1. J

    Count multiple worksheets qty of rows

    Hi, I have a number of workbooks, named by date they were created, and need a summary of how many rows each workbook has. Thanks Jon
  2. A

    Referencing controls on a userform that was created dynamically

    I have created a Userform programmatically and created a series of controls on the form. Now I want to read from/write to one of the text boxes. I have tried everything that I can think of to reference to the control, but I'm having no luck. The control was originally created as part of the...
  3. Y

    Macro to send email based on ComboBox

    Would it be possible to have your help to create a macro that allows to send an email notification based on the assigned name on ComboBox3 where I can modify the subject and automatically attached a pdf file that it is previously created. The path of the pdf file changes depending on the entry...
  4. G

    protecting newly created worksheet only

    I have a vba which creates a new worksheets whose name is dependant on a cell value. At the same time it also created a PDF file of the same sheet. What I want it to do is also protect the newly created worksheet only. I have tried a few things to no avail. This is what I have so far Sub...
  5. CPGDeveloper

    Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit

    Hi All~ I have a user that occasionally experiences this error -- "Update or CancelUpdate without AddNew or Edit" The db I administer has about 20+ end users, split db, front end accde files on each users's desktop. This error occurs (only occasionally) when he is creating a new entry into...
  6. S

    How to create arrow that grows with size of value

    I have a graph that I need to recreate from a vendor. Only I don't know how they created the arrow that grows with the size of the value. Take a look at the linked image, any ideas?
  7. P

    can't find the function I created under the WorksheetFunction

    As the title states, I haven't dealt with the worksheetfunction alot and I've never dealt with it when it came to a function that I created. So I am not sure why my function doesn't show up but it shows up on the spreadsheet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
  8. W

    Find and Replace

    Hi all, I have created a macro which reads column B and then creates separate sheets based on the values-text found on that Column. I obviously get an error while new sheets are created. The 1st one is when text is over 31 characters. This is resolved. The 2nd one is when i have the 7 sin...
  9. V

    In need a VBA script to create sheets from 3 different template sheets and more...

    Hello all, first time here! I'm not proeficient much with VBA, hopefully someone can help me. I need a VBA script to create a dynamic amount of sheets at once based on 12 different cells value, from 3 different template sheets (I need to keep those 3 templates formula intact) and based on some...
  10. S

    Problem solving macros

    Hi all I'm about to have a genuine emotional breakdown over a spreadsheet I've created for work and I'm really hoping someone can help me work out wth is going on and how to fix issues I'm having please. In short, I work at a training company and have created a spreadsheet with multiple...
  11. X

    Typed text changes cell

    I created simple macros that do the same thing. A text is typed when clicking on a button that runs my macro. I created then a macro to delete the texts that I typed. The texts generated by my macros appear in cells different to those I originally chose when creating my macro. My Excel...
  12. G

    Vlookup for multiple instances

    Hey everyone, I've got a few problems I'm having using vlookups - I feel like there's gotta be something I'm not thinking of. - Is it possible to get a lookup to find the Nth instance of a lookup value? - Can I easily add together every instance? Maybe this is a case for Match instead...
  13. G

    Index Match picking the smallest value

    Hey all, I am cracking my head without finding a logical solution for this problem. This is a small picture of my database (on the left) and I created a pivot table (on the right) to summarize this information. I would like excel to get the lowest number from the column G (date) and insert it...
  14. T

    Complicated formula or macro need to add new sale into correct invoice?

    Hi Everyone, hope you can help I need a formula or macro to add new sales to existing sales invoices. we have clients that p[lace orders and pay over 16 instalmentsand offten add new items to the first order When we get and order an invioce schedule is created with dates and amounts due...
  15. K

    Reference a filename created with a formula

    I'm trying to reference a filename and path that I've created with a formula. I can't get it to work either in a formula or with a Macro.
  16. C

    Using Calculate Field in Same Query

    Hello, I have a very limited knowledge of Access and am struggling through and enjoying creating my first database. When in query design view, I created a field by entering the following formula into the field region: Lab$: [LabHours]*([CrewRate]+[OHRate]) So when I switch to datasheet view...
  17. M

    Customised Ribbon using Custom UI editor for Microsoft Office

    Hi. I have created a new ribbon using the editor and have created about 60 new tabs. Well as you imagine having all these tabs are a bit of nightmare scrolling along to find the tab i want. Does anyone know if there is a way of using a macro to search for a particular tab, maybe a combobox...
  18. O

    Intern Left - Transfer Ownership from his "Workspace" to "Group Workspace"?

    Hi, I've been reading other posts here similar to my issue but I can't seem to get some of the workarounds or methods used to work. We had an intern working with us over the summer and he created a bunch of different reports in Power BI, I still have access to his account but my company needs...
  19. D

    Save active worksheet as new workbook havinf the name of the active sheet

    Hi all, Below is the code to create a new workbook with the active worksheet of an open workbook Sub sb_Copy_Save_ActiveSheet_As_Workbook() Set wb = Workbooks.Add ThisWorkbook.Activate ActiveSheet.Copy Before:=wb.Sheets(1) wb.Activate wb.SaveAs...
  20. D

    Add automatically new sheet names to a combobox

    Hi all, Imagine I have a combobox from a userform that allows me to navigate through a workbook with many sheets -dozens of dozens- I would like to know why the code of the userform initialize does not add the name of the sheet to the combobox when a new one is created Current code...

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