defined names

  1. S

    VBA "Activesheet" delete Named Ranges

    All the code I've found for removing worksheet defined names is similar to the code below and requires the name of the specific worksheet: Sub RemoveWsRangeNames() '7-21-22 Dim rngName As Name Dim ThisWb As Workbook Dim ThisWs As Worksheet ' Set ThisWb =...
  2. tycasey17

    Counting Using Defined Names

    I am wanting to count the number of personnel within a defined name. I have tried using =COUNTIF(A1:A5,_OFF) "_OFF" is the defined name having various titles in them. The overall outcome of the formula I am needing help with is to show there are 4 doctors of the entire range using the _OFF...
  3. S

    VBA Toggle Button on "Fluid" Rows using a Defined Name

    Hello all! Trying to add some dynamics into a chart that our office uses in some reports. We have a few areas of the chart that will be used in some reports and not others, and I would like to have the option to hide and show those sections (rows) at will. I would prefer not to manually show and...
  4. C

    VBA looping with defined name as criteria - rows

    Hello, I'm writing some protocol that prints out reports based on a list that I put into a defined name. So there are 14 locations that I want to run the report for that I used the defined name "Locations". I have a data dump worksheet that contains a list of users and there information. I want...
  5. zborton

    VBA hidding columns baces on name rather than column number/letter

    I currently have a user form with many check boxes to hide/show columns based on if a check box is checked or not. Right now I have the code refer to the columns based on thier letter and everything works great. I would like to have the code refer to the name of the columns rather than the...
  6. C

    Execution Delays in Deleting Defined Names and Establishing Hyperlinks in VBA

    Hi All, I'm baffled regarding a peculiar delay when I run an excel VBA macro on a file with some 90 worksheets. The VBA code of interest is embedded with the worksheet itself (not a module). The worksheet having the VBA code is an "Index" sheet that will be populated with hyperlinks to the...
  7. B

    Defined Names

    Hi Guys, I have a dropdown menu from which i choose pay codes like ISPD, PEM, and DEG. I have defined these names with the appropriate values 77, 20 and 44 respectively. when i try to multiply the paycode (ISPD) with the number of hours (3) in the format below (so that the drop down list can...
  8. P

    Creating a large number of Defined Names that refer to cells in another workbook

    When in a workbook, there is "Create from Selection" under Name Manager that can quickly take a range of cells and create defined names without the need to manually enter them. I have created some 150 defined names in this way in workbook1 - mainly for use in dependent data dropdown lists. When...
  9. C

    How can remove define names without #ref'ing out on existing formulas?

    I received a complicated financial model and I am having hard time understanding it because of all the define names. I can remove them from"name manager" in formulas tab but that the formulas referring to names stay unchanged and they all #ref out. Is there a way to delete/remove all defined...
  10. D

    COUNTIF with Discontinuous Ranges

    Hello. I'm working with a spreadsheet where my data has some formatting constraints. Because of this, I'm trying to work with some ranges that are discontinuous. Now functions like FREQUENCY and SMALL don't mind if I feed them a defined name like RANGE_01=A1:B2,A4:B5. SMALL(RANGE_01,1) works...
  11. O

    Get other defined names on a cell? .Name.Name = 1e alfabetical name!

    Does anyone know a way to get the other defined names of a cell (range), without a time consuming loop trough all defined names? Something like ActiveCell.Name.Names(2) .... ??? thanks
  12. C

    Defined Names Issue

    All, Please help ! I have finally found out why some of my spreadsheets become huge sizes. It has something to do with "Phantom Links", I have no idea how these link to my spreadsheet and I am unable to break them, this results in 1000's of Defined Names (Insert / Names / Defined Names). How...
  13. A

    VBA Code to Rename a Defined Range

    I am trying to find a way to use VBA to change the name of a Defined Range. Everything I have found so far creates a new range and then deletes the old range. I have used the existing named ranges throughout a large workbook, so I don't want to delete the existing named ranges. Also, I have...
  14. H

    Nested if, defined name

    Someone please please help me with this formula on #5. I, for the life of me, can not figure this stuff out! I need help with the first 3 sentances of #5 and all of #7 I have attached a link to my workbook as a google doc, the format is Excel 2010 and here are the questions for the workbook I am...
  15. H

    please help, IF functions

    I have attached the google docs for my excel spreadsheet and the list of steps i need to complete, at this point I need help with the first 3 sentances in # 5 and all of #7 that is the list of steps and here...
  16. S

    Export Defined Name Values and Paste to Another Workbook

    Greetings I am trying to find the easiest way to: 1. Copy values from all Defined Names in a Worksheet 2. Paste those values into a different Workbook (Worksheet) where the Defined Names match. I have this code so far (pasted partial), that does work, but required manually retrieving each...
  17. P

    Dynamic Named Ranges do not show up in the "Name Box"

    I just created a Dynamic Defined Named Range following this references: It works perfectly, except for the fact that the Named Range is not appearing in the "Name Box". The curious thing is that the named...
  18. MarkCBB

    Defined Range OFFSET Unique Entries

    Hi there, I am not sure that this is possible to do without creating a Helper column of sorts, But here goes I would like to define a range in the Name manager that only uses the unique entries, and this this will be used in data validation. so the range is looking at the whole range of data...
  19. Y

    Finding Source of DropDown Field

    I have decided to reformat an existing worksheet which i created some time ago 2005 and now i require to edit a couple of drop down fields to add new and delete old parts. I can find the source when I go to Data > Validation -and look under the box for Source. However, rather than showing a...
  20. T

    Defined name gets moved with cut and paste

    Using Excel 2007 under WinXP, I am trying to prevent defined names from getting moved when the user performs a cut and paste from one cell to another. My worksheet is a data entry form wherein all cells are locked except for the cells where you enter data. Each one of these data cells has a...

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