build a codes for this one? Basically, I have a folder with excel Files: Folder Name: Data Sheets The folder contains different sheets example: 1. Data 1.xls 2. Data 2.xlxs 3. Data 3.xls 4. Data 5.xlsx ..and so on Is there any way, where I can convert...
  15. H

    convert Array Formula to Non-Array

    Hello All just trying to get the following array formula to a non-array {=IFERROR(INDEX(TRADES!$D$2:$D$2000,MATCH(1,(TRADES!$A$2:$A$2000=B3)*(TRADES!$C$2:$C$2000=DATE($F$1,$N$1,$E$1)),0)),"")} Thanks
  16. B

    How to convert Now() to Eastern Standard Time

    Hi, I have multiple users across the US using my application and I utilized the now() function. So is there way to convert all of these now() to eastern standard time because these time stamps are saved in my access database. Thanks
  17. S

    Macro for DATEVALUE

    I have software that exports date data to a workbook. I am expected to utilize this data to feed another report. The issue is all of the dates are exported into text, I have to update this weekly sometimes ad hoc when requested. I was wondering if I could modify my macro to somehow get around...
  18. A

    Formula to convert currency cost into a percentage

    Hello, Which is the correct way/formula to convert the currency cost into a formula. For example: $39.21 shows as 3921% - May I know which formula I should use to get the percentage in a correct way. These are the sub-totals cost I have and I would like to show them in a percentage form...
  19. N

    How to convert hours worked on a task into percentage

    I'm working on a time study. I need the formula to convert numbers of hours worked on a task in an 8 hour day into a percentage.
  20. N

    Macro to run formulas and convert them to values

    =HH31+HH32+HH35+HH36 =HH40+HH41+HH44+HH45 =HH49+HH50+HH53+HH54 =HH58+HH59+HH62+HH63 =HH67+HH68+HH71+HH72 =HH76+HH77+HH80+HH81 These formulas start in DQ32 and end in DQ923. Each are 9 rows apart. Need a macro to run these formulas and convert them to values
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