1. W

    Create a VBA or formula that can summarise all the info from different sheets that does not have the same description cells

  2. C

    Copy data from database to calendar

    Hello, all. I'm looking for some help on a thing I am working on. On sheet named "status" -which is also the database, you can see columns of information. Basically, what I need help with is I want the data to appear on the calendar I created on "Main Tab" in 1 condition: it is "Approved" as...
  3. G

    Excel/Sheets - ISO Solution

    Hello all, I'm trying to improve the inventory management process at work, currently we're tracking everything through manual input (handwritten) using a form and then we put any relevant information on a sticky note and post it to the box. These boxes come in from numerous different places and...
  4. K

    VBA help making a Database Viewer

    Hello guys! I need to make a database viewer on excel, a simple form to show some infos in one place. i`m new with VBA, so i`m trying to do by myself, but every time i got stuck with the code. here`s the thing, there`s more than 1 sheet and i need to work with it dynamically and with a image...
  5. J

    Excel - Wildcard match with multiple criteria?

    I have a database spreadsheet where I need to pull key information from the master data. As you can see in the below screenshots, the goal is to return the "Part Number" and the only data I can match with are the "Kenn" and the "Part Code", "Kenn" can be directly matched with "KENN No" from the...
  6. S

    Is Excel Fine or Should Go Somewhere Else?

    Hi; I made a workbook which contained the data of equipment (A to AZ) available from a Facility with 6 additional columns which has the latest maintenance date that is inputted by the maintenance foreman. In which the next date maintenance should be done is shown how close it is and a color...
  7. kelly mort

    Pro Tips Or Advise Needed Concerning A Code A Found On YouTube - Multiple Users Editing A Workbook At A Time

    The variables Option Explicit Dim objFSO, objFile As Object Dim objConnection, objRecordset As Object Dim LastLocalChange, LastDbUpdate As Date Dim DbFile, ConnString As String This part of the code sync to the database: Sub SyncToDatabase() DbFile = Sheet1.Range("M5").Value 'Customer...
  8. N

    Can Excel be a front end to the data base ?

    Hey experts In our org, we have a big problem people enter all kinds of data wrong like name with spaces, name in short and ID wrong Until we figure out the solution, we are non profit, I am asked to come with a immediate solution and long term which I suggested is front end ( another story, I...
  9. G

    VBA Error 91: Object variable or With block variable not set

    Hi I have been trying to search for a solution for days to no avail. Basically below code should take a specific value (C2) from ThisWorkbook and find if it exists in Sample Db (Column D), if it doesn't exist, it will populate a range of data (Column A to AI) from ThisWorkbook to Sample Db, if...
  10. efire_

    Theory problem: connecting comment column to database-connected pivot table

    Hello! Here's a quandary I've been mulling over at work. I need to create a .xls that will: Connect to the org financial database, which is not editable and cannot be added to. Not a problem, as I have database access all set up. Display month-by-month revenue in a pivot table, with customer...
  11. H

    Pivot Table (from Database): count total of grouped items

    Hi everyone, Is it possible to display the number of grouped items as a value or as a bracketed suffix to the name? For example: Accessoires would show "Accessoires (12)" and Accessoires Indoor would be "Accessoires Indoor (39)" even though it is collapsed. Alternatively, B3 would show the...
  12. S

    VBA Dynamic WHERE clause in a SQL statement

    Hi, I'm trying to connect to an SQLite database that contains financial information about various companies. The code will then put the information into a worksheet for me. Currently I am having to hard code the symbol of the company that I am wanting to search in the database for. This works...
  13. W

    Upgrade scenario of VBA program: suggestions welcome

    Hi, I have written a VBA application which basically is using Excel as a database where data can be retrieved from another application, users can view the data and add comments, or additional data via a UseForm. The data is stored over multiple worksheets. Sometimes, users will ask for new...
  14. C

    Updating Main Excel Sheet with New CSV Files

    Hello, I have a webstore that provides me with a csv file that gives information on everyone's orders. I get this csv file by manually clicking download on the website. I would like to regularly combine this csv file into a main excel file. Should I be using the "data", "Get&Transform Data"...
  15. D

    Opening PDF & JPG files with USERFORM VBA

    Hi I have googled my heart out over the last couple of days and tried 100's of different things but nothing is working so I am hoping one of you fine people can help. I have created a Database with a user form. I need to be able to open the files which names I have pointed out on the left hand...
  16. J

    Excel and SQL Server

    Hello, I'm new to Excel and the database that I use is SQL Server Management Studio. While I have found it incredibly helpful to pull data from my database into Excel, I have not thus far found a way to push data to my database from Excel. While doing some research online, I found an Add-in...
  17. W

    data search vba

    I have a large Q&A spreadsheet with rows that include question, answer, category, sub category, and date updated. I am looking for someone to create a form in which I can search with the option of filtering by category. I am thinking a place to insert the phrase or question (and be able to...
  18. V

    Help Filtering Data

    Tossing this out to the Excel geniuses of the community. I need help creating a spreadsheet where I can associate an author’s statement to multiple keywords. I’ll have hundreds of individual statements with multiple keyword associations for each statement. I need to be able to search for those...
  19. A

    School Project

    Dear friends i am in need of some help. i am quite new and learning. i have done some work on it but dont know how to continue now. So basically i have a ''master'' called sheet that has a list of students from A6 TO A36 and their student ids from B6 to B36 and from C6 to C36 to have their...
  20. R

    Duplicate Databases (2 worksheets) - No Master

    Can there be 2 identical Databases (2 worksheets) that synchronize both ways (insert to 1 updates 2 / update 2 - updates 1)? Here's the scenario I want 2 worksheets to be identical, where one sheet will contain A-P and the other Sheet will contain Q-Z. But if I update Worksheet 1 or 2 they...

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