1. J

    Stacking Coordinates into a list

    Hi. I would really appreciate some help with this, ive been wasting so much time on a task I know can be automated but have no idea where to start. I need to stack sets of two columns into a list. I need to convert the database into this format for a old school numerical modeling tool. I...
  2. G

    Looping through external database

    Hi folks, Currently I have a work related excel file (actually 4 copies as the DB grows) that has two parts: 1) A set of vba modules that loops through various arrays on multiple tabs to calculate and summarize results to a main dashboard. That works fine. 2) The raw data arrays from various...
  3. D

    Conditional Formatting multiple blank cells if first cell is not blank

    Hello! I am trying to use conditional formatting to highlight the blank cells in a database, only if there is data in other parts of the row. For example: if a cell in Column B has data then highlight the blank cells in that row from A to R. Here is an example of my data: In this...
  4. K

    VBA one form two separate databases

    Hello, I created an excel form that contains drop downs, and fill in sections. It has 4 clickable buttons "Save", "Modify", "Delete", and "Reset" I have two different sheets one called "Database 1", and the other called "Database 2". Currently when I click on save everything gets dumped into...
  5. M

    Need help with Excel Logic for Student Database

    I am in the process of building a student database on excel which includes 30+ classes and 4 variables per class namely, 1. enrolled date, 2. city, 3. country, and 4. payment method. As this database will be used by a company that has no employee who can use excel well, I will have to avoid...
  6. B

    Dynamically importing data into excel from a Database

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 40k rows or so which is added onto every week. Each row has an Employee ID, Employee’s Shift Number and Hours worked column (see attached image for sample data). The problem is that I have the work out the Hours worked from a database to which I have an ODBC link...
  7. G

    reference cell even the row is deleted

    i have no clue to doing this man, i expect the output is to be the right chart, but on the left chart is what i’ve done i want the cell to still remain the same number even the row is deleted and if i add new no. it still going +1 i need your help guys
  8. S

    Creating an Appended Combined Column to use as a database

    Hi all, I’ve been struggling with this for some time because I need to use formulas to automate the new database column, not VBA or power query. Essentially what I want to do is create a column that combines two other columns but the difference is appended to the bottom. For ease of explanation...
  9. Y

    How to obtain unique values from a multivalued cells in a column?

    I have a data base of films, one field name is cast and some films has more than one value in one cell. Let say film A has Martin Speer|Russ Grieve|John Steadman|James Whitworth|Virginia Vincent as cast and film B has Lindsay Lohan|Gus Van Sant|James Deen|Nolan Gerard Funk|Amanda Brooks as cast...
  10. C

    Validating Entries VBA

    Hi All, Currently, no field can be empty, when I hit save. My question is, how can I make it so that when Primed is selected and any other fields are empty it would auto writes N/A on the database when I click save? Function ValidateEntries() As Boolean ValidateEntries = True...
  11. kelly mort

    update data to match worksheets instead of deleting entire workbook

    Cross-posted at: Reason: It has been up there for a few days now but no reply apart from my own replies. Link to work books...
  12. R

    Excel as a Database

    Hi there, I'm not even sure how to title this question properly and I think it is best demonstrated with an image. I'm not sure if this can be done but I would certainly like to try. We have entries for various units (2026 is just an example). I would like to conditionally format the cells so...
  13. W

    Create a VBA or formula that can summarise all the info from different sheets that does not have the same description cells

  14. C

    Copy data from database to calendar

    Hello, all. I'm looking for some help on a thing I am working on. On sheet named "status" -which is also the database, you can see columns of information. Basically, what I need help with is I want the data to appear on the calendar I created on "Main Tab" in 1 condition: it is "Approved" as...
  15. G

    Excel/Sheets - ISO Solution

    Hello all, I'm trying to improve the inventory management process at work, currently we're tracking everything through manual input (handwritten) using a form and then we put any relevant information on a sticky note and post it to the box. These boxes come in from numerous different places and...
  16. K

    VBA help making a Database Viewer

    Hello guys! I need to make a database viewer on excel, a simple form to show some infos in one place. i`m new with VBA, so i`m trying to do by myself, but every time i got stuck with the code. here`s the thing, there`s more than 1 sheet and i need to work with it dynamically and with a image...
  17. J

    Excel - Wildcard match with multiple criteria?

    I have a database spreadsheet where I need to pull key information from the master data. As you can see in the below screenshots, the goal is to return the "Part Number" and the only data I can match with are the "Kenn" and the "Part Code", "Kenn" can be directly matched with "KENN No" from the...
  18. S

    Is Excel Fine or Should Go Somewhere Else?

    Hi; I made a workbook which contained the data of equipment (A to AZ) available from a Facility with 6 additional columns which has the latest maintenance date that is inputted by the maintenance foreman. In which the next date maintenance should be done is shown how close it is and a color...
  19. kelly mort

    Pro Tips Or Advise Needed Concerning A Code A Found On YouTube - Multiple Users Editing A Workbook At A Time

    The variables Option Explicit Dim objFSO, objFile As Object Dim objConnection, objRecordset As Object Dim LastLocalChange, LastDbUpdate As Date Dim DbFile, ConnString As String This part of the code sync to the database: Sub SyncToDatabase() DbFile = Sheet1.Range("M5").Value 'Customer...
  20. N

    Can Excel be a front end to the data base ?

    Hey experts In our org, we have a big problem people enter all kinds of data wrong like name with spaces, name in short and ID wrong Until we figure out the solution, we are non profit, I am asked to come with a immediate solution and long term which I suggested is front end ( another story, I...
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