1. M

    Excel Formula

    Hello, I need help with one Excel formula. I have many rows and columns on my table and the name of the table is Table1 I have one column which contains options such as Development and Production I have one column called ID which can be and not be in both Production and Development. What I want...
  2. H

    Hyperlink with IF functions and vlookups

    Hoping someone can provide some help on this. I have a spreadsheet where people fill out the sheet with their skill assessments. Once those are filled out, the responses using the IF function and vlookup would populate the Development plan tab. Some of the items that get pulled into the...
  3. T

    FIND and LEFT formula for a Conditional Down box.

    Hello, Any help is greatly appreciated. On my table, there are 3 "development targets" with each own drop down boxes. On the 3rd column, there is another conditional drop box and the result will show in the 4th column. So the A19 dropdown +C19dropdown = D19 dropdown. But the A19dropdown and...
  4. M

    Related drop down list, Dictionary Keys for 3 columns

    Hello My Masters & Colleagues, I have 3 columns of data in sheet2 (A) for Branches (B) for Departments and (C) for Names A2:c5000 like the table below the 3 lists are related and has some duplicates and blanks. And I have 3 Columns lets say J,K,L in sheet1 I want to J2:J each cell is validation...
  5. M

    3 related long lists in Comboboxes without Dublicate and Blanks, VBA

    Need help from excel masters, I have a userform enclude 3 comboboxes, and I have 3 columns (A) for Branches (B) for Departments and (C) for Names A2:c5000 the 3 lists are related and has duplicate and some blanks, what I want to do that when I choose a branch name in first combobox I want to...
  6. E

    Recognizing and Averaging Nested Tasks

    Hello, I'm working on a project management spreadsheet and having 1 issue, automating % done. I need the sheet to look at the column A, "WBS", and calculate percentage done based on sub-tasks within that project. For example, 1 = Product Development, 1.1. = Need Development, 1.1.1 = Reviews...
  7. K

    Sorting numbers accoring to chosen category

    I have created an excel sheet, where there are two buttons opening two different userforms; one for creating a new project, and one for updating project information. Some of the informations in these userforms are as an example; ID numbers and project types. The next step is creating a new...
  8. Y

    Sum based on Text

    Hello, I'm having a lot of trouble with this one so hoping someone can help. I need a formula to sum a range of cells using the weighting below. I'd really appreciate any help with this. <tbody> 1 Needs Development 2 Basic 3 Intermediate 4 Advanced 5 Expert </tbody> <tbody> Total...
  9. D

    Look Up with Multiple Matches

    I am trying to create a spreadsheet that will generate action plans for colleagues on development programmes. What I would like to achieve is the following: - one sheet will have an empty action plan form, including several empty cells which will be populated with the required tasks - another...
  10. J

    Counting how many times text occurs in the 5 columns next to staff ID

    Hi guys, I am trying to count how many times a text appears next to a staff ID across 5 columns. I foolishly thought a countifs formula would sort it, but I'm getting an error so that's obviously not right :confused: Below is an example of the data I'm working from (I can't attach a...
  11. R

    real estate land development model waterfall issue

    I created a land development waterfall model for GP/LP flows using certain hurdle rates and promotes. It works fine in the base case. In the distressed case, meaning slower land sales, the IRR hurdle rates don't work because there is a need for cash later but it wasn't reserved for and I'm at...
  12. J

    Having real trouble with sumproduct across multiple worksheets with multiple criteria

    Dear All I have been helped out by some of the postings on this website already to get an idea about Indirect and how to link this with other functions to work across multiple worksheets with multiple criteria using sumproduct(sumif(indirect...))). These were great, thank you. I am now...
  13. C

    The fastest way to get a range with conditions into an array

    Hello, If I have a Large range and I want to create an array from it but with conditions, I am trying to find the fast way to do this, possibly Advanced filter? (I have tried but no luck) there are probably many ways but the fastest? or pretty darn fast at least My ranges are dynamic but...
  14. B

    Development Phasing

    Hi Everyone, I have struck a problem with a development spreadsheet I am working on. This is for a development / construction scenario. I know the total costs of the development, and how long each part will take. What I want is a formula to automatically spread the development costs based on...
  15. jgrob3

    How do you think Excel should be developed over the next few years?

    I don't have a hotline to Microsoft or a pre-alpha copy of Excel 2020, but I was thinking about where Excel might be headed over the next few years and came up with 8 bold predictions. What do you think? Do you have any other predictions/ideas about where it could/should go...
  16. bmckenna

    Book Feedback - "Professional Excel Development"

    Looking at purchasing "Professional Excel Development" by Bullen, Bovey and Green. Curious if you all know how this book lines up with some other ones out there. I do a lot with SQL, Oracle Databases, Live Connections, looking at learning some Silverlight and ASP Net, as well as custom...

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