csv file

  1. A

    Importing Multiple csv files

    Hello I have an excel sheet in which I regularly need to import data that is in *.csv format. I would be very grateful if someone can provide me a VB code where I can import in a query all these csv files into the existing Excel file. I have been able to find code where the codes *.csv files are...
  2. F

    Refresh a web connection with CSV file - (Office 2016)

    Hello, I'm developing a project where I must update a web connection (CSV file) and return some of the updated data. For updating the connection I use RefreshAll function. In the first tests, using Office 365, it worked perfectly. However, when the tests using Office 2016 started, there was a...
  3. M

    Activate a CSV file that is already open

    My code opens 7 new workbooks and saves them as CSV files without closing them. Later in the code I need to activate the relevant CSV file to post data into it. However, I can't seem to activate the appropraite CSV file. If the files are saved as FileFormat:= xlNormal the code runs perfectly...
  4. S

    Link a CSV file in an Access database

    Does anyone know how to link an csv file to an Access database? I can link xlsx or a text file, but not sure about csv. Thanks
  5. K

    Copy and Paste Data from CSV file to first blank row in worksheet of second workbook

    I have a workbook (BoardTime.xlsx) tracking board member time. Each board member will send me a CSV file with their information for a period of time (CSVExport.csv). I need to copy the data from columns A through E from CSVExport.csv starting in cell A2 to a worksheet in BoardTime.xlsx named...
  6. U

    Append last rows from csv file to Master xlsx file based on csv timestamp

    Hi. I occasionaly download a .csv file which contains exactly one year of 1-minute interval data, held in 8 columns (A to H) and copy the data that I do not already have into a Master .xlsx file. The csv data looks like this: <tbody> A B C D E F G H 1 Timestamp Z1 Z2 Out Flo EnC Enp OpMo...
  7. A

    VBA-importing CSV file

    Hi I would like to create macro that imports the newest CSV file. The file name is changing every day and is located in Z:\ drive (no folder here). This folder holds two different file types with same name (.FLG and .CSV) So far I’ve got to the error stage ’Run time error 1004’ file could not...
  8. A

    Why VBA cannot download CSV file from URL?

    I revised the URL as follow so that download the CSV file from Yahoo Finance history data, but there are occur error 1004 after "End With". Anyone solve it? Thank... Sub GetStock(ByVal stockSymbol As String, ByVal StartDate As String, _ ByVal EndDate As String, ByVal Kbar As String) 'Get and...
  9. I

    SaveAs Error

    Hi, I wonder whether someone could help me please. Using a script I found online as a 'base' I've written the query below. Sub Test() Dim wb As Workbook Dim ThisSheet As Worksheet Dim NumOfColumns As Integer Dim RangeToCopy As Range Dim RangeOfHeader As Range 'data (range)...
  10. E

    Manipulating an existing Excel file and creating CVS files automatically

    Dear people at MrExcel.com Some years ago I did some programming in Excel VBA. Now however I am quite rusty in this department. I hope someone can push me in the right direction in order to write a procedure, which will automatically manipulate a certain Excel file, containing more than a...
  11. R

    Import all CSV files from a folder into a single sheet

    Hi Was hoping that someone might kindly help me with the following. I found the code below for importing csv files into a single sheet and adapted it slightly. It works great except that if two files have exactly the same column it only keeps one of them while I want all the files imported as...
  12. J

    Convert US dates to UK dates when import data from text (.csv file) does not work

    I have a .csv file with dates in the first column. The date format is US i.e. mm/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss. I am working with UK date format (dd/mm/yyyy HH:mm:ss) and need to convert the date format. I have tried the following and neither works: 1) Data - From Text - (import .csv file) - Under Text...
  13. E

    VBA to copy - paste data from Client to CSV file

    Hello I need to finalize this script to copy paste data to my "H:\x\x.csv" file, ideally on column B of csv file. My script works fine till command move cursor 3, 14, (see red line in code) which is actually the data I need to copy paste to column B of my CSV file Any help? Thanks, Sub...
  14. K

    Importing CSV Files from a folder

    Hi Everyone, I am trying to create a macro that will allow me to selected multiple CSV files in a folder to import into an EXCEL spreadsheet. The CSV files are already in an EXCEL worksheet after being downloaded from another database. There are four columns of data in each file that I want...
  15. M

    Excel VBA ADO SQL query csv file

    Trying to query a csv file (have to average the records as I'm pulling the results in, averaging over simulations (say 2000 in a file) each of which has ca. 27 groups which need to be reported separately. I have this code which works, but it fails if the csv filename is >64 characters. Sub...
  16. H

    Import data from email

    I would like to import data in an email on gmail to a spreadsheet in excel. what would be the easiest way to do this? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. W

    Make CSV File error

    Hello I have a workbook that sends data in the master sheet to the corresponding tabs in the workbook. Basically the Information is added to the Master Tab and then with the click of a button the data is sent to the corresponding sheets and a workbook created as CSV file for certain sheets...
  18. 1

    Need help with a csv file for import

    Hello Gurus - I could sure use some help on creating a csv file for upload to online banking software. I've downloaded a check register from our accounting software and I need to then upload the file to our bank (we have a positive pay feature on the bank account). When I download the file...
  19. C

    Open .csv file drops leading zeros even with quote delimited?

    First, I have read through the import postings. I know this has been discussed, but I cannot seem to find the specific answer to what I am looking for. The question that I still have is if I create a .csv file programatically for a non-excel user and I save the values as: "01234","Person1"...
  20. N

    CSV files opening fine, but are saved as UNICODE files with delimiters changed to tabs.

    Hullo community, This is my first post - and I hope that someone can help. I have a folder full of auto-generated (from a process tool) *.csv files - these have comma delimiters when viewed notepad, are recognised as Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File in windows and open in Excel...
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