data validation (list)

  1. R

    VBA Code or Option for Selecting Multiple Options from a Drop Down List

    Hello! Is it possible to have a formula or code that allows for selecting multiple selections from a drop down list that can appear in one cell? Potentially separated by commas? I've seen some folks talk about a VBA code, or a potential list box, but I am not sure where to begin. Attached is my...
  2. P

    Allow Manually Backspacing in Multi-selection Dropdown Cell - Currently Throwing Off Values

    I currently have the issue I cannot backspace on the first value in a cell without throwing all other values in the cell off. This seems to happen when the cell only has 2 values - a Stop Alert I’ve called ‘User Error’ (using Data Validation) is not thrown either. I’m trying to standardize...
  3. Z

    Drop down list using unique but with changed number of rows

    Hi, I was able to create a a data validation list by using UNIQUE, however, my rows may change whenever I update the template. Can anyone advise how can I change my current formula to consider the rows changes...
  4. Y

    Sumif with data validations for Google Sheets

    I have tried all that I could find on this site. What I am trying to do is Sumif the colums: Column E,Owner, uses dropdown Coumn F is the the amount paid: =IF(E20="Ian","$.50","") Column G,Payment,I want to total all of Column F: I have: =sumproduct(sumif($E2:$E49,"-ian",$F2:$F49)) also have...
  5. A

    Show Data Validation Lists in Next Row of Table

    Hi All, I struggled a bit with the title - so I'll try to explain more clearly. I have created a Table in Excel, which I intend to share with a selection of users to populate. This will result in a indeterminate number of rows being populated. Each column in my Table (10 columns in total)...
  6. J

    Need data validation lost for budget

    I have received a new spreadsheet with the annual budget for the 22-23 fiscal year. I also have 5 clients, each with an allocated percentage or breakdown of how much the overall budget is to be applied. Example: client 1 will receive 33% of the overall budget. Is there a way I can have a...
  7. V

    Unprotect doesn't work with VBA code

    Hello everyone, I have the following code which that does not allow the user to paste values in a Data Validation List Column. My problem is that I have columns (without data validation) that have to stay protected, columns With Data Validation List have no locked option from format cell, but...
  8. pento_thal

    VBA - complex and dynamic data validation system

    Hi, I'm trying to create a system that associates a data-validation system to a set of columns. The data validation should be based on different lists of values, depending on the specific column name. Each list of values is contained within different sheets of the workbook. The workbook is...
  9. N

    Data Validation list combinations and outcomes

    Hi I have 4 lists and I would like to use data validation selecting from these 4 lists to give me one of 4 possible text outputs as below What is the best way to do this please - do i need to list out all the possible combinations and my desired outcome for each somewhere on the sheet or is...
  10. P

    Filtering One Condition to Multiple Columns on a Drop Down List

    Hi everyone, I have three columns A, B, and C and I want to filter the rows that pertain to one of the drop-down list selections that I created, what would be the formula for this? For example, I have listed the first, second and third job preferences of a number of people. I would like to...
  11. D

    Excel365 Cascading Data Validation between multiple worksheets (within same workbook) - no VBA

    I'm developing a workbook for Risk Analysis. Currently we have a single list/array with several thousand lines. We want to make it more managable, by splitting it according the different departments. But the Risk Theme and specific Risks are identical for all departments. I've created a...
  12. J

    Multiple Dependent Dynamic Data Validation

    Hi, I am trying to create a multiple dependent dynamic data validation in multiple rows. I have tried doing it through name table / Indirect Function and it's working only in the first row. In the Second Row (Column 1) when I am selecting different data, in that case in Column 2 its still...
  13. I

    How to allow multiple options to select in a cell?

    Hi, there are many rows in my worksheet. For all cells in one column of this worksheet, I want that user can enter multiple options from a list. How can that be done? For e.g. I have 10 rows, and each cell from A1 to A10 represents a person. Then, there is a list of items that a person can...
  14. K

    Data validation: Conditional response setup not flagging errors

    I am trying to set up data validation for a report, but two columns aren't flagging blank cells they it should. The "Blank" list is the title and one blank cell below it. The AcceptReason has four selections below the title, and the RejectReason has ten. Column I has data validation for...
  15. I


    Hi All, I have tried option to use validations list using Indirect/Vlookup, and its seems no results in Vlookup using. Source - Entry Table UniqueErrorField ErrorField ErrorsNoted Age Age TOP BOX - Wrong Age APS Date Range APS Date Range TOP BOX - Wrong Entry BP History APS Date Range...
  16. G

    How to keep cells and macro button in one position when rows are cut

    Hi everyone So I posted in here a few weeks ago and someone wrote me an excellent VBA which cuts and pastes rows to different sheets depending on what's written in column F of my workbook. The code is as follows: Sub sort_my_data() 'VBA written by SQUIDD from
  17. I

    Data Validation - clarification wanted

    Hi all, I'm simply looking for some clarity on how the Ignore Blanks option works within Data Validation. It was always my belief that unticking this would prevent the user from leaving the relevant cell blank. For instance, if the user deleted the contents of a validated cell but did not...
  18. TheWaterDog

    Defined Name as Cell Reference

    Forgive me if this has been answered somewhere; I've looked and can't seem to find a solution on the board. I'm using dependent dropdowns in Sheet 1 [Main] via an indirect() in Data Validation from named ranges in Sheet 2 [DVS]. So, you choose the "Parent_Choice1" in Cell A...and then... Cell...
  19. V

    How to exceed character limit for Data Validation List

    Hi all! I am running multiple offset functions with nested ifs to return a drop down list dependant on 3 variables (A,B,C). Is there a way I can avoid the character limit for data validation? I don't know how I can simplify this formula. Variabe A = Ability Level (0,1,2,3) (Purple) B3 Variable...
  20. J


    Experts, I have exhausted my search for a good solution that combines my three needs. Please help. I'm using a Data Validation List. I want to be able to do three things: 1) Start typing just ONE letter in a cell and the drop down window opens for me to make a choice. For example: Type...

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