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    Zero point zero out to 14 decimal places is not 0? Pi()/90*90=Pi(); but Pi()/90+Pi()/90+PI()/90...90 times does not equal Pi()???

    So how can it be that Excel calculates Pi()/90*90=Pi(); but Pi()/90+Pi()/90+Pi()/90......90 times is 0.000000000000033527. And why is the number zero out to 14 decimal places not being returned as 0? I need to know exactly when a series of sequentially increasing radians = Pi(). The length of...
  2. Q

    Chart : Data Label Problem

    Hi everyone I've created a bar chart using a data from the cells. When the cell show 18.96 on the data label it's also show 18.96 which is fine with me because that is what what it to show on the chart. But when the value is 55, 60 or even 100 it will show 55. , 60. and 100. on the data...
  3. S

    Allowing restricted decimal values in a cell

    Dear, I have a requirement to allow only .5 for any number. say for eg; in cell A1, i can allow 12.5 or 6.5 and not other decimals like 12.4 or 12.8 etc. Need to restrict the end user with a alert message also. I tried with making the cell as decimal but couldnot restrict the user in entering...
  4. A

    Use a cell to define amount of decimals for rounding numbers in a column

    I have an excel sheet where I type my numbers in C15:C20. The original numbers always have 3 decimals. Sometimes all three decimals are necessary but other times I only need 1 decimal. Is there a way to use a cell in the worksheet to define the amount of decimals to use in C15:C20 So that if I...
  5. L

    SUM rounded number instead of real number (result of a formula)

    Hi Everyone, Hope you can help me with this one. I have several results of several formulas combining functions as IF, SUM, *, -, %, etc... I need those results to be integer numbers, without decimals, so I've decreased the decimals (Home menu/number format) The problem is that based on those...
  6. S

    Subtracting two numbers - result has decimals

    I have the following two cells which I increased the decimal out several places to make sure it had only 2 places. When I look at the result, it is more than 2 places. there is no multiplication or division happening. I will copy and paste the two cells and then the result. Very strange. If...
  7. B

    Msgbox format

    I have a userform that inputs numbers into a spreadsheet, calculates on the spreadsheet and then returns a value in a msgbox. Can I format the result in the message box to only show 3 decimals) "0.000" Dim Raws1 As Range, Raws2 As Range, Raws3 As Range Dim Raws4 As Range, Raws5 As Range...
  8. P

    vlookup with wildcards

    Hi, I am trying to do a vlookup for a number that has one decimal. The number will always be "5" but the decimals can be from 0-9 (e.g. 5.2, 5.0, 5.9) I tried to concatenate vlookup(5&".'&"*",table,4,false) but it doesn't work. I cannot vlookup a cell (such as A3 or B4), bc I am looking for the...
  9. C

    is there a formula to get rid of decimals in an excel cell?

    Hi, I'm really new to excel (2007). But i've managed to create a worksheet that tracks payments for me and my coworkers. I made it such that it tracks the outcome of post-dated payments as well. i used one of the conditional formatting options (3 symbols circled)... so if there's a payment...
  10. L

    Can you edit a Schema file in VBA?

    So I have a connection which is created in VBA to a text file that I have saved somewhere. I just found that there are a bunch of rows which have 0s for a certain column, but have decimals for the majority of the rest of the rows (0.5,0.6,etc), but when it creates the connection in VBA, the max...
  11. M

    Validation:Remove Decimal and Commas From Pasted Numeric Values In Columns

    Good afternoon! I have a spreadsheet that has a fairly large amount of validation built in. In some circumstances, users will cut and paste data into multiple cells in a column (which could be anywhere from 1-10,000 cells in the column). The data coming from the source document sometimes...
  12. M

    How do I make excel show fractions as decimals? Formatting column as Number does not work.

    I have a macro for importing data from an XML file and converting it to CSV (after some manipulation, amputation etc.). One field represents the odds of something happening. This means the field contains mostly integers and some fractions. I want all fractions to display (and save in .csv) as...
  13. A

    make tax calculation only to two decimal

    I have an excel document for some basic accounting. It calculates the state and county tax for book sales, then adds this to create a total. I need it to just have two decimal places (which it displays), but when it does the final sum, it uses more then two decimals in the calculation but just...
  14. B

    Working with Inches/fractions

    Hi, I have this program that reads a number of cells which have some measurements in inches with the following cell format # ??/?? so i get te following results (all numbers rounded to 1/16): 58 58 1/4 3 1/16 etc 13 3/8 when the macro reads the cell it reads it as decimal. 58 58.25 3.0625...
  15. W

    exporting access data to excel pivottable

    When I export my data from access to an excel pivottable, excel does not show the decimal figures and rounds them automaticcally, I tried in Access to set the field size to Double, but still withouth succes. What coud be a solution?
  16. D

    Auto Decimals

    Good Morning: I am importing numbers from another application that uses no decimals into an excel sheet. How do I get the cell to recognize, for example, 24205 is 242.05 and not 24205.00? Any help would greatly be appreciated....:confused: Donna J
  17. C

    Getting rid of some decimal places

    My problem is: I need to have numbers formatted such that only two decimals are included with the number. (e.g. 102.34 instead of 102.3438869879) I need to import these numbers (it's a pretty good chunk of numbers, too many for manual deleting) into an Access database. When I import the...

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