1. S

    New Workbook has white borders as default

    Every time I open a new workbook, the default setting for borders is set to white instead of grey. I have to go into advanced settings every time and change it to grey to be able to see the cells. I have tried to uninstall and re-install several times with no luck. I have even contacted MS...
  2. S

    Excel 2019 Appearance Changed - can change back

    My version somehow changed in appearance, I have Excel 2019 Home and Business. I want it to go back to the way it was default, its not a theme change ( I don't think) it is something else I just cannot work out. I am creature of habit and like how it was. The Green bar use to be green behind the...
  3. W

    Default Number Format

    I have a vba enabled workbook (Excel v2013), and now every time I add a new worksheet the number format setting has defaulted to "Date". This is causing many issues. I can't find the option to reset the default to "General". There is one macros enabled on a few sheets to adjust formatting within...
  4. T

    Simple Question, How to create a default Worksheet

    I've done this before, but struggling with the details of how. I have created a default worksheet that opens when Excel starts stored in my XLSTART directory. I need to create a default worksheet so that when I insert a sheet, the new sheet is formatted as I intended. I have tried saving as a...
  5. K

    help with vba code to match data on multiple worksheets

    I need help with VBA code that will complete the following tasks: 1. On my “Leases” worksheet find all rows with the word “Yes” in the IN_DEFAULT column (column F) and copy those rows A through J. example "leases" worksheet <tbody> FILE_TYPE FILE_NUMBER CASE_TYPE SUB_TYPE OPR IN_DEFAULT STATUS...
  6. K

    Default to Automatic calculation

    Recently and inexplicably any new workbooks that I open default to manual calculation. I read a few message boards and they said that the solution is to put a workbook in the XLSTART folder that s set to automatic calculation. This works, however any time I open an existing workbook it opens...
  7. K

    VBA validation list delimited separator

    Can someone explain why adding hyperlinks before adding validation switches from "," to ";" which is default xlListSeparator? Sub test2() a = Join(Application.Transpose(Selection.Columns(1).Value2), "; ") Selection.ClearHyperlinks Selection.Validation.Delete...
  8. ECB

    Integrating Excel and Word

    Hello there, I hope this finds you all well. I'm back again, and I was hoping for some advice. As part of my work, I produce reports in Microsoft Word. Maybe about 30 pages long, largely the same text information, with an amount of financial information pulled across from a default...
  9. K

    Default Outlook Signature when generating email from VBA

    I have done a good bit of searching to modify some existing code to include the default outlook signature, but I haven't had any luck. Any help is appreciated I have cut the code to barebones in an effort to simplify. Sub create_Email_test() Dim oApp As Object Dim oMail As Object...
  10. M

    Excel Listbox displays default value but does not retain in within Sub (unless you click on selection)

    0 <button class="js-vote-down-btn grid--cell s-btn s-btn__unset c-pointer" title="This question does not show any research effort; it is unclear or not useful" aria-pressed="false" aria-label="down vote" data-selected-classes="fc-theme-primary" style="margin: 2px; box-sizing: inherit; font...
  11. T

    Quick Access tool bar reverted to the default display.

    Hello, I have been in and out of Excel (365 ProPlus) several times today. After exiting the last time and then starting it again I noticed the Quick Access Toolbar has reverted to the default toolbar. I had about 20 or so short cuts (both commands from the ribbon and from my macros) on the...
  12. B

    Expand default size of Define Name dialog box

    I raise the Define Name dialog box frequently; it displays up to 10 named ranges without scrolling. Most of my applications have more than 10 named ranges, often a lot more, thus requiring scrolling to see most of them. Is there a way to change the default height so that it always comes up...
  13. A

    Default web browser fully loading web page

    I'm using the piece of code to open a webpage on the default browser on a computer. Currently I'm using application.wait as part of coding, but the timing is off sometimes. I research ie.ready state, but from my understanding its only for Internet Explorer. Is there a way to code something...
  14. shg

    Default import/export path

    When I import or export modules from the VBE, my default path was where I wanted it until this past week when I somehow hosed it, and now I have to navigate to get back to it each time I restart Excel (it remains stable in each session). Does anyone know how to change the default path...
  15. H

    Macro to set print default to 1 copy

    I would like a macro to set the print default to 1 on the active sheet If for eg. a user changes the print setting to print to 2 or more copies, I would like a macro to set this back to 1 after printing your assistance in this regard is most appreciated
  16. jackfox68

    If Statement with two concatenates

    The bold underlined formula below is equating to 9.63 for the selected fields, which should default to the second concatenate, but for some reason it is defaulting to the first concatenate. Any thoughts on why...
  17. J

    default to not move or size shapes?

    Is there a way, like creating a template, that will default to"do not move or size" shapes"?
  18. K

    Default classicview Pivottable

    Hello, Is there a way to set each new pivottables to classicview by default in Excel 2013 ? Thanks in advance.
  19. V

    Find the address of default application

    Hi all, I have a module as below to open pdf files from an excel sheet sCell = Application.ActiveWindow.ActiveCell.Text sFile = "C:\Program Files\Nitro\Pro 11\NitroPDF C:\Users\" & Environ("username") & "\Downloads\" & sCell & ".pdf" retal = Shell(sFile, 1) The problem is that i need to...
  20. Y

    Default zero number in a cell

    Hello, I want a zero number in the cell A1 When a data was entered in the cell A1 I deleted it later The zero number is entered in the cell by default. Thank you in advance

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