1. M

    Can I make my VBA trigger automatically off a cell updated from a DDE link?

    Here's what I'm trying to do - use Excel's DDE capabilities to communicate with a Rockwell PLC. For a proof of concept, I'm setting a boolean tag in the PLC, which is read as 1 or 0 via the DDE link in Excel, and I would like that to populate a list of 10 random numbers between 1 and 4. I'm...
  2. S

    Ignore DDE, IgnoreRemoteRequests - 16.0 changes

    Hi there, I'm wondering if anyone else uses the ignore DDE option the same way as I did, and have found a workaround to the issue I am facing, or if anyone can simply help with a solution/workaround. Previously when I checked the Ignore DDE option or used Application.IgnoreRemoteRequests =...
  3. O

    DDE Link and VBA question (simple I think)?

    So, simple I can't figure it out. 1. I have a Cell A1 and if I type a value in it say 4 enter, 6 enter, 98 enter 2. The value is copied to another sheet C1 increment down a row on value changed and timestamped. 3. Essentially so I can see when the value changes and what time. Now the problem...
  4. S

    Excel 2016/365 Ignore DDE being... ignored?

    One of the most useful features of Excel for me is ignoring DDE links. It allows me to easily create multiple separate instances of excel that other users won't inadvertently try and open up their spreadsheets in (When running userforms etc). For some reason, I cannot get it to work properly...
  5. M

    Excel DDE security warnings and macro security settings

    Hello, I have a spreadsheet that uses DDE and macros. I am trying to automate opening the file to ensure it is always running i.e. need to reopen the file if it closes for any reason; but these error/security warning messages are getting in the way of having the file actively working. When...
  6. V

    Need button to pull tag values from Allan Bradley PLC and place in different cells in a workbook

    Hello, New to the forum. I run a monthly inventory in excel for tank farm levels of 13 tanks. Previously, I had to go into RSLogix and search for each tag that corresponds to the tanks temperature transmitter and level transmitter and manually enter those values into an excel workbook in...
  7. J

    Excel DDE Server

    Dear All, I am using a DDE server application provided by PLC supplier and if I copy code values getting from PLC to Excel work sheet using the code from dde server application. But the code pasted in a single cell auto updates the variable in the same cell. is there any possibility or VBA code...
  8. M

    Excel 2010 - DDE transaction failed

    I'm using Excel 2010. I frequently need to open Excel spreadsheets from a Sharepoint site. I've started getting the error "DDE transaction failed" when attempting to open the Excel file from sharepoint. Any ideas what could be wrong and what I can do to correct it? A coworker with the same...
  9. T

    linking dde transmitted rtd data to sql

    I would like to link my dde interface in excel to sql so we can download market data in real time directlly into a database. Is this possible ? If so do we need excel as an intermediary. thank you for any thoughts you may have .
  10. R

    DDE, RTD from multiple sources.

    Does anyone know if there are issues with data from two DDE or RTD sources at the same time, in the same instance of excel? Before I start a project I am asking around. Thank you.
  11. R

    ReOpen thisworkbook in new instance through VBA

    I need to make a certain workbook be open in a seperate instance of Excel. I am aware that you can open a new instance of Excel and then open the file, unfortunately not all users of this file are aware of this. Private Sub Workbook_Open() If Application.Workbooks.Count > 1 Then...
  12. T

    Single cell DDE input which continually updates, place values into a list

    Hello everyone, I have a spreadsheet that takes a DDE input and displays it in cells that the user defines. The DDE input constantly updates; as the value changes on the DDE server, the value in the cell changes. I'd like to record every value that runs through the DDE cell to be recorded in...
  13. B

    Use result of dde link in vba

    I was wondering if there is any way to use the value returned from a dde link in the same code that created the link, such as Function half() as Double 'return the stock price of BAC from ThinkOrSwim Range("A1").Formula = "=TOS|LAST!BAC" half = Range("A1").Value / 2 End Sub...
  14. S

    DDE, Worksheet_Calculate, run once or wait 1 minute...help needed

    Using Excel 2013: I need some assistance or pointers in the right direction. I am presently using a DDE feed to obtain data. I use the worksheet to calculate the DDE data by assigning a calculation to a cell that reports a true (1) or false (0) condition. When the assigned cell reports true...
  15. V


    I am/ was using E- signal Q link 2.0 which was running on DDE, and I deleted & upgraded to Esignal Q link 3.0 which runs on an RTD. The uninstall, re-install process was messy and the rep that assisted me even had me delete some Q link files from the registry. After the Q link re-install I...
  16. M

    Refresh DDE data from inside VBA

    I have a quoteserver which will serve DDE data into a cell. From VBA I can dynamically create the formula in a cell. The cell show N/A and does not update until my VBA code completes. Can I force the DDE to update while my code is running so I can use the result in my code? Thanks for your help.
  17. S

    Excel file only opens if another file is opened first!?

    Hi, I have been given a very strange excel issue that has me stumped I have been sent a file that will not open unless another excel file is opened first. Excel opens but the file does not. I have checked that ignore other applications that use DDE is off Honestly i have just joined this...
  18. S

    Re: Run Macro on Cell Change via DDE change event

    Re: Run Macro on Cell Change via DDE change event I want to run a macro everytime a specific cell changes say A1, the cell changes in real-time from a source using DDE. I have had this working once before but I lost my notes and forget how to complete this.
  19. E

    Run Dynamically Created DDE Strings as Function in VBA

    Dear all, I really could not find a simiar problem to mine, so I highly welcome any guidance from you: String Example: "=APP|DATA!FIELD.DETAIL" This is basically a DDE link in Excel 2003 which reads a data field from an external stock application currently running under windows7. The...
  20. Ruddles

    DDE to MS Access: DDEPoke not working (Error 2023)

    I'm using Access as a DDE server. If I do this, everything works fine:- Sub Test1() Dim iChannel1 As Integer Dim iChannel2 As Integer Dim sSQL As String Dim vData As Variant Shell "MSAccess " & dbPath & "database1.mdb", vbMinimizedNoFocus iChannel1 =...

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