1. A

    Count of Values in Single Column

    Good Morning, I am trying to determine the best formula to use to capture how many times a value shows up in a single column. In the attached image I am trying to obtain a count for every time one of the Hold Reason Notes shows up in the column. Example - in the first 5 rows the formula would...
  2. M

    COUNTIF to count cells with conditional formatting

    I have an enormous range of data (10k rows x 10k columns) with conditional formatting applied to all cells in this range. The range is something like the below, which is a concatenate of the row and column header values: 0001 0002 0003 0004 0005 0006 0001 00010001 00010002 00010003...
  3. T

    Countif (remove duplicate) multi conditions.

    Hi, I have data as below. What I want to get is result same as last column. Could you pls advise which formul should be? Logic: count each order how many time late No, how many time late Yes. Thanks. RSTU23Order#Submit dateLate submission?Result...
  4. J

    Excel formula to find occurrences greater than 1

    I am trying to create a formula to find out if a certain word appears more than one time in a column with criteria. I have a PO# in column A and in column B the words DROP or MISC appear. I am trying to find out if the word DROP appears more than once for each PO#. I am currently using the...
  5. M

    Can you SPILL and COUNTIF?

    I am looking to count the first instance of data in a column, however when a new row gets inserted the countif needs to be reapplied. Is there a way to make this spill? AB1DATAFirst instance2a13b14c15inserted row6a07c08d19e110f1B2:B4,B6:B10B2=(COUNTIF($A$2:$A2,$A2)=1)+0 I have considered using...
  6. I

    Multiple Count Ifs

    Hello! I am using a countif to determine if an employee is assigned to something. AC lists the employees and anywhere from A to U is where I am looking for a match. This works great: =IF(COUNTIF(A:U,AC1)>0,"ASSIGNED","OPEN") That said, I am now trying to add if they are on PTO also. The PTO...
  7. M

    Automatically tagging text for data analysis

    Hi everyone and thank you for reading this. I have tried to play around with IF(ISNUMBER(SEARCH... but I did not obtain exactly what I needed. Please, use the pic below as reference. Column D is the input. Column E is the output. Normally I fill in column E manually depending on what is in...
  8. C

    Stock inventory - count unique sequences from barcode

    Hi, I am looking to obtain an overall itemised count from a delivery taken from the scanned barcodes. The first image is the full inventory catalogue at where the items are looked up against. ABCDEFGH1ItemPart numberTests Per Kit ( tests x cartridge )2Amylase reagent4T8520640 (160x4)The full...
  9. S

    How to write count if but not not if

    I want to count items that are in the skirts dept but not if the sub dept is denim or sweater. How would I write that? Dept Store Set Qty Sample Status Expected XDate Sub Dept JACKETS/OUTERWEAR 16JUN 1 NEW 08/31/2023 DENIM SKIRTS 16JUN 1 NEW 08/31/2023 DENIM DENIM 16JUN 1 NEW 08/31/2023...
  10. B

    Find missing values in two lists

    Hi all, This should be a simple problem but I seem unable to sort it: I have a list of numerical and word product codes in B44:B60, e.g HJK/5566712/19 A macro button on each row can copy the data from B44 over to H44 when sent to another department. Hitting the button again undoes the...
  11. ibmy

    offset the formula,1 cell below to start calculation

    Hi Experts, I been thinking and try change current formula but not succesful to meet my need. Current Formula : Start from currrent cell GIJ1datatotalCount230.63240.150.860.3J3J3=IF(I3="","",COUNTIF(INDEX(G:G,ROW()+I3-1):G3,">0.5")) The best solution I have tried so far : but the result...
  12. hicksi

    Is there a bug in Excel RemoveDuplicates

    I have a list of words. And now I'm trying to ensure that they are all unique. If I take a copy of that list and RemoveDuplicates, then that removes duplicates, IRREGARDLESS of case. I then place a COUNTIF against that list to find the duplicate which has a count of 2. I then remove all...
  13. V

    Excel Formula for Count the Product and Last date of entry

    Hi, we have the following table where we want some results 1- total count of data (as result sheet) 2-Last date of entry for the product Data SnoDateP CodeC...
  14. J

    How to Count entries with date range across multiple tables and worksheets?

    Worksheet 'Dashboard' has a weekly breakdown for production numbers. I have tried multiple ways and continue to get formula errors. I need to count the number of entries in multiple other worksheets as follows: Worksheet: DG_Procedures has table DG_Table with column Date Submitted to QC. I...
  15. J

    Countif value is not blank and less than 70% of adjacent cell"s value

    Hi all, Hoping someone can help me with this. I'm guessing it super simple, but I can't find a solution anywhere online. Basically, what I'm trying to do is count the number of times each cell in a range (G4:G9) is not blank and is less than 70% of the value of the cell that is 2 columns...
  16. Chris_010101

    Complicated SUMIFS/COUNTIFS Formulas Required

    Hello, I have two sheets, named: 1. Master Data - This sheet will be updated daily by pasting a system report over the existing data 2. 2022 - I want to calculate some stats from the master data sheet on this sheet The gist of this is, I need to report on people who leave between 0 and 5...
  17. E

    Count filtered unique values where sum of values in another column meets criteria

    Hello, hope you can help. I would like to use a formula to give the count of complete projects in [time range] where there is a total of <=1 hour spent on 'review' over the whole project - example sheet below. In this sample the desired answer is 2 as only project A and B meet the criteria...
  18. A

    Cant seem to count

    Hi, So I am trying to count how many male and female officers are on per shift, I have made a sheet so that the male officers are under one column and the female officers are under another then i put column next to the officers with an M or F. This is a separate sheet to the main sheet i want...
  19. L

    Using INDEX...SMALL...IF...ROW and COUTNIF in order to match multiple peoples names to single email for mail marge

    Hi there, I have found some old posts on this topic but nothing that seems to solve my issue. I am using the below formula in order to pull a list of individuals names that have correspondence through the same email address. For example if Mr John Smith, Mrs Jane Smith and Miss Janet Smith are...
  20. A

    Help! PowerBI - How to 'COUNTIFS' with conditions

    I've attached a snapshot of my data - I'm looking to count how many shipping addresses a Partner ID has in a list of various Partner IDs. In the image the power BI formula I need is: - For Partner ID# PUS00000111 to show it has 14 'TRUE' shipping address values - For Partner ID# PUS00000342 to...

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