1. D

    COUNTIFS up to a certain number of occurences

    I am using a COUNTIFS forumla to count the number of times a row matches two criterea. This is to act as a kind of dynamic counter for a scholarship ranking sheet to show how many scholarship are allocated to students in each department as we move the ranking around. However I only have 7 of a...
  2. M


    Hi everyone, Last time I reached out to you, I felt the love with so many responses so quickly. I am a teacher and I’m trying to look for ways to streamline my duties. I'm currently reviewing the courses I teach - focussing on equipment used, and duration for each module. I have been asked...
  3. M

    COUNTIF INDEX type issue. Producing a summary table..

    Hi folks, After success on this board earlier this week, I’ve decided to put together a management information type system for my department at school. I currently teach at different sites and I’m trying to ensure an even split of equipment between sites. I’ve put a simple site, course and...
  4. J

    Large Formula with Index Match by Criteria

    Hi, This is the first time I've posted here so apologies if any of this is incorrect. I have a list of products ordered by week with their volume. I would like to select the top ten products by week. I have found and used the formula which gets the top ten, but I am struggling to do it by...
  5. Y

    Unable to use If, Countif and Concantenate function together

    I was trying to find if result of concatenation is duplicate or not but the formula is not working. Below is the formula that I create. pls help in rectifying the error...
  6. L

    Countif for more than one criteria

    Good evening everyone, I would like some help with a formula if anyone could assist. I have searched a number of forums and not had any luck! I have created a staffing list with various columns of information. On a separate tab, I would like to count how many times a name appears in column 'E'...
  7. A

    counting blank cells in every growing table

    I want to count the number of blank cells in A:A but only relating to my table size. Is there a way to only have the cells in my current table be counted? Formula's I've tried so far with no luck: =countblank(A:A) =countif(A:A,"") Also, I know it's not VBA code, but wanted to show it nicely...
  8. S

    count ifs formula

    i did this formula but i dont know why its not working its suppose to count the rows where the status is if done and the date should be from the last 7 days including today can anyone help me =countifs(table1[status],”done”,table1[date],”<=“&today()-7) for some reason it counts all the dates
  9. D

    Using IF AND and COUNTIF in one formula

    I have 6 dropdowns with the same 30+ options to choose from in each. 10 of those options have similar attributes and I want to advise the user if they pick 4 out of 6 of these when filling in the 6 dropdowns. I have a cell off to the side of these options that will display this message. I got...
  10. L

    Returning cost?

    Hi everyone, Perhaps not drinking water is affecting me or this is just a formula I've not learned yet! I'm trying to begin my journey into learning PowerBI and with that I'm reworking an existing spreadsheet to be PowerBi uploading friendly. I'll try to explain this simply: I have different...
  11. M

    Combining IF, COUNTIF, ISNUMBER, SEARCH in a formula

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to point me towards a solution that has me stumped combining a number of search functions. I have a roster with three general information columns: Position title, is the position active, company the position reports to. There is a separate summary sheet that is...
  12. K

    Inserting Cell Text into an Existing Formula

    Hello, I am struggling with the syntax to combine a COUNTIF function with an INDIRECT function embedded within (or something similiar). Here's my current formula in cell B1: =IF(A1 = "all",COUNTIFS(Sheet1!Q:Q , Sheet2!M4)) (If A1 in the current sheet = "all", then run a countif to see how many...
  13. gfdwer2

    Simplify this formula containing sum(countifs() function

    I NEED THIS FORMULA TO BE SIMPLIFIED BECAUSE IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME FOR EXCEL TO COMPUTE IT Simple background, I need to count all the cells containing "OT 1","OT 2","OT 3","OT 4","OT 5","OT 6" from 7 columns (PROC1-7) , but only for a specific date (represented by A5)...
  14. H

    Nested If, countif, sumif, etc

    Long story short having problems figuring out how to do this. Does this look wrong or not possible? =if(Log!D2:D1000=B2,countif(Log!Z2:Z1000,"Over"),+0) In words If a cell on sheet Log in the range D2-D1000 is the same as cell B2 on the current page, count the cells in column Z on the Log...
  15. M

    Find / Search Duplicate Values in slash or (-) character Data in one cell

    I want to find a value among the multiple values in one cell, I hope the given picture will help understanding the actual issue. Hope to get some solution from some Mr. Excel :) P.S :- Please i need some formula instead of VB Code
  16. F

    Function count if for text in textboxes VBA Excel

    Hi, I am doing a userform where I have 8 textboxs named ddc, example: ddc1, ddc1...ddcn. then I have another textbox name quantcoup, that is the textbox I want to receive the count if of everyone of the ddcs that have text in it throughout a command button. Also, I want that the count if detect...
  17. L

    Resource Allocation calculation

    Dear members, Need help in creating resource allocation report. Trying to pull data from a worksheet "Resource Mapping" worksheet (one of the 4 worksheets in the Resource allocation file) onto a "Report" worksheet where conditions are, 1) "Resource Mapping" worksheet project code = project...
  18. D

    Countif formula not working if used the same range as the data it is searching for

    Hi, This is my formula: =COUNTIF(range,"=*Y*"); also tried =COUNTIF(range,"*Y*"); and =COUNTIF(range,"Y"). Goal: trying to count the number of "Y"s within the cell range Problem: Formula works only if I enter it outside of the range within the formula i.e if I want to find all Ys within the...
  19. S

    Countif returning incorrect value

    Hi, I have a sheet where I have combinations of numbers and want to count occurences of these sets. The numbers are in Number Dash Number format eg 1-7 However I just did some checking and the countifs are returning incorrect values. All of the sets are in text format as otherwise it converts...
  20. A

    COUNTIF, MATCH, and OFFSET in Array

    Hi all, I hoping for some advice here. I am trying to calculate the success rate of members of staff. I have each student's score in a number of subjects (A2:J6) and there teacher for each subject (L:U) I want to COUNT the total number of student scores over a certain amount (e.g. >5) for the...

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