corrupt file

  1. F

    We found a problem in '(C) test.xlsx'. Do you want to try to recover as much as we can?

    I've had issues with workbooks becoming corrupt for a long time and couldn't figure out why. Finally noticed it was when I was copying in a worksheet from another workbook. The file name is "[C] test.xlsx", the error message shows "(C) test.xlsx" as well for some reason. Is it because there is...
  2. rachelm920

    VBA Code Corrupting files suddenly

    Hi all, I have a code that opens all Excel files in the designated folder, then performs actions based on the file name. I've been using this method for a long time, but suddenly recently its been corrupting files. Then the whole thing just sits there with an error message because it can't open...
  3. S

    Corrupt File Recovery Log Error

    My excel file that I work on everyday (and copy and rename everyday and also backup to the BOX app online) gets corrupts every so often. Today it happened again. Perhaps someone here can me trace the error. I've attached the text that comes up when I say Yes when Excel asks if I want to recover...
  4. I

    VBA Digital certificate causes file corruption

    Hi, I have been given a digital certificate that is valid throughout my company so that users do not have to click Enable macros every time. However there seems to be two major issues: - Often when I add the certificate (Tools / Digital Certificate) and then safe I get an error that the file...
  5. D

    File always opens with the same repairs

    I have an xlsm file that, for reasons I can not understand, opens with the message: "We found a problem with some content in FILENAME.xlsm. Do you want us to try to recover as much as we can?" I choose yes and the workbook opens with the following repairs message: Excel was able to open the...
  6. VBAPyro

    VBA- HTML -PDF download is corrupt issue

    I have code that will navigate to a website and do a search, select "view as PDF" and then download the pdf that is then attached to an outlook email. The issue I have is that every so often one of the pdf's is corrupt and cannot be opened. I found this happening a bit where the code would try...
  7. E

    Workload Forecasting Excel Workbook Corrupting

    Hello, I have multiple questions about a tool we have been using for several years. It is an excel workbook to track and forecast man hours for an engineering/design company. We do multiple small jobs and are tracking around 50 at one time. Each job has it's own workbook with weeks along the...
  8. O

    Corrupt Excel (.xslm) file. Lost almost all data

    Please help me recover this file. I've been working on this for the past 3 weeks and would be pretty devastated if all data is lost. I have no clue why this error is occuring. Situation Context is that I can no longer open my Excel file (and when I repair, most of the data is lost). I...
  9. O

    AutoRecover file corrupted

    My Excel crashed and restarted. In the document recovery pane, clicking the most recent version of the file (a .xlsb file) opens a dialog box that says this version contains some repairs and prompts me to let Excel recovered as much content as it can. However, clicking yes simply leads to a...
  10. G

    Need to restore custom functions from a corrupt ".xlam" file ...

    Hi, Apologies if this thread already exists somewhere on this forum. I was using Microsoft Excel 2013 and working on a custom function when my system crashed. Initially, I had problems loading Excel after rebooting. Having disabled my custom.xlam file so that it doesn't load when I started...
  11. S

    Excel 2010 Pasted Images from Clipboard Won't Allow File To Save

    I have been having a frequently occurring issue where I get excel spreadsheets (from email) with printscreened/snipped images not allowing the spreadsheet to save. If I remove the images, I can save, but as soon as I add the images back, I get "document not saved" errors. The strange thing is...
  12. G

    Excel keeps crashing, files keep corrupting and repairing. I am out of idea's

    I've been working on an excel planning tool for the past few months, it contains 6 sheets, some user forms, some modules, and loads of vba code. some times during this months excel has crashed on me due to infinite loops and computer crashes. after some crashes excel needs to repair the program...
  13. C

    Escel cannot open the file because the file format or file extension is not valid.....

    ....verify that the file has not been corrupted and that the file extension matches the format of the file. My computer crashed last night and it looks like the Excel 2010 file I had open at the time got damaged / corrupted. I have tried the following without success: 1) Open & Repair within...
  14. B

    PLEASE HELP! Automating the Download of .zip files...

    Hi Everyone! I was wondering whether anyone could help me please? I need to automate the download of zip files. I can write a code to download other file types from websites but when it downloads a zip, the file corrupts. Is there something that is different about downloading .zip files...
  15. G

    Save a Workbook generated by a template as .xlsx, then keep going.

    Hi.... I have a requirement to be able to use a Template to allow the User to complete a Workbook, then save the Workbook in two different places all under VBA control. The User enters info into the spreadsheet, and "behind the scenes" (i.e. in Macro code) the single Worksheet has sensitive...
  16. T

    sharing file corrupts it

    We have an Excel file that 20+ Users update daily. Every time we share the workbook, it corrupts the file within days. We are using Excel 2010. We go to Review tab, Share Workbook, and check the Allow Changes box. Suggestions/Feedback is appreciated.
  17. M

    'A Weird One - Sums don't Work

    All - I've been using my version of Excel 2003 for four years now and yesterday all of a sudden when I changed a cell included in a range; the cell with the sum of the range did not change. I had to go to the formula bar, double click on it and only then wld the sum cell change. In addition...

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