date & time format

  1. N

    Formatting VBA Userform Text boxes Without Deleting the Actual Contents

    I have userform text boxes with dates in them in the format "dd/mm/yyyy". I want to be able to show however only the "dd". The issue is that if I use this code: Label20 = Format(Label20, "dd") Then the actual contents of my data gets lost. Ie using the code msgbox label20 returns only the...
  2. A

    Text to Date

    Hello, I've got column of dates in following format "28th September", "29th September" etc... is in text format. How can i make a common date from this format? Result should be "28/09/2016" or "28.09.2016". When I change formatting nothing is happening :( Thanks in advance,
  3. T

    Problem using a calculated date field in parameter query

    Hi I have a SQL table with a Datetime format field in it (create_date). I have linked to this table in Access and created a query which includes a field that is the date only part of this field. I want the date only as the output which is then exported to EXCEL. It uses this formula to convert...
  4. W

    Date Format

    I am scraping data from a flight planning website that brings a date value into a cell like this: "Tue. 7/26". Currently I have the formula "=RIGHT(X42,2)" to extract the day and "=MID(X42,6,1)" to extract the month. This formula doesn't work all of the time depending on whether or not the...
  5. A

    Consolidating Multiple Date formats into one

    Hi, I have a database which cannot be changed. When I extract all the data out there are several fields in date format. However over the time it has been populated into about 5 different date formats from DD/MM/YY to MM/DD/YY to the aforementioned with the time after it etc etc. I was...
  6. J

    Edit Cell Contents using SendKeys?

    Good morning - I have a column of data containing dates that are entered as mm-ddd-yy. I have attempted to convert the format to mm/dd/yyy, but it appears the cell contents are being treated as text, and won't convert properly because Excel doesn't know if the year should be 19XX or 20XX...
  7. J

    Adding Space between number and converting the field into Date/Time

    Hello Guys I've tried and tried ... Searched and searched but couldn't find a solution.. So asking here to the experts... <tbody> A B 2016-02-2413:40:31 2/24/16 1:40 PM 2016-02-2413:36:05 <tbody> 2/24/16 1:36 PM </tbody> 2016-02-2413:40:08 2/24/16 1:40 PM 2016-02-2413:40:09...
  8. M

    Please Help This Armature. Question Regarding Date Formatting.

    Hi All, Apologies if this question is about I did search but could not find anything that could help me. First off I am new to the forums and after taking a brief look, it seems to be a great place to get excel knowledge/tips. Explanation/Question: I have a fairly large data extract I do...
  9. M

    Power Query - Error in date data from password protected workbooks

    When I create a query using Power Query (Excel 2016) and try to pull data from a table from a password protected workbook (already opened) there is always an error in the date column (whith any date format data) and plain numbers appear instead of the date in the outcome. I've tried this with...
  10. M

    how to split "date@time" format. Please help

    Hello, I have in column C a long list of date and time in the following format: <tbody> 01/05@0558 </tbody> Where 01/05 is the date and 0558 are the 5:58 AM How can I split the format in two different columns and with the correct date (mm/dd/yyyy) and time (hh:mm) notation? Thank you so...

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