1. S

    Return lowest date across two tables

    Hello- I am new to Power BI & DAX. I am struggling to work out how to return lowest date across two tables. I want the following rules applied If deceased date blank then end date If deceased date before end date- deceased date All else end date Format Looks like Below...
  2. J

    Extract unique value from column using DAX

    I've come across what I thought should be a simple problem, but I can't quite figure it out. I have a table that's the result of an expression that could have a column like this in certain instances: Row Key Index <tbody> AH4000 1 AH4000 2 AP9999 3 </tbody> What I want is to keep only...
  3. S

    Figuring out current QTR

    Hi, I thought I had this resolved. But starting in October it thinks November is the current QTR. This is my DAX columns I created in the Calendar table. These are the 3 columns i created =IF(MONTH([DATES])-1=0,12,(MONTH([DATES])-1)) = ROUNDUP ([SORT]/3,0) <today(),if(roundup(month(today())...
  4. M

    DAX for checking quantities

    I scrape the wonderful data at Brickset for showing basic DAX concepts, but I'm a bit stumped on a seemingly simple question someone posed. If I have Lego kits A, B, and C, can I create just a measure to tell if I have enough of the correct bricks to build kit D? I can use a helper column in...
  5. S

    Sort DAX measures random sort

    Hi, I just opened my Excel workbook and noticed all my DAX measures that were sorted into columns are now in a random order. I've seen this before and moved them only to find them just thrown back into a random order. Any thought how to sort them again and avoid this. Thanks
  6. S

    #GETTING DATA, DAX issue

    Hi, all of a sudden 4 of my tables wont update. They say "#GETTING DATA". Only if i go into dax and manually refresh will they update. Or if I select the QRY inside excel and refresh the workbook connection. I've tried removing and readding it back to DAX. But still have the same issue? Thanks
  7. K

    DAX Measure to compare against prior update

    I need a DAX measure that compares latest version of financial data against prior version My data table has an'asof' column to tag which version the data originates from (100K+ rows) For example, I would like to compare the full yr 2019 cash number asof Sept 2019 vs. the full year 2019 cash...
  8. S

    Change the order of DAX tables

    Hi, I have 50 DAX tables. I would like to change the order of the tables. But every time I move the tables. They go back to the original order (order of when created). Is there not a way to set the order of the tables? Thanks
  9. S

    Dax need to calculate current QTD Sales

    Hi, I have a DAX formula for MTD I'm looking to total my sales YOY using QTD. So today is the 12 of September I need to see all sales QTD ending today and will compare them year over year. This is my MTD formula: =if(month(dCalendar[dateS])=month(today()) &&...
  10. S

    DAX last date Prior to a specific date

    Hi I'm trying to figure out what the last discount was on a Prior date. I have the following: tblInvPriceDisc that has a list of all the dates and discounts for all sku's tblInvSkuMaster that has a list of all sku's in the company ConfigurationTable that has the date i'm looking up. I would...
  11. S

    Dax Measure of LAST DISCOUNT Amount

    Hello all, I am in desperate need of some help with rolling back our inventory and seeing what the discount amount was on a prior date. I have a measure that rolls back the date and I have a table with the historical discounts by date. What I need to see is: SKU QTY DISCOUNT AMOUNT VALUE...
  12. S

    Refresh just one DAX measure based on a cell change

    Hello all, I'm looking for a way to refresh a DAX measure not the whole workbook. When I change a value in a cell. So if I change let's say the date in a cell I want a specific measure to be updated. Otherwise refreshing the whole workbook takes may staff 20 minutes. When I can go direct to...
  13. S

    Excel VBA to refresh just 1 DAX table

    Hi, I have a workbook with many pivot tables. I would like a VBA macro to run when the PIVOT TABLE changes. I have a dax table that is based on a excel table. When I change the value in the Excel table I would like to refresh just the one DAX table. So that my pivot table is updated. If I...
  14. S

    DAX measure produces more than TOP 15. Slicer issue?

    Hi, I'm having an issue with a DAX formula limited to TOP!%. But produces more that 15 lines. Could it be because I have a filter on the PIVOT TABLE for location. But need to add it to the measure? tblLocation.Loc# The measure below should provide me with the TOP 15 Brands sold for the day...
  15. M

    DAX Formula for Cumulative and %Cumulative

    Hi, I have the following dax formulas for my cumulative total and % cumulative. Its working but not showing the correct cumulative in the technical sense Total Items Delivered: TotalItemsDelivered:=CALCULATE(COUNTROWS('DistProfile v1-3'),FILTER('DistProfile v1-3','DistProfile...
  16. M

    PowerBI: How to calculate/convert Time into Percentage using DAX/Measure

    Hi to all, I managed to get in Excel desired % of time difference from column E, easy job just changed the Data Type to Percentage. What are we calculating is % of these TimeDifferences, one per one (other columns inconsiderable). The calculation I used is: MOD(D3-D2;1) and Column F (%) is just...
  17. gheyman

    Excel Power Pivot Dax Formula

    I have a table (PivotTable1) where I want to add a measure. I want to count the number of times a part number appears in one of my Fields (COMP_PART_ID). When I search the internet all I am seeing is PowerBI Dax examples (and not for a Count or CountIf type of formula. Any help would be...
  18. I

    Power Query / DAX solution to Excel formulas (or if this is even appropriate)

    Hello, I've been using Excel for years but have recently been seduced by the appeal of Power BI as a means of providing more 'visually friendly' reports for other users to view and analyse. Whilst I can generally get Excel to do what I want to do (possibly through horrendously inefficient...
  19. S

    Combine 2 tables

    Hi I have 2 payroll tables. MAIN and MGMT. They both don't contain the same fields, but do have common fields such as name, date rate... I currently paste the data from our payroll export into 2 tabs and pull them into power pivot and back down as pivot tables. But I would also like to...
  20. O

    Employee turnover calc

    I am trying to find Employee turnover by Year/Company I have and employee table and I have created a Calendar table The employee table has the following columns ID Hire Date Term Date Company Active Status I would like to createa dashboard to show by Company turnover % by Year (2018 &...

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