1. M

    Colours to diagram-values

    Hi. I would like to make one single horizontal staple in a diagram which changes colour depending on the values in the connected column. Is this possible to program so that the colour changes if the value changes? Or does someone has a trick-solution?
  2. A

    Having trouble making diagram

    Hello all, so I want to make a diagram, but would like it to be like spiderweb or something. It is interconnecting and comparing diagram. so example A1 b1 c1 d1 e1 1 7 4 5 2 2 8 10 11 3 3 3 A1 d1 4 6 B1 5 9 6 4...
  3. M

    Expanded Table for Many To Many Relationship?

    Dear Team, I have a Data Model that contains a Many To Many Relationship and a Bridge Table. Here is the picture of my Data Model: https://people.highline.edu/mgirvin/YouTubeExcelIsFun/01-DataModelWithBridgeTable.jpg I have started to create an Expanded Table Diagram. Here is the picture of my...
  4. P

    How to cut and past range from one worksheet to another?

    My code keeps failing at this line and I am banging my head against a brick wall! :banghead: Sheets("Diagrams").Range(Cells(LastCR, 1), Cells(LastEnd, 6)).Cut Destination:=Sheets("New Diagram") For the first range to be cut, LastCR=6862 and LastEnd=6807. How do I cut this range to the...
  5. M

    what is a diagram in excel

    Hi There I received this file from someone, please see the screen shot below. What are these arrows, when i click on them, it opens up with a text box on left and it says its a diagram. how do you get this, is it done in excel or somewhere else like Visio and imported in excel. its not a...
  6. G

    VBA code for Fishbone diagram

    does anyone has a VBA code for creating fishbone diagram?
  7. W

    Line chart - percentage based on result on last row

    Hi gurus. I'm trying to create S-curve with two series of values. For the X-axis, however, I'd like to show data as a percentage of the series' last value. Idea is that both lines should end up 100% even though they have different end values. Any ideas how I can do that?
  8. B

    formula for finding drawings' latest revision

    Below is an extract from a drawing register spreadsheet & in column B, I require a formula that displays the latest revision of the document. Column E onwards display the received/issued revisions of the documents listed in column A at different times during the life of the project. As new...
  9. J

    Time Space Diagram for Signal Timing

    I am would like to create a time space diagram in excel so I can show how signal timing would work for vehicle and bike progression speed respectively. You can see below what I would like to be able to graph, not sure how to actually do this would be cool if someone could explain how.
  10. A

    Is this Venn possible?

    Hi, I have a question about creating a Venn diagram and want to know if it's even possible. The data I would want would be something like: Name - John English Speaker - Yes Disability - Yes Working - No What I would love to be able to do (and don't know if it's at all possible) is that a Venn...
  11. T

    Selecting shapes and images in specific range, grouping then pasting in a new worksheet retaining group status.

    Hi, I am trying to create a form that people can edit. Users will use various shapes and images in a range to create a diagram and I want to save it to a table in another worksheet. The code below almost does what I want except it pastes the group of shapes as a picture. I would like to be able...
  12. B

    One column diagram

    Hi! Have roughly 2200 times (hh:mm) which I need to plot in a diagram, as to how often a certain time appears. Help...
  13. K

    Formula that returns values to a scatterplot

    Hi, I have a series of values for a scatter plot. For some of the values I have created this formula to return values: =IF(LEFT(D43;4)="-N/A";"";D43) When a cell is -N/A the value for the scatter plot is blank but it doesn't work with with the diagram. All I can do now is to delete the formula...
  14. J

    arrow diagram

    i want to make a diagram/graph out of a given function. The diagram (dont know the enlish term) is made out of a line connecting the X axis and the point that is calculated with the function. I have an example here in this google(r) picture. In stead of a little dot at the end of the line, it...
  15. J

    hide data in pivot table/diagram?

    hi i guess it's quite simple but....is it possible to hide some data in a pivot table /diagram, but still sort by the data? if i have two coloums name and hours a 10 b 20 c 30 d 40 e 50 f 60 g 70 is it then possible to sort names after amout of hours - and to hide the hours? thanks jorgensen
  16. J

    Diagram - group by

    I have an table that looks like this: <tbody> Group 1 Subject A 1 Group 1 Subject B 3 Group 1 Subject C 4 Group 1 Subject D 2 Group 2 Subject E 3 Group 2 Subject G 2 Group 2 Subject Z 1 Group 2 Subject Y 5 </tbody> i can't figure out how to create a diagram, that groups the...
  17. M

    Getting the y-axis values from a diagram

    Hi! I have an Excel file containing a diagram. The values are in a separate Excel file, which has been destroyed. Is there any way I can "extract" the values from the diagram? I know I can point at the graph, but there are quit a lot of them.
  18. M

    Makro to create diagrams from a table with 89 columns

    Dear All I have a table with data from a wastewater treatment plant. The table contains 89 columns. Column A is the day/date. The rest of the columns are measurements parameters from Column B till Column CH. I would like to create a makro which create an x-y dot plot with X-axis always Column...
  19. O

    PowerPoint VBA Macro - Organization Diagram Macro Not Looping Correctly

    Hello Everyone, I have searched this board many times for programming VBA Macros in Excel and it has been very helpful. I am working with a macro in PowerPoint, so I was hoping I may be able to tap your knowledge. If this is inappropriate and not "Excel focused" I will remove this question...

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