1. D

    COUNTIF w/ greater than & name match

    I am needing to COUNTIF column B on "Data" sheet is greater than column C on "Data" sheet, if the name in column A of "Totals" sheet matches the name from column A on "Data" sheet. The Data sheet has multiple rows with the same name that need to have the values in B and C checked. Data Sheet...
  2. G

    Countif border of a cell is red

    Hey everyone, this should be an easy one for someone. I just need a simple code to count how many cells in a range (E26:BD26) have a red top border. I’ve found threads on changing border colors, counting by cell value, etc. But I just want to count red borders. 1 cell returns a value of .25 (I’m...
  3. T

    Rank a subset with duplicated values defined by another column

    Hello, I'm trying to create a column with a rank of values based on a control column. I've posted this in StackOverflow but I feel this forum is more appropriate for the topic. My data: (A) (B) (C) Value Control Rank 100 1 8 200 1 6 200 1 7 300 0...
  4. Z

    Count the unique IDs for a table

    Hi, I have the sample table below and what I need to count: the total unique EEID that their type is R ABCDEFGH1EEIDTypeQuestionsStatusResults2611RQ1Completedis to count how many EEID that their Type is R and Completed the Q463611RQ2Completedtotal of unique EEID that their type is...
  5. A

    countif range from reference cell

    hello, i want to do countif function and in the range of the function i want to put cell H4 whice contains - "sheet3!AR2:AR72" so that the countif will go to sheet3 to coulmn AR. how can i do that?
  6. S

    TRUNC function in COUNTIF or COUNTIFS produce error message

    Hello, Would you know why the usage of a TRUNC function into COUNTIF our COUNTIFS, as here-after, produce the following error message ? =COUNTIF(TRUNC($A$2:$A$6),D$1) The range $A$2:$A$6 contains some numbers with decimals and I aim to count how many of them matches the cell D1 that contains...
  7. Z

    Count the repeated values in a column and then numbering the results

    Hi, I have below table and what I need to do is to count how many repeated value in the column A, then number the results (the expected results column is what I need), anyone can help? ABC1EE IDCountifExpected...
  8. A

    Sum((CountIF, with Mult. Ranges across Mult. Tabs, 1 Criteria) + (CountIF, with Mult. Ranges across Mult. Tabs, 1 Criteria))

    Hello, I'm trying to attempt to put into one table both the age group the pet is in and the groups they scored into. I'm struggling with getting the two different tabs to calculate one number and the age being ">=" and "<=". Excel keeps saying I have too many arguments. Any Help Would Be...
  9. Ebbie

    How to COUNTIF with duration (h:mm:mm) where cell with value = 1

    Hello, I have a sheet with duration values. I already can count the total amount of a specific area (ex : B2:G2) to get the total of time, that's easy and not an issue. However, I would want to get à value = 1 for each cell in the area where there's a duration. So if I have : 1:00:00 [blank...
  10. B

    =IF(COUNTIF for one range and multiple criteria

    Hi all! I am trying to convert numbers in multiple columns to a value in words. I am using the =IF(COUNTIF(range,criteria),"value if true","value if false") function and able to make it work with only one criteria, but having trouble returning a value when using multiple criteria. This is what I...
  11. T

    If row values found in another range, return a specific value, else leave original value intact

    Hi all, I would like to: Check if row value in Column AN can be found in another workbook's Range("D2:D30") If true, then return "APAC" in Column AM. If false, do nothing and leave row value as it is. However, my formula entered below is returning 1s and FALSE: Range("AM2")...
  12. M

    Replacing OFFSET to sum up to max value from specific cell

    Hello everyone, I am new to the board & thank you all in advance for the help. I have data for the time it takes each step in a manufacturing process & each step has a unique name that never repeats, as seen below, pasted in A1 corner. Steps time Start Point Sum of Steps Count 2800N1 5...
  13. N

    Count number of employees employed between two dates

    Hi All, Newbie poster, but have used the forum a number of times! This question has been asked and answered before, but I really cannot get it to work [count of employees which were employed between two dates]. I have a list of start dates (A:A) and end dates (B:B) of employees who were...
  14. P

    Scrubbing Mass Email List

    Hi Excel Gurus, I've been working on this problem for days and tried numerous different formula to no avail, any help is appreciated! Problem: I have a list of 250,000 emails that needs to have all emails associated with lawyers removed (ex. Attempted Solutions: In...
  15. Jyggalag

    Conditional formatting based on color?

    Hi all, I have this file: How do I make a conditional formatting formula (or whatever it takes) so if the COLOR (not the text!), but the color in column C is red, then the color for the respective cell ("hello" and "this" in cell A1 and A3) will also turn red? Hope my question makes sense...
  16. S

    Find The Most Frequent Occurring Text In A Column

    Hi, I want to find the most frequent occurring text in a column with multiple criteria. I know how to do this for simple criteria, but when I have to use the date criteria it gets complicated. This is working for these two criteria that I implemented...
  17. J

    Formula for Counting Calls between a date range - Countif with multiple columns

    Hi all, I'm sure I'm doing something really silly with my formula however, I've basically got a table of total number of calls made per day. In column A I have the date, and in Column B I have the call number. I'm trying to calculate the total of the calls, made within a date range specified on...
  18. D

    COUNTIF not working when referencing a table on another sheet

    Hi. I am trying to make a dashboard for hiring and departing employees. I have two simple tables on two worksheets respectively. I'm trying to compare the two tables to determine who was hired and who quit. The input tables are made from the list of who is currently employed, which I...
  19. Y

    For Loop, If Statement, and CountIf (Cutting down run-time)

    Hi all, For each cell in column B, I want to count how many cells in that column have the same value. If there is only one cell in the column with that value, change the Cell.Value to Cell.Value & "a", if there are two cells in the column with that value, change the Cell.Value to Cell.Value &...
  20. D

    Unable to get Countifs property of the function class error

    Hello, I am getting the aforementioned error with my code, and I have absolutely no clue why. Any help would be appreciated I'm clearly not understanding something. [CODE=vba]Sub MonthlyAdd() Dim Category(7 To 10) As Variant Dim Ar As Variant Dim Br As Variant Dim Catgry As String Dim i As...
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