1. ibmy

    Sequence of Up->Down->Up-> repeat until....

    Hi, Is this possible to detect this kind of sequence in 250k-750k row data. 1) Count start at least the sequence of up-down 2) Stop the count if next value is not in squence of, increasing(up)-decreasing(down)-increasing(up)-decreasing(down),.... , example: i- up-down->down ii-...
  2. M

    Line graph - change colour if number decreases

    Good afternoon, I have some data already in a combo chart, a mixture of stacked columns and a line. The data for the line predominantly goes up in order, e.g. 1,2,3,4,5 However their may be some instances where the data will decrease, e.g. 1,2,3,2,1 I would like the line for the data where...
  3. B

    Finding a Location Value

    I have a spreadsheet which shows a list of locations against a number of years which show a percentage decrease across the years as shown below. Book1AEFGHIJKLMNOPQ2Station Name20182019202020212022202320242025202620272028202920303Acle...
  4. S

    3 values How to return different value?

    <tbody> product code Jan price Feb price MAR PRICE % / Different 132 10 10 11 ?? 399 12 12 12 398 9 8 15 </tbody> Hi All I have some sales data.As the table above. I would like to see if price same for 3 month it shows "nothing" in the last column. if price are...
  5. S

    Easier way to create multiple macros

    I am creating an inventory/stock control sheet for a client. They have 100-130 items they want to run a stick control on. Then once they have the starting numbers they want two buttons on each row, one to increase the Qty and the other to decrease the Qty by 1. So far I have created the first...
  6. K


    Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me with the following: A 150000.00 B 100000.00 total 250000.00 If 10% of A needs to be moved from B to A, meaning the total value of A would increase and the total amount of B would decrease but 10% of the new Value of A plus the new value of B combined still...
  7. L

    Hiding decimals change value

    Hello, I have an Excel file that is pretty simple, 2 cells are link to other tabs and the third one sums the first two. Problem is I want to hide the decimal (whole numbers only), but when I decrease the decimals in the first two columns, the decimal disappears. So for example, if we take cell...
  8. H

    Formula to compute increase or decrease and include symbol for up or down

    I have inserted symbols in S1 & T1 to indicate in increase (up) or decrease (down) . Have used the up nd down arrow using Wingdings 3 I have set up a formula to compute the increase or decrease and to include the increase symbol (up sign) and decrease 9down sign) at the end of the formula but...
  9. Z

    +/- buttons

    Gday ive put my hand up to do stats for my local footy club. i designed something in think to be easy to use, but cant work out how to make my + or - numbers increase or decrease the number next to iT screenshot and excel are here
  10. J

    Complex IF Statements - Assistance Needed!

    Hi all, I am struggling to find the correct IF statements for the spreadsheet located in the below dropbox link. The issues I am trying to overcome are: 1. Column H (Decrease) - I would like this cell to equal one of the decrease values in cells N4 - N9 based on if the value in Column J...
  11. S

    Incremental decreases

    Hello guys Please help me with this question. 10000 10% 12500 15000 17500 20000 22500 25000 7% Above I want to distribute percentages incremental, to decrease between 10%-7%. There is one formula for this. Thanks
  12. M

    detecting change in column without loop

    Hi, I have values in column listed as following. Is there any way to find if any value in column going less then the permissible limit? For example: I have a column A Which have variable data when making any changes effects values in column B I want to set the constraint such that if column...
  13. F

    Help with formula

    Hi, I have a sheet which lists the number of parts for every supplier. I have a column for a list of current month parts, last month parts and parts of the last 12 months. I have been trying to build a formula in order to compare the three columns with comments...
  14. C

    Using Conditional Formatting Data Set Arrows - Indicate Decrease as Good

    Hi All, I'm having trouble with my conditional formatting data set icons. I want to use the Icon Sets to indicate that a decrease in value is good. However I want to use the arrow icon set (see pic below). Is there a way to make the green arrow point downward and the red arrow point upward...
  15. A

    Successive increases/decrease count

    Hi all, I'm looking to create a count for the number of successive increases or decreases in my data set. I'm not sure if this can be done, and I'm struggling to think of a way to get started on this. Would anyone have any suggestions? Example is below. <tbody> April May June Company...
  16. D

    Decreasing running total grouped by dates in Pivot. Excel 2007

    Hi, This is my first post here, I hope someone can help me with this as I have been unable to get a solution using running totals, calculated fields and differences from in the pivot table. I am quite sure the solution is not so difficult so hopefully someone can give me a hand on how to do it...
  17. E

    Increase/Decrease of value set

    Hello, I'm dealing with the following problem. Say I have a set af values: A B 1 567 2 546 3 567 4 554 5 572 6 543 I can easily determine the average of the values in column B (=AVERAGE(B1:B6)) But I also want to know if the average is increasing or decreasing without making a chart and...
  18. N

    Losing original value in cell

    Here are the details. I have a number in a cell "2.545894". When I use the decrease decimal function once, the cell now read "2.54589" but in the formula bar it displays "2.54589" instead of the original number "2.54894". When I increase the decimal once, the cell now reads "2.545890"...
  19. I

    Decrease a value by 1 every week

    Hi, I currently have a workbook with 30 or so rows of data (constantly increasing) and in one of the columns there would be a value between 1 and 35. Every Tuesday I have to decrease each one of those by 1 and as you can probably guess, it gets quite tedious after a while. So I was wondering...
  20. M

    2 EZ for me 2 figure out! ;)

    Hello All! I'm new to the board, Welcome Me! Welcome Me! :) OK, from what I've seen here so far I'm sure this formula is childs play! I could really use help creating it though. I'm working on this as we speak... Criteria: If current year suggested list price decreases from prior year...

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