1. C

    Countif multiple criteria in a table?

    Hi, I have an issue that I've been struggling with and I hope someone could please help me out. At work we have a standby rota, with one sheet per month. In each sheet there's a rota, and essentially it looks like this (but with each date of the month in it); Fri Sat Sun Mon tue Wed...
  2. E

    Is this possible? Adding equations and formulas to pivot tables

    Background: I am "analyzing" data from a large table, for simplicity, I made a dumby excel spreadsheet. My data records races and which place the runner came in. I have uploaded a photo as a visual aid. My goal: To create a pivot table the accurately returns the win rate of the race...
  3. V

    Count the change from one letter to another

    I have 2 columns with letters from A-G and I would like to count how many As change to Bs, As to Cs, Bs to Ds, Ds to Es, etc... Basically have a summary of the changes for each letter (changes from current to new). Thank you in advance for your help.
  4. E

    Results disappear when match is no longer found.

    I have the following formulas in 24 different cells in my "Stage Times" sheet looking up certain criteria in my "Frac Report" sheet. They are correctly entering the matches they find in the "Frac Report" tab but then when the criteria is no longer found, the matching result disappears in the...
  5. T

    IF statement = the second occurrence, then paste that corresponding row's second column

    Can someone help me find a shorter formula. I would like the corresponding row's first column to appear in successive columns in a second sheet. Each F number (ie F1, F2, etc) refers to a person. the cells to the right of each person refer to a job that they will be doing (ie Team 1, Team 2...
  6. Colt_Fisher_43


    Hello, I have a working formula =COUNTIF(E2:H2,"<>Adams") How would I add another name like "Davis" so it'll work with both names and remove duplicates? Thank you
  7. Z

    Right Countif formula

    Hi, I need to count how many completed course by employee, if the Completed Date column has a date, then this course is completed but if it's a blank, then it's not completed. The catch with my current formula it counts the all employee ID even if the completed date is a blank, what is the...
  8. M

    Count if multiple criteria with corresponding rows

    Hi All, Please see below. I need a formula (in yellow cells) that will return how many times the number is counted as well as the corresponding row returning a "yes". So for example, cell BA3 should be 6. Bit stuck with this one so any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance, Mark
  9. F

    How to sort subgroups and sum?

    New to VBA so please excuse my ignorance. I have a daily bank transactions spreadsheet that needs to be sorted in a specific way. First, the debits need to be at the top, followed by the credits. If the transaction is a debit, it will have a value in column E, otherwise it will be blank. Same...
  10. J

    Forumla Assistance: Countif cell x says "text" and cell y is ">0" "<5" Multiple criteria

    Hello, I really hope you are can help. Not going to lie been trying to figure this one out for the best part of 2 hours and have now given up. I have logged on for a while so I have breached any rules please let me know. So here goes. column B I have criterias that all have different...
  11. A

    Counting if issues

    Hi everyone, I am having issues counting the number of Males/Females that were enrolled in a study during the month of March (3/1/20-3/31/20). I'm not sure why, but when I try to use the COUNTIFS formula to figure out the number of females that were enrolled in March (between 3/1/20 and...
  12. S

    Countif with dates compared to two cells Sheets

    Hello I am really hoping someone on here can help, I am a bit of an excel/gsheet newbie... I am trying to create a TOTAL of actions overdue depending on the date. I have managed to use the COUNTIF function to count the dates that are overdue in column H. The next step is where I am stuck...
  13. R

    Count number of instances a limit being utilized

    Hi, Looking for help to calculate the number of instances wherein a assigned limit has been utilitzed greater than or equal to 90%. ColA having Date ColB having Individual names ColC having limit utilization in %age and ColD having Instances (the desired output). Case: If individual (Tom)...
  14. P

    Help with Excel formula - Countif - Sumproduct

    Trying to identify how many items have been completed less than 1wk, less than 2wk, On time, greater than 3wk, greater than 2wk and greater than 1 week from its due date (Column P). Trying to use Column (T )as a reference of when the item was actually closed. trying to us the countif formula...
  15. T

    Couple of things

    Hi, this is abit complicated to explain what i have in mind here, so pictures where needed im sorry if i broke the rules here and im sorry if you cant understand what im trying to do here, its kinda hard for me to work out myself, but im looking just to make this some what easier for me maybe...
  16. C

    How to use dictionary method instead countif?

    I want to use vba dictionary method to calculate over 100k rows instead of in worksheet countif function to reduce time of calculation but I could not find how to convert my formula which shown in below. Range("AG2").Formula = "=COUNTIF($AF$2:$AF100000,"YES" & X2 & Z2 & "TRUE")"...
  17. L

    Can this formula be transformed to only count unique values within each sheet?

    Hello! I have learned a new formula today =SUMPRODUCT(COUNTIF(INDIRECT("'"&SheetNames&"'!"&"w2:w500"),F2)) Formula source: How To Count Items Across Multiple Worksheets In Excel I want the formula to only count the criteria (F2) once in each cell. I saw this but I don't know how to combine...
  18. D

    Count values by conditions from an array

    Hello, i got an export from a ticketing system and i want to carry out some data (want to create kpi dashboard) and i woul need the date in this format...
  19. E

    Sum Distinct Values within Time Constraints?

    Hi All, I'm trying to solve the following problem using some combination of sumproduct, sumif, and countif functions: I have a dataset where people move into and out of areas at different times. Sometimes there are multiple people in an area at a time, other times there are none. Each area has...
  20. D

    Display Results Matching Search Criteria, Ignore Blanks

    I have a sheet called "Data" that contains many rows of information in columns A to K. I have a sheet called "Search" where I have this: The user can fill in the search fields (as many or as few as they want). These fields are named: C2 = "Agency" C4 = "User_ID" C6 = "Surname" E6 =...

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