1. D

    Power Query removes hidden decimals

    Hi, I'd like to load in two columns of inflation data from this source: The exact range I'd like to get is 'éves átlagos'!A39:B68. Column B contains decimal numbers with up to 12 decimal places, but the table is set to display only 1...
  2. E

    Increase/Decrease Decimal stopped working

    So since friday my excel is acting up. If i try to decrease/ increase decimal this happens If i try to change a cell from general to number it instead moves the decimal point two steps 1.234>>0.01, 12.34>>0.12 etc. If i change my system comma separator from dot to comma everything starts...
  3. J

    Concat and decimal reduction

    Hi All I have a simple sheet formula that looks like this. =CONCAT(J2+G2+D2/A2*100;" %") Value in J2=0 Value in G2=3 Value in D2=1 Values in A2=52 The result ends up being 4,92307692307692% which is way to many decimals no matter what i try i cannot get it down 4,92 without an error. Hope...
  4. A

    vba form

    Hello I need a vba form with two fields, one of which is a drop down list of names and the other is a decimal value to store names in the cell and a decimal in the comment. Then I want to formulate and calculate on the decimals inside the comments. Can anyone help me?
  5. B

    IF formula comparing to numbers, and allowing for rounding

    I have three cells. A20: 38.2 B20: 39.3 C20: contains IF formula to tell me if A1=B1, then "Good", if not, then "Check" To clarify, columns A & B contain numbers with decimals, row 20 would be the sum of all those numbers for each respective column. However, due to decimals, the totals won't...
  6. L

    Vba to conditionally copy and paste

    i have column D column D contains data and it has headers what i want with column D is column D has data and i want that data should be pasted to column H column D contains data in some cells the data has decimals what i want is it should paste the data before decimals and leave the data from...
  7. A

    decimals to feet and inches with excel 2002

    =B1&"' "&TEXT(C1,"0 #/##")&CHAR(34) 34.6 leads to <tbody> 34' 6 49/71" </tbody> thanks all i have forgotten how to post the spreadsheet
  8. S

    Decimal combinations to a target sum

    I have a target sum to achieve with some constrains such as - individual numbers have a constant divisor, variable must be of 2 decimals only and sum target for 2 out of 5 data. The grand total of the row totals must be 62,185. I tried to use solver, but got stuck. <tbody> Divisor Hours Row...
  9. P

    Converting decimals to years/months with negatives

    Hi, I have some data that is represented in decimals. I want this data, in a different cell to be represented as months. For positive values it works fine, however for negatives it does not. My initial formula was as follows: =IF(AJ5="","",(IF(INT(AJ5),INT(AJ5)&" Years...
  10. S

    Where are the decimals coming from?

    I have a problem regarding the SUM-function. It doesn't seem to be able to correctly sum the numbers put in a sheet. I guess it has to do with some sort of formatting, but I genuinely have tried to format it to the best of my knowledge. I have put in all the numbers manually using 3 decimals...
  11. P

    Round output to 2 decimals in IF(AND(ISERROR

    How can I modify the below to round the output to 2 decimals? =IF(AND(ISERROR(AOT_PricePerShare),AOT_Shares>0),-AOT_BasePrincipal,AOT_PricePerShare*AOT_Shares)
  12. M

    Find and Replace

    Hello, I am trying to find and replace 2 place decimals numbers in a column with 3 place decimals using vba. The problem is that some of the numbers are over an hour (1.16 should be 1.167) in time. I tired using wildcards, but it seems to put the wildcard character in with the number. Any help...
  13. R

    Converting fractions to decimals

    I have data which looks like this - 9/4 JF 6/4 F 5/2 F 2/1 F etc etc Using this formula I can convert these to - 9/4 6/4 5/2 2/1 ' =IFERROR(LEFT(T136,FIND("/",T136)+1),T136) But what I'm really looking for is - 2.25 1.5 2.5 2 I'm happy to use an extra column to achieve my goal but if it can...
  14. F

    Formulas Not Calculating Decimals

    I'm using Excel 2010 and saving my worksheet in Workbook Excel-Macro Enabled Workbook or Excel Workbook. Numbers with decimals will add/subtract,multiply and divide. However, formulas using Min/Max, IF, And, Median etc; do not return correct results, in this case "Y","N". Numbers with decimals...
  15. srizki

    Rounding to match invoice

    Hi all, Every month I do some manual calculations, in which I have to manually round number to two decimals to match the invoice amount, here is an example, the second column rounded to 2 decimals, =round(…,2), that comes up to 320.05 but the actual should be 320.04, therefore I manually adjust...
  16. F

    integer for pie chart

    i have a pie chart, where in the ''data labels'' i have activated the below: How do i set it, so the value in the pie chart has no decimal digits? (the table that provides the values in the pie chart has values with decimals, and would not like to change it)
  17. D

    Conditional Formatting Dollar Amounts

    I have a column where dollar values can be entered. Could range from .01 to 3.00. I need to highlight anything that doesn't end in a 0 or a 5. I thought I could use a RIGHT formula, but it doesn't work as all the 0's are not included in this. Can anyone assist with the correct formula for...
  18. W

    How to round number with asterisks?

    Good morning, I am curious whether it is possible to round a number with asterisks, but keeping those characters in the output? I have a regression tables with many decimals and significance levels ***, ** or * moreover some numbers are in parentheses. Would it be possible/exist a simple way to...
  19. apgmin

    absolute value

    Cell A1 has the initial rate ( a number with 2 decimals places like say 2.38 ) Cell B1 also has the initial rate ( a number with 2 decimals places like say 2.38 ) Cell C1 also has the initial rate ( a number with 2 decimals places like say 2.38 ) Now cell D1 is (A1-B1)xC1 I want the answer to...
  20. P

    Turn decimals number into integer

    Hi, i would like to create a vba code so that to turn decimals into integer number for col. "K" and "N". e.g.: 0.5 convert as 5.0 0.2 convert as 2.0 Thanking you in advance

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