1. A

    Automated email prompt

    Hi guys, i have threshold sheet and i want to excel send me an email about any material it will be out of stock so, i want a vba prompts to execute this issue to send me an email if there is a material is out of stock automatically. best regards
  2. C

    How to get automatic data that will update for foreign users.

    Hello - I’ve been tinkering around with a sheet at work and I’ve been using various sources for getting data into a specific sheet so a group of 50 people can use. The best way I can query my data is through Microsoft exchange and applying filters to a specific email with excel attachments...
  3. C

    Copying cell data to another sheet.

    Hello thank you for taking the time in reading my post, I just need a little help, Already copied the data from sheet3 to sheet2 My problem is how do I make it to a simple database, I can't find a code for when I put data on sheet3 the next line of data will move into the next row, it only...
  4. M

    Help : Inventory Database

    Hi, I'm trying to create an Inventory Count Database in Excel using a Macro/VBA. The concept is for the Count Team to enter in an Item Number and Bin Number (which I have Data Validation on to prevent typos/errors). The Item Description is a formula that will pull the description associated...
  5. K

    When I Click cell C8, I should see the command button shown in E8 not otherwise via vba coding

    When I Click cell C8, I should see the command button shown in E8 not otherwise via vba coding. i was follow this code but not working pleased help me : Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range) If Not Intersect(Target, Me.Range("C8")) Is Nothing Then...
  6. Y

    Power Query fetching data from database for every query

    Hi, Consider the attached image. I fetch a few 100k records from a database into SER_Base_SQL and MC_Base_SQL I add Table.Buffer() as the last line of code for each query Then I reference MC_Base_SQL in a new Query DueAssesments and perform some operations After closing the PowerQuery...
  7. C

    Help Creating Database of Resources Used for Specific Groups

    I will preface this quesiton with A) I work in the K-12 education sector, and B) I have very limited knowledge of databases - BUT I do have a pretty strong knowledge of Microsoft Excel and some experience with Power Query. I know there is a lot of different resources regarding many of these...
  8. tjdrake

    Multi-User Access DB Table

    Hello Team, I've been struggling with this all week, and am running up against a deadline to make this work for my team. Here are the essentials: The MS 2021 Access DB sits on a SharePoint Server; The SharePoint permissions have been granted to Everyone; The code updates with a new record...
  9. C

    New to Excel

    New to the forum Hi there, I have started my first leader role at work and I am trying to come up with a shift report system for my group. I have a spread sheet that I have attached. I would like my day shift and night shift to record data on here every 2 hours and then enter it each day. I...
  10. L

    Power Query: Copy earliest date/timestamp for connected rows to each of those rows

    Hi, Please see attached mini sheet. I am trying to transform a table via Power Query. The input data can be seen in the columns A to E and the desired output from Power Query are the same columns, but also including column F. The table rows in the mini sheet are sorted (partially manually) for...
  11. A

    Error Code:3349

    Hi dear all, I have an error while importing data into acess database showing error 3349.please check the screenshot attached.
  12. A

    Searching DB and population of Data issue

    Hello Excel Legends, I have been working trying to build a code to do the following but I cant get it to work and i'm not sure if it is even possible. Here is what i was thinking. In Sheet 1 (RTW) is a form with a reference number at the top (E3) eg: 07/04 - this number is dynamic and is...
  13. J

    Set Focus on last entry in Listbox

    Hi everyone, I am wanting to set focus on the last entry in my listbox, after I have added to the database. Currently my listbox only displays when an entry has been made. The listbox shows the complete database which is fine, but I am wanting to set focus on the lastline as this is the...
  14. P

    Autofill Companies based on Industry

    Hello guys, I have a problem regarding a database. For my master thesis, I have to analyze about 1110 companies categorized into their industry and their headquarters countries: The dataset: Now for the analysis part, I created a separate sheet (which I linked to Capital IQ database to...
  15. J

    Stacking Coordinates into a list

    Hi. I would really appreciate some help with this, ive been wasting so much time on a task I know can be automated but have no idea where to start. I need to stack sets of two columns into a list. I need to convert the database into this format for a old school numerical modeling tool. I...
  16. G

    Looping through external database

    Hi folks, Currently I have a work related excel file (actually 4 copies as the DB grows) that has two parts: 1) A set of vba modules that loops through various arrays on multiple tabs to calculate and summarize results to a main dashboard. That works fine. 2) The raw data arrays from various...
  17. D

    Conditional Formatting multiple blank cells if first cell is not blank

    Hello! I am trying to use conditional formatting to highlight the blank cells in a database, only if there is data in other parts of the row. For example: if a cell in Column B has data then highlight the blank cells in that row from A to R. Here is an example of my data: In this...
  18. K

    VBA one form two separate databases

    Hello, I created an excel form that contains drop downs, and fill in sections. It has 4 clickable buttons "Save", "Modify", "Delete", and "Reset" I have two different sheets one called "Database 1", and the other called "Database 2". Currently when I click on save everything gets dumped into...
  19. M

    Need help with Excel Logic for Student Database

    I am in the process of building a student database on excel which includes 30+ classes and 4 variables per class namely, 1. enrolled date, 2. city, 3. country, and 4. payment method. As this database will be used by a company that has no employee who can use excel well, I will have to avoid...
  20. B

    Dynamically importing data into excel from a Database

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with 40k rows or so which is added onto every week. Each row has an Employee ID, Employee’s Shift Number and Hours worked column (see attached image for sample data). The problem is that I have the work out the Hours worked from a database to which I have an ODBC link...

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