1. H

    corrupted sheet

    I have a workbook that has become corrupted. Coincidentally :rolleyes: at the precise same moment microsoft decided to remind me to update my payment method. Anyway, I can open the workbook but it closes when I attempt to access my macros. I can (begrudgingly) rebuild my macros but is there...
  2. D

    VBA syntax to repair corrupted file

    I need some help with some vba syntax. I have part of a procedure that opens another workbook, performs some actions then closes it. This is the code I have: Workbooks.Open (ThisWorkbook.Path & "\" & DocYearName) All the workbooks are stored in the same folder and the variable DocYearName...
  3. Z

    Looking for opinions on Shared Workbooks

    Hi, All... Background: I have a LAN-based Shared workbook that occasionally becomes corrupted after users go in and change formatting and add highlights. When this happens, I need to do some manual workaround for my VBA to run the next day. The "shared" aspect is mandated by management and I...
  4. A

    \AppData\Roaming corrupted files - help!.....

    I somehow got the following corrupted language in the formula of my cells..... C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Excel\ I have 2 spreadsheets that communicate with each other. This happened often a few years ago, but hasn't happened again since this past week. what am I doing wrong...
  5. M

    Excel Corrupted file

    i have an excel file which was protected. somehow it got deleted. i recovered back the file using a software but i can not open it now. it gives the error file is corrupted. is there a way to recover the data?? i can mail the file if required. pls help...!!!
  6. A

    Macro skipping one step

    Good morning everyone. I have a macro running automatically everyday that calls to other macros like this: Call BL_NDXCall BL_DACH Call BL_DACHTS Call BL_BEITNL Call BL_UK Call BL_FR Call BL_IB This used to work a while ago, but ever since a couple of weeks ago, the macro is skipping some...
  7. T

    Userform: Corrupted appearance on a different computer

    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum. I tried to look for related posts first but to no avail. I created a userform with tons of (working) controls, uploaded to cloud and downloaded it on other conputers. The file's main usage will be on the userform. The issue is, on most computers, the userform...
  8. F

    Corrupted file

    I have created a complicated spreadsheet using excel 2007. I shared it at onedrive so some friends can download it and use it also. When they open it they are got the message that file is corrupted (they are using excel 2010-2013-2016) and some formulas and conditional format was gone at some...
  9. S

    Corruption Error

    Hi. I having a recurring issue that I was wondering if anyone else has had. I will open excel files that have been opened and closed 100 times before without issue. When I go to open it again, I will get a message the file has been corrupted. I know this is not really an Excel issue but...
  10. T

    Possible corrupted file -Excel scan to fix

    Hi Guys, I have a file and i think its become corrupted. If you click in the formula bar although the formulas seems to be ok, the text is all in different fonts and colours. Any thoughts? Is there a way to run a scan on a excel file to try and clean up any errors. Thanks
  11. N

    My Excel 2007 Files seriously corrupted

    Dear Experts, All my excel files have been corrupted and I'm unable to open any of them. I tried couple of free download for excel file recovery in google but non of them helped me. I see message from Microsoft Excel: Your file is severey damaged unable to recover is the message I am...
  12. thedr9wningman

    Corrupt styles in 2010: How to remove?

    Hi, I found this post in the <a href="">Excel Forums</a> and I had the same problem. It was never answered. <code> Hello, How can I remove corrupt styles from an Excel 2000 workbook ? I've tried...
  13. T

    Problems saving file and retreiving file

    When I save an Excel file it often says that it cannot save and then renames the file and saves it under a new name with a strange icon that is white with three dots in it rather than the usual Excel icon. In addition when I open the file it frequently will not open properly only displaying...

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