1. W

    Upgrade scenario of VBA program: suggestions welcome

    Hi, I have written a VBA application which basically is using Excel as a database where data can be retrieved from another application, users can view the data and add comments, or additional data via a UseForm. The data is stored over multiple worksheets. Sometimes, users will ask for new...
  2. C

    Updating Main Excel Sheet with New CSV Files

    Hello, I have a webstore that provides me with a csv file that gives information on everyone's orders. I get this csv file by manually clicking download on the website. I would like to regularly combine this csv file into a main excel file. Should I be using the "data", "Get&Transform Data"...
  3. D

    Opening PDF & JPG files with USERFORM VBA

    Hi I have googled my heart out over the last couple of days and tried 100's of different things but nothing is working so I am hoping one of you fine people can help. I have created a Database with a user form. I need to be able to open the files which names I have pointed out on the left hand...
  4. J

    Excel and SQL Server

    Hello, I'm new to Excel and the database that I use is SQL Server Management Studio. While I have found it incredibly helpful to pull data from my database into Excel, I have not thus far found a way to push data to my database from Excel. While doing some research online, I found an Add-in...
  5. W

    data search vba

    I have a large Q&A spreadsheet with rows that include question, answer, category, sub category, and date updated. I am looking for someone to create a form in which I can search with the option of filtering by category. I am thinking a place to insert the phrase or question (and be able to...
  6. V

    Help Filtering Data

    Tossing this out to the Excel geniuses of the community. I need help creating a spreadsheet where I can associate an author’s statement to multiple keywords. I’ll have hundreds of individual statements with multiple keyword associations for each statement. I need to be able to search for those...
  7. A

    School Project

    Dear friends i am in need of some help. i am quite new and learning. i have done some work on it but dont know how to continue now. So basically i have a ''master'' called sheet that has a list of students from A6 TO A36 and their student ids from B6 to B36 and from C6 to C36 to have their...
  8. R

    Duplicate Databases (2 worksheets) - No Master

    Can there be 2 identical Databases (2 worksheets) that synchronize both ways (insert to 1 updates 2 / update 2 - updates 1)? Here's the scenario I want 2 worksheets to be identical, where one sheet will contain A-P and the other Sheet will contain Q-Z. But if I update Worksheet 1 or 2 they...
  9. P

    Saving and consult images with macros

    Hello dear, it is a pleasure to be part of the Mr Excel community. My query is based on the following: I have a budget management system made in excel that uses a spreadsheet to make a certain budget and saves the information of each budget in another spreadsheet that is used as a database to...
  10. E

    How to check this database for duplicates?

    Hi all. I prepared a small example database but it seems that I'm not allowed to post an attachment so I'll try and explain my dilemma by using one of the above tables. <tbody> A B C D E F G etc etc etc etc 39 6 23 34 2 7 26 8 3 35 18 22 7 23 2 39 6...
  11. N

    VBA copy/paste data based off of column headers

    Hi everybody Long story short, I work for a construction company and I am in the process of making things much more efficient. I have built a small database in Access and have a connection pulling all that data into my workbook. Currently my database has 70 columns and will be expanded to...
  12. D

    Looking for samples of Client List Database where Dates and/or Number of Visits can be tracked

    Hello all. I'm a basic Excel user trying to create a spreadsheet for a friend - also a basic Excel user - who owns a dog grooming business. It will be your standard client list, with a few special columns like: Special Needs (like muzzle - will bite, or soothing oatmeal shampoo for skin...
  13. I

    Part of my code has stopped working

    Morning, I have a worksheet called INV that when i select the drop down arrow in cell G13 i see a list of customers names. These names are on another worksheet called DATABASE of which is in the same workbook. Selecting a name then copies certain cell values from the customers entered info on...
  14. gheyman

    Updating Linked Tables to Back End Problem

    I have a Back End (BE) with all my Tables. When I am solely in the Front End (FE) Database everything runs fine. As soon as another user opens and uses the Front End database the database somehow is loosing the links. We get a message that it doesn't recognize the back end and we have to...
  15. T

    disable design view in Access

    I am trying to disable the design view so user cannot make any changes. Greatly appreciate if you can help or what other option I can do to protect my database from being modified. Thank you!
  16. E

    Exporting only one row from a spreadsheet into a database in Access

    Im trying to find a way of exporting one row of data from a spreadsheet into a database in Access. I ideally don't want access to open in this process as it sometimes causes everything to not respond. I had though about a simply recording a macro to copy & paste one row into access but I think...
  17. JackDanIce

    Run Access Function from Excel without opening database

    Hi, I have the following working code in Excel that inserts a record into an Access database table. Can it be re-written so that there is no open/close of the database application? Sub New_Job_DB_Test() Dim r As Range: Set r = wAdd_Job.Range("New_Job_Record") With...
  18. S

    Auto generation of serial number in user form

    I have a database in sheet 2 with certain serial numbers and a userform in sheet 1 that allows me to manage this database, including adding new entries. Each entry needs to have a unique serial number. The serial number can not be duplicated. The serial number follows this format TARA-SS-001. I...
  19. J

    VBA Code for C&P from two workbooks into a Master Workbook

    Hi all, New to this board, and hoping to get some good advice. My team conducts a lot of data pulls to create reports, and they are all very time consuming. I'm trying to better educate myself in becoming more efficient in excel. One of the reports we do, is a Reconciliation between two...
  20. B

    What guidelines I should follow while editing ‘Globe with blue arrow’ table

    Hi I understand ‘Globe with blue arrow’ tables are liked to external tables. Have few of such table in my database. What pre-cautions I must follow when trying to play or edit such tables. For example, if I try to check ‘Design View’ of such table, access gives me warning. Table is a linked...

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