1. O

    Copy a named range to another workbook

    Hello, I have the below code where I am trying move away from using the cell ranges e.g. A2:A11 and use named ranges so if the range grows it still comes across, however it only copies over the first row but if I was to change it to the cell range it works fine. Looking for help on a way to make...
  2. A

    Copy row from one worksheet to another with multiple column criteria

    Hello! I'm looking to copy an entire row from one worksheet (Sheet1) to another (Sheet2) based on multiple criteria. For example, in the image below, I need to be able to find all the "Green" fruits and then refine that further to only "Medium" Size. Then, I need to copy the entire row (as long...
  3. L

    Issue in my macro

    Hello, I am using a macro filtering with a "X" in a certain column and pasting in on another table, I need to do it on repetitive way with different filtering column. It works until a certain column, then the macro is not going forward. I have first a macro defining a format for the subject...
  4. L

    copying conditional formatting to different sheet

    Hi I have no problem to copy conditional formatting from one cells to another in the same sheet using format painter tool. But I noticed I can not copy conditional formatting to different sheet? Is that by design? Thank you
  5. M

    VBA Copy from Closed Workbook

    Hello Everyone, I have a small problem with copying sheets from closed workbook "x" to my workbook "y". So the copying isn't the problem, just the formulas in workbook "x" because in this workbook I have formulash which referres to another sheet in this workbook. So when I am coping this sheet...
  6. P

    Changing the Value of a Cell When a User Clicks a Specific Cell - Need Help With Efficiency

    Hi there! I have a program that I'm trying to write that displays a date in a cell based on whether a user clicks on a specific cell. Here are a few notes: The date is formatted as YYYMMDD A4 - Contains the first half of the date (ex YYYYMM) M4 - Displays the final date in YYMMMDD format F/G5...
  7. B

    Copying a filtered range xlValues only

    I wonder if anybody can help, I have put some code together with a great deal of help from Fluff on this site. I have now moved onto the next stage, which I have working but not exactly as I need. I have the code copying and pasting to variable sheet name but I have two problems 1. Its copying...
  8. M

    Allow only copying of values not formulas

    Hello, Is there a possibility in Excel to allow only copying of values (results) and lock copying of the formulas from the same cell? I have an Excel sheet where user has to enter a code in one cell and based on the code he gets results in the other cell - which has to be copied to some...
  9. D

    Copy a row, paste its values, move to next row, move to another sheet and etc

    Hi guys, I am going to say what I am trying to accomplish in words. I have a report I was doing manually. The info is imported into different workbooks from a master excel file. From then i was copying and pasting each row as of the different days of the month. This could be automated so I have...
  10. bobkap

    Date in string

    I have numerous records that include a cell that looks something like this: <tbody> BLS Instructor Renewal & Monitoring Registration - 2/28/2019 (LT-FW) The length of the data varies and is not one consistent length. However, it is always in this same format. I need to do the...
  11. P

    How to copy down from 2 columns

    Hi, I have data in column D, and data in column E. I want to move this to column F (for printing) so that it runs D1 E1 D2 E2 D3 E3 Etc. I can pull the data D1 into F1, and E1 into F2, but when copying down, it does it like so: D1 E1 D3 E3 D5 E5 Is it possible to have it so that the...
  12. C

    US Date to UK Date Not Straight Forward

    I have a report where half the date is american and uk. I cant change the us dates to uk . Tried using DMY in Text Column Tried right clicking and changing the format cells to the right format. Tried copying the column and repeating all of the above Tried copying the data into notepad and then...
  13. S

    Workaround for numbers as text

    Hi, We export data into a workbook, all of the product codes are 4 digits but they are in text format. When i go to do lookups they dont work unless I paste the product codes into notepad and then back into word again. So 2 questions here I suppose: 1. Is there an easier way to do this rather...
  14. R

    VBA Finding keywords then copying nearby rows of variable length

    Hi, thanks in advance for any help, I realize it's a lot. I'm trying to take one sheet and upload data to another. The task is: 1) Find Keyword 1 on Sheet 1 2) Skip 3 columns and copy a varying number (based on source sheet) of columns with data; below would be 4 columns (111 thru 114) but it...
  15. T

    Preventing copying duplicates from one workbook to another

    Hello Mr. Excel Friends, I am copying rows of data from various workbooks into one workbook. The data in the workbooks will be cleared out weekly, but will be collected daily. Therefore I will have the issue of duplicates with this code: Private Sub GTB_Click() Dim LastRow As Integer...
  16. S

    Copying dynamic Range

    Need a looping macro that will copy a dynamci range from a bunch of excel files and paste into a master file. I can't get the macro to go beyond this line of code and I am not sure what the issue is. Set wb = Workbooks.Open(Filename:=myPath & myFile) Set Rng1 =...
  17. Z

    Copying a range of cells from one sheet to another not working

    Hi! I'm trying to copy a range of cells to a second sheet and then delete the row from the first sheet. It seems like it should be pretty simple but the code is throwing an unknown error and highlighting the line "Sheets("Sheet1").Range(cell1, cell2).Copy" Any ideas why this would be happening...
  18. R

    Copying data between workbooks

    Hi I'm trying to copy data between workbooks, but i'm getting an 1004 run time error, on the range object that i'm using viz. Workbooks("Origin.xlsx").Worksheets("Data").Range(Cells(1, 1), Cells(lastrow, lastcol)).Copy Workbooks("Destination.xlsx").Worksheets("Copy").Range("A1") Please...
  19. M

    Copying File Names from folder to Workbook

    So I have this code, and I would like to adjust it so that instead of running the script until there are no files left to be copied, I would like for the code to continue its loop (purposefully) for at least 500 or more times WHILE inserting/clearing cells in the column it was formerly copying...
  20. G

    VBA for copying a worsheet then opening new worksheet at a specific cell

    I have a number in Cell M4. I am copying the sheet and renaming it to the value in M4. I also want to open the copy and open it at Cell A1. I have this code so far but unsure about the rest. Dim ws As Worksheet Set wh = Worksheets(ActiveSheet.Name) ActiveSheet.Copy...

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