data validation (list)

  1. R

    Dynamic Table References for Data Validation Lists

    I've been tinkering for a while, but just can't seem to get this to work as desired. I have multiple tables in a workbook: TblFuel TblVehicles TblPlant_Machinery TblMaterials TblLabour I'm creating a quote page where the initial selection is for one of these item types(Fuel, Vehicle...
  2. R

    IFERROR in Data Validation Formula

    Hi there, I would like to provide a dropdown list based on product categories for specific customers. Each customer has its own table, and if a customer doesn't have a specific table set up, formulas in the worksheet refer to a table "StandardTable". I've tested the following formulas in Data...
  3. P

    Automated data validation

    Hi Everyone I am trying to make a drop down list automatically update based on a set cell value. what I have is the following: > 30 cells with dropdown lists > work schedule of fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually > 10 different sites > Dependent of the schedule being completed...
  4. L

    Array Formula in Data Validation

    I have a difficult project i cant seem to figure out. My goal is to make an order form for people to fill out based on a bid i put out for vendors to bid on clothing. They bid on the price of the shirt or short and then they also gave the prices for a 1 color imprint, 2 color imprint.... My...
  5. N

    Can Excel be a front end to the data base ?

    Hey experts In our org, we have a big problem people enter all kinds of data wrong like name with spaces, name in short and ID wrong Until we figure out the solution, we are non profit, I am asked to come with a immediate solution and long term which I suggested is front end ( another story, I...
  6. B

    Limit in excel data validation source code

    I have an excel file with two sheets. The second sheet (Report) contains data validation cells based on the first sheet (Data). From the second sheet, the drop-down list that displays in the Select XXX depends on the selection in the Generate Report. When the Generate Report is set to anything...
  7. M

    How to write a macro that will open, copy and paste data from a separate workbook

    Hello! I have one tab in my workbook that contains all of the 'lookup data' I use in the rest of my model. It is mainly used for data validation lists. Occasionally new line items will need to be added to these lists. Eventually I will have three different models for 3 different teams but they...
  8. C

    Data validation formula to return list of orders based on vendor

    Good day, I am trying to setup a formula-driven data validation list that will give me the option to select order numbers based on the vendor. The problem I have is that the maximum limit of character-input for a formula is 256 characters, this creates a big problem in my sample, as I am using...
  9. S

    Highlight Cells Outside of Data Validation List

    Hi! I have a spreadsheet with a Data Validation column referencing a range on a separate sheet. What I'd like to happen is to highlight any cells not meeting that criteria. I know it throws the Data Validation error, but I'm having trouble getting people to understand I can't work with data...
  10. B

    Add data validation list to cell in column A if data in column B

    Hi. I have a sheet titled "Combined" with data beginning in column B. I've been trying to come up with a macro that would add a validation list to cell A2 and then copy it down only to those rows that have data in column B. I can't get it to copy down, unfortunately. Below is the little code...
  11. A

    Setting Data Validation causes 1004 error.

    Good afternoon all, I have a macro enabled workbook running in Excel 2016. On one tab I've set up a button that runs a macro that will add a new row to a table and set some values in it. Here's the code. Sub ServiceHealth_Tbl() Dim lo As ListObject Dim FinalRow As Long Dim myValue As...
  12. L

    Restricting Paste on multiple columns with different Data Validations

    Hi everyone. I have a worksheet that includes roughly 20/25 different columns. Five of those columns contain Data Validation drop-downs to different data lists. I'm having an issue with users of this worksheet copy/pasting incorrect data over the top of the columns with Data Validation vs...
  13. A

    Dynamic Dropdown List

    I have two dropdown lists. The first one (D2) lists all the Watersheds in my area. The second one (D4) I need to list all the Sites located within that watershed. See table below. It is preferred that the Sites list only have the site number; i.e. "Site 1, Site 2, etc." I have several...
  14. A

    Removing duplicate entries from a data validated drop down list in a three tier Cascading List.

    I've managed to create a spreadsheet for subcontractors (i work in construction) to auto generate document numbers from 18 mandatory metadata fields (Only 8 fields fill the Document number but the others are mandatory to the EDMS system we use (Aconex)). One section is looking for specific...
  15. J

    Data validation lists - delete cell and show value, not a blank

    Hello! How can I set a data validation list such that if the drop down value in the cell is deleted, the cell will automatically show a default value (i.e. "-Select-")? For example, I have a worksheet with multiple drop down lists that I want to show a default value of "-Select-" once the...
  16. X

    Data validation list question

    Hi All, i'm a newbe so bear with me if this question has been asked and or answered already. Is there a formula that i can use which allows me to select different tabs / sheets using a drop down on my main sheet?. Or a series of formulas that allow me to select a sheet from a dropdown, input...
  17. A

    Data validation and click button

    Hi there guys! Hope that you are all well. This is my first post on MR Excel, so if i do something wrong (not accurate, inappropriate, too dumb, etc) please just let me know in order to improve myself. My question: I have a list of cells ex C10:L10 and C20:L20 and so on, and i need to some...
  18. D

    Formulas and Data Validation

    Hi All, I am trying to implement a change to a spreadsheet, but I am not even sure if the change I hope for is possible. I am hoping someone here may have a solution. I will preface this by saying unfortunately I cannot use VBA to solve the problem as the spreadsheet will be deployed on an...
  19. J

    Limiting Data Validation Drop Down Menu Frequency

    Hello. I have a list of people who need to select training dates from a list available. I have created a Data Validation drop down menu for the people based off a list of classes available. I have also created FILTER formulas to sort the attendees into attendance lists. My only issue left...
  20. L

    VBA based off of Data Validation List

    Hi There -- I have a list of 4 values ("Auto", "Multi", "Tech", "Lifestyle") in a data validation list (cell I3, Sheet = "Opportunities"). I'd like the macro below to run / pull data based on that selection. Right now the macro searches through the Raw Data and pulls each of the categories one...

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