data consolidation

  1. S

    Lookup data from multiple sheets in multiple workbooks

    Hi everyone. I have assessments data for 20 individual across 12 months. For each month, the assessments are recorded in a workbook where a specific work sheet is assigned to a specific individual. Now I need to consolidate all the scores for the 20 individuals for 12 months in a single work...
  2. I

    Timesheet consolidation made easy

    Hello Excel Gurus, I’m building up a system for about 20 employees to report their time at project level and consolidate all entries. It’s meant for capitalizing software costs developed inside the company. I am thinking to build a timesheet template with drop-down menus where employees can...
  3. L

    Need Help with Macro Button to add 1 to cell based on dropdowns (Row/Column)

    I am having trouble with a macro button, that links to two drop-down boxes. My main sheet (YYD), has two drop-down boxes that reference my other sheet (Data). The first drop-down in YYD!F12 selects a row and the second drop-down in YYD!F17 selects the column on my 'Data' Sheet. I just need a...
  4. Z

    VBA via Recorder

    Good evening, I am trying to clean up a macro that I recorded with the recorder. Its basic function of the macro is to filter all the data labeled to Phoenix (Column B), paste it on a new tab and then sort and subtotal by column G. I've gotten the majority of that accomplished, but I tried...
  5. H

    LOOKUP function troubles...please help!

    HI - I am trying to work out using the proper function(s) to achieve my desired result, but I am severely stumped. I need a spreadsheet that allows a user to make 3 decisions and have the result of those 3 decisions returned so that a formula can reference that amount to help me determine...
  6. B

    Document Management and Consolidation

    Hello all, This is my first post here, but I have operated on a similar forum for other purposes. Now my needs have turned to Excel and Word. I am using MS Office 2010 at the office and at home. Not all of the office computers have the same - some have MS Office 2007 or possibly earlier. I...
  7. A

    Removing Data Consolidation

    Hi, Quick question - I was using the Consolidation function in my excel sheets, and was wondering is there a way I can remove consolidation from a sheet. Normal totals are easy to remove, as I can just delete them, however consolidation with links cant just be deleted. Would really...
  8. E

    Macro: Consolidate Data from 10 Worksheets to 1

    I am trying to take a workbook with 10 worksheets and have the contents copied and pasted into a new worksheet without any extra blank rows onto a new spreadsheet. Does anyone know how to achieve this? The purpose is to copy the information off each of the 10 worksheets and be able to use the...
  9. B

    Remove duplicate entries

    I have a sales report that comes in everyday that I use to see how many inquiries were requested for that day. Sometimes there inquiries have 2 products going to the same vessel, which show up as 2 line items in the report but they are one deal total. I want to be able to filter out/remove the...
  10. S

    Consolidating data - getting the worsheet names to display

    I've done an Excel Data Conolidation, and it works fine, however when expanding the Consolidation, it doesn't show the name of the worksheet its picking up the data from, it merely repeats the name of the workbooks... which is not so useful - any suggestions? P.S I have a worked example I can...

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