1. D

    making excel recognize it's 20XX not 19XX

    is there a simple way to do this so that it's not PC dependent ? change the settings within the workbook? rather not use formulas
  2. C

    Dropdown menus dependent on another cell being <8.0 or >8.0

    Hello - I've created a timesheet for my employees in Excel. I'd like there to be one particular dropdown menu that shows if the total hours for a day are less than 8.0, and another dropdown to show if the hours are more than 8.0. I know how to do dependent lists, but not how to make a list...
  3. J

    Userform dependent combo boxes

    Have the following code to try that attempts to allow you to use the drop down in a userform which is dependent on the other. It is setup with an advanced filter in the spreadsheet. The problem I am encountering is that nothing shows in the dropdown box (combo box1), any ideas? Thanks. Private...
  4. Z

    Issue drop down menu indirect from offset table

    Hi, I cant seem to resolve this: I have made some tables i wish to use in two drop down list with the one list dependent of the choice of the other(indirect formula) The lists is made by using the offset and antalla fomula to avoid emtpy cells in lists. My problem is that when i want to make...
  5. T

    Does this shortcut exist? Jump to precedent/dependent cell on another sheet

    Hey Mr Excel users, I'm looking for a shortcut that allows me to jump to dependent or precedent cells on other sheets. I know you can do it within the same sheet, but hate having to manually click that arrow that pops up when the cell being traced has a dependent / precedent on another sheet...
  6. E

    Workday formula required based on depending dates

    Hi Team :) I have below data and im using formula =WORKDAY(C2,1) to calculate the workdate based on the received date. However, I have 3 depending activities for which the workday should calculate only after the depending task is completed. and it will be next workday after the depending task...
  7. E

    Illegal Characters in Drop downs

    Hey everyone, Does anyone know how to use illegal characters in a Drop down? I have looked it up, but everything I have read went over my head. I have a a drop down that is dependent on a drop down. In the first drop down I have a few fractions that need to be options. Thanks for the help.
  8. H

    Data Validation Dependent Drop Down 2 Criteria

    Hello Friends, I am using the below formula in data validation to get the dependent drop down list =OFFSET('SIZE ORDER'!$B$1,MATCH(A2,so_ref_no,0),0,COUNTIF(so_ref_no,A2),1) I just want to add another criteria Match(C2,so_size Please if anyone can add the 2nd criteria in the above formula...
  9. O

    perform calc based on if other cells are populated

    I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions to assist me with my problem. Below is a sample of what my data looks like. A B C D E F G H I J 62 Shop 456.20 NO YES NA NA NA Overtime 63 Check 8756.00 YES NA...
  10. E

    Resetting Dependent Dropdown Lists

    I realize that this question has been asked and answered previously - however, for the life of me I cannot figure out why the below code isn't working in my case. My parent drop down list exists in column D (various rows) and my dependent list exists in column F (again various rows...
  11. T

    How to test whether a single-cell range is a dependent (first-order, second-order, ... n-th order) of a given range (single cell or multiple)?

    Hello MrExcel gurus, The title of this post has the jist of my question, but here's a bit of background: I'm trying to optimize a very bulky financial model. I've got calculation time down to a couple seconds or so, but I'd like to isolate the specific cells whose calculations are still...
  12. D

    VBA code to reset dependent dropdown

    Hello, I've got a workbook I've been working on with primary drop-downs located in col G, cells 13, 14, 15,(merged cell with H&I), my dependent drop-down is in C of the same rows. (Merged cell with D). Despite trying codes copied from forums here and adjusting the locations to my situation, I...
  13. G

    syntax dependent on values of multiple comboboxes

    Hi All, Is anyone able to help me with the below? I need the values in blue to refer to the result on Combobox17, and the values in red to depend on the result of combobox5 If Sheets("changes dependent on combobox17").Cells(i, "A").Value = (Me.TextBox101) Or _ Sheets("changes dependent on...
  14. A

    UserForm dependent upon cell content. Now opens every time any cell is selected the userform opens again.

    I have it so that the userform only shows when "XYZ" is selected from a drop down in B2. But now even after it is satisfied if I select any other drop down in any other cell of this worksheet the userform opens again. I only want it to open if "XYZ" is selected from B4. Private Sub...
  15. S

    Dependent drop down list using activeX combo box

    Hi,I am in need of someone to solve a problem with dependent drop down lists using activeX combo boxes. Below are links to 2 files that are set up with data validation lists. Starting in cell B24 is the main list of fabric types and in cell D24 is the dependent list of fabric colors. In the...
  16. R

    Dependent validation list with table as source

    Hi all, Could not find the solution elsewhere that combines my following questions, so I hope one of you has the solution! I am trying to dependent validation list, where the source data is in one table (A1:C14). The table headers are generic and so cannot be used to refer to for the second...
  17. Roderick_E

    Slicer Scroll to selected

    So, if you have one slicer that controls another, is it possible to force the dependent slicer to scroll to the selection? It looks like someone tried an answer previously: EXAMPLE...
  18. S

    Dependent drop down list using offset

    Hi, I am trying to figure out a problem with dependent drop down lists boxes using data validation. I made the formula below following a tutorial online - I named this formula in name manager and used the name in the data validation source box. My main drop down list is in B24 and the second...
  19. M

    Dependent Drop-Down in columns

    I have set this up numerous times by searching for Dependent Drop-down list and following the instructions. This works well when using only two cells, one for the category, and one for the items in the category. I'm having a hard time translating that when I want the category in column D and...
  20. B

    how to find every cell that has a dependent

    I love the "Trace Dependents" function in Excel but it has a significant limitation. I have to click on every single cell individually to see if it has a dependent. Is there a way to select an entire range of cells and see which of them has one? I don't even need to know what the dependents...

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