1. S

    Help! We forked our database!

    Hi all - I run a wildlife rehabilitation nonpropfit and I'm reasonable computer savvy but barely know any Access at all. I inherited an Access database of all of our 10,000+ animal intakes when I arrived, and I just realized that volunteers have been making additions/changes in two different...
  2. V

    Date format in Userform

    Hi All Just trying to teach myself a little VBA. I have created a user form and when the date is entered in dd/mm/yyyy format it unloads to the database as mm/dd/yyyy I have searched around and tried differing code but to no use any help would be much appreciated I have pasted my attempt below...
  3. D

    VBA Open .Accde database from Excel

    Hi, Is it possible to open an access database from Excel that has the file extension .accde
  4. G

    Excel Cells have stopped auto-updating when refreshing from MS Access

    Hi, I have set up an Excel spreadsheet which is linked to, and updated from, an MS Access database. Within the Excel spreadsheet I have many cells that are populated from other cells in the document by way of examples below: =(B5) or =IF(ISBLANK('Mix Design'!D40)," ",('Mix Design'!D40))...
  5. A

    Linking excel to WooCommerce database

    Hi, is it possible to link power query to a WooCommerce (MySql) database? I need to get order data into excel in the fastest simplest way. Many Thanks
  6. B

    Excel Export from Database

    Hi there, I have a problem that I seek assistance with. I use a commercial database called Case Manager. It's a data centre for health and invoicing information on my clients. The database is set up in viewing grids that I can set up manually. I.e if I want to see the Worker First and last name...
  7. A

    Initilization of the data source failed

    Hi, I have set up a data connection / query to another excel file which is a master list so that when the master list is updated all copies of my other sheet update with the same source data. Both files are located on the same network which all users have write access to. When I refresh the...
  8. W

    Stuck with Relational Database

    I wonder if someone can help please? I'm trying to create a Relational database to record sightings I have made of railway locomotives on different dates and at different places. I've worked my way thro' some Youtube videos and also looked into how some other relational databases are related...
  9. I

    Post code look up code

    Evening all, I am looking for something where i can enter a customers post code & the code would then looked at a list of post codes in a database of mine & select the closest to post code supplied. Does any member use such an item ? Many thanks
  10. K

    Step by step task database

    Hello, I'm trying to create a database of step by step instructions on how to complete different tasks. This looks like individual, separate outlines. I'm open to other ideas of formatting. I will need a way to search for specific words and have excel bring the related task to the front of the...
  11. D

    Formatting Truncate

    I have a cell with 5581004490451CS: 200. I don't want the whole text displayed (it was imported from a database). I would rather it display only "0451CS: 200" Any easy ideas?
  12. C

    VBA alternative to Index/Match/CountaA

    Hi all I'm trying to find a way to create an alternative to a longwinded INDEX/MATCH/COUNTA formula in VBA, in the hope that the VBA simplifies the process, or at least has a more straightforward way of achieving the same end. The requirement of the formula is to lookup all entries in a...
  13. S

    Updating data from one workbook to another

    All, I am in need of some help. I have two workbooks - A acts as a database of all our quotes, whilst B is a local file with just the quote info for that particular job. I am trying to write some VBA to loop through all the quotes in B (unique id in col F) and update the main database. I am...
  14. H

    SQL query with loop

    Hi all :) I am using this code to connect to SQL server to fetch some data: Sub DataLoop() Dim Conn As New ADODB.Connection Dim recset As New ADODB.Recordset Dim sqlQry As String, sConnect As String FrDt = Range("B1").Value ToDt = Range("B2").Value sqlQry = "SELECT COUNT(VoNo) from...
  15. kelly mort

    Lookup data from two textboxes on a userform

    Hi, I am looking for a script that will lookup data from my database based on the data entry in two textboxes. I will enter data into the two textboxes then when I click the lookup button, I want it scan through the column containing the data and see if it can find those data in the two...
  16. D

    2 files database - Database + Calculator

    Greetings I'm trying to divide my file in 2. One of then that contains the all data, the other one that calculates the results and that is shown to the user. A few years ago, In Access, i did this same thing with no problem, with Excel i just cant do it. The problem is that i want to update...
  17. V

    Value pull from from access db in text box

    Hi All, my 1st query on access database. I have designed one form. There is one text box named case id. There is one more text box i.e. Time. When i will enter case id number in 1st text box, the time text box fetched value of that case id number from access database. How to achieve this..?
  18. K

    VBA code to delete copied blank cells

    Hi, I'm doing a macro that copies a specific range and then pastes it on another sheet to make a database. This range contains blank cells and also another ones that have a formula that if a cell is blank, then the value of the cell's formula is blank. If(B7="","",.....). the range that I copy...
  19. P

    Copy sum from database recordset

    Hello forum, I have some code below that I've found that pastes an entire recordset (which is a query) from a database and pastes it in cell A2. Is there a way for me to be able to paste just the sum of a single field from the record set in cell A2? Sheets("Existing Access...

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