1. B

    Changing the font color in Normal style

    I'm trying to change the font color in Normal style. I have been able to change the default font and default size but not the default color.
  2. S

    Simple IF Statement

    For the life of me, this isn't working.. In Column J.... there will either be 2 texts included = "SEL-", or "INC-" If neither, then it should default to "BI" I was thinking of using this: =IF(FIND("SEL-",J:J,1)>0,"SEL","BI") But I need to it first check for "SEL-", then "INC-", then default...
  3. M

    Changing Default Pivot Table Options

    Is it possible to change the default display for empty cells to '0' in a Pivot Table?
  4. M

    assign value

    Hi, I just noticed something about assigning worksheet values to vba variables. age1 = Worksheets("Inputs").Range("Age") is the same as age1 = Worksheets("Inputs").Range("Age").value I guess if the .value is missing it uses the default? Doesn't it seem better to throw an error in this...
  5. gheyman

    Access Date Field default Value

    I have two date fields in my table. One for when a Task was Planned to happen and one field to capture when the task actually happened. WBS_Release_Date_Planned WBS_Release_Date_Actual in the Default Value for WBS_Release_Date_Actual I put: =[WBS_Release_Date_Planned] But it doesn't like...
  6. M

    Textbox Default Value

    I'm trying to have a textbox default value work similar to a formula. I'm using Me.TextBox2.Value = And I want the value to be ws1.Range(C4) + 1, and if that is >4, then I want the value to be 1. (C4 displays the current quarter, and I want the texbox to default to the next sequential...
  7. B

    Receiving data from a website with Excel VBA

    Dear experts When the "" web page opens, I want to retrieve the data from the page "Galopları" instead of the default data. Can you help me?
  8. Y

    Change Default Color Palette 2016

    I know this is super easy for most of you. The question is how to change the default color palette theme. Currently I can make the proper changes I want, but it reverts back the next time I open Excel. Thank you,
  9. B

    Changing a default setting in "Find"

    When I use "Find" to search for a certain dollar amount in a spreadsheet, and I know that what I'm searching for is in that spreadsheet, it won't find that dollar amount. In the options box, the default setting is "Formulas" and I have to change it to "Values". Is there a way to make the...
  10. M

    Tables in Excel for Mac

    I am a long time PC user in Excel but now using a Mac at work. Generally the transition has been relatively seamless except for one area: Tables. Whenever I try renaming a table in Excel for Mac, the new name appears in the Name Manager along with the old default name and it looks like the...
  11. R

    Default Value

    Hi, I would like to know if this is possible without doing coding. Here's what I want to achieve, I want to have a cell to have a default value i.e. cell B1 to have a default value of "Php0.00" user can type the currency amount on B1 but if the user deleted the entered value it will default...
  12. M

    Editing the 'default' userform

    Hi all, I've recently started playing with userforms. In a nutshell, the 'default' userform that excel creates for my table is almost perfect. I'd like to add in some combo boxes and entry validation tools. Is there a way to save the default userform created by excel for editing? seems barmy...
  13. D

    Finding the users default email address from VB

    Sending a report to who ever is using the spreadsheet and need to find their own default email address for outlook. Dim objEmail As ObjectSet objEmail = objOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem) Dim DefaultReportEmail As Range Set DefaultReportEmail = Range("ReportsEmail") With objEmail .To =...
  14. S

    Change to 'copy visible'?

    Hello! I am a brand new member, long time Excel user. Yesterday, thought I had lost it; Here; It says this; And that has always been true in my experience. I remember finding Alt+...
  15. J

    Make one item on a dropdown list the default item on startup

    I am creating a userform that has a Combobox with a dropdown list with four items. I want to have one of those items show as the default item when first started. What would be the coding to put into the subroutine for the dropdown list for this? Thanks in advance Jim
  16. B

    How to get rid of date format

    Hi Guys, I have a workbook where it seems the date format is default in each cell. If I click in any empty cell, instead of format being the default "General" its date. If I insert a new sheet, the entire new sheet is formatted as date in the empty cells. I would like to know if there is a way...
  17. J

    Default chart font color and size

    Hi guys, I'm looking for a way to change the default font (Calibri to Arial) and color (gray to black) as well as font size (8 to 10). On all old and/or new graphs I make on excel. I have been scouring online and haven't found a way to change the graphs defaults, the only way I have found...
  18. W

    Outlook folder issue?

    This is might be the wrong forum but as it might be a vba fix I thought someone might know. I have a custom view set up for my email folders. But every time I create a new folder it set it to the default and I need to manually change it. How can I set up the default to create my view? Or can...
  19. M

    copy in excel

    Hi, I am using excel 2016. When I select "ctrl-c" to copy something, it no longer shows a highlighted border around the selection that was selected. Is there anyway to change this back to the default? This seems very strange. Thanks
  20. P

    Default Cell

    Good morning. I have multiple workbooks in my Excel sheet. Is it possible for the default cell on each workbook to be cell E1 instead of A1? Thanks

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