dialog box

  1. D

    VBA Disable Cancel button on Saving dialogue

    While the saving box appears there is a cancel button at the bottom right corner. I want to prevent this button from appearing or prevent the saving box to appear all together. Essentially I don't want the user to cancel the save process. Please see the screenshot. Thank you!
  2. D

    Power Bi Parameters

    Hi, Can anyone advise or let me know if they've had the same problem, I do not have a create button on the parameters dialog box, is there a way round this? I have uninstalled reinstalled / repair etc. But I have never had one, I tend to use power pivot so it's not a huge problem but there...
  3. E

    VBA to open workbook, select enable macros in dialogue box and select update links in dialogue box.

    Hello all, I am on a Mac therefore cannot use Power Query as a solution and avoid what I am trying to do. I have a master workbook that is linked to over 40 other workbooks and draws a set of data from each of them. These workbooks also contain links to other workbooks. I have written a macro...
  4. G

    Saving a specific worksheet in csv by using Dialog box Save As, so that the user can choose the path

    Hi, Actually I'm using this code, to save a specific worksheet in CSV, on a predefined folder path, with this code the user can add the name for the file and it will be saved on the predefined path : here is on the desktop Public Sub Save_CSV() Application.ScreenUpdating = False...
  5. T

    SendKeys doesn't interact with popup window

    I've resorted to using SendKeys for the time being to create a PDF from my workbook using Acrobat (so the file has bookmarks). I've mapped out the key sequence: Sub exportPDF() Workbooks(ActiveWorkbook.Name).Activate SendKeys "%y2", True SendKeys "c", True SendKeys "w", True Application.Wait...
  6. W

    Creating a Dialog box using VBA that can be used to modify cell values

    Hi, I have data with three variables (volume, price, revenue). I want to create a dialog box where the user can choose to modify an observation/cell value of their choosing by a certain percentage. For example, if you look at the dialog box below I want to create a dialog box where I can...
  7. Mister_J

    Help setting fixed values in an amazing macro that splits columns using dialog box feedback!

    I have an amazing macro that uses dialog boxes and allows you to select a column of data, and break it up into multiple columns based on a number of rows you select. Then output those columns starting in a cell of your choosing. Starts as: (I choose 2 rows per column) 1 2 3 4 5 Becomes: 1...
  8. B

    Expand default size of Define Name dialog box

    I raise the Define Name dialog box frequently; it displays up to 10 named ranges without scrolling. Most of my applications have more than 10 named ranges, often a lot more, thus requiring scrolling to see most of them. Is there a way to change the default height so that it always comes up...
  9. D

    VBA to overwrite an existing excel file (SaveAs) when you only know the File Path?

    Hi Folks, I have a VBA model (*.xltx in draft stage) in which I import a specific excel file (containing multiple ws) from a specific file path. I am modifying some of the data. Once modified, I want to SaveAs to overwrite the file I originally imported. The file I'm importing will be called...
  10. C

    Macro: Open native dialog box in center of Excel

    I am trying to make an Excel macro that opens the worksheet "Activate" dialog box (normally opened by right clicking on the navigation arrows in the bottom left of the workbook) in the center of the Excel workbook (must work for a multi-monitor set up). The below code (from...
  11. P

    Save As dialog box looks weird

    Hey Guys, I'm losing my mind a bit here trying to get my Save As dialog box to look normal again. I've done a fair bit of googling and can't find a fix (or anyone that's ever had this problem!). The below screenshots show what my Save As box looks like now, vs how it should look. Does anyone...
  12. I

    Dialog box to select a file to extract from (without open it)

    Dear all, I am trying to write my first code, it will extract (copy) content from different sheets and cells from a file (source) and paste it into the next empty row of another existing file (the database) The source has always the same exact structure, only different data, the previous idea...
  13. F

    Show Pivot Table Filter Box using VBA

    Hi Everyone, This is a simple question and hopefully someone has a simple answer! :) Does anyone know how to Show the Pivot Field Filter & Sort dialog box (see image below) using VBA? I have a sheet which requires me to hide the pivot table header row so the user is unable to click the...
  14. JoCook

    Rename tabs from dailog box with dates

    I am trying to create a macro that will rename all tabs that have been named with a date mm-dd-yyyy. I would like a dialog box to pop up and ask for a starting date and then have the macro find the tab names with the lowest date and then rename them to the next years dates For example current...
  15. F

    how to put dialog box to open a file ?

    I want a dialog box to prompt user to open MISSINGUSERNAMEDEPT file . any ideas? Thanks in advance Here are my codes below: Private Sub Simpat4_Missing_UserName_Dept() ' ' Update User Name and Dept from Missing User name & dept xlsx file ' Step 29 ' Dim MaxRowNum, RowNum As Long With...
  16. E

    Open a new file using a dialog box pop up without specifying the path of the file

    Hello Everyone, I need help in writing a code which does the following: 1. Open /pop up a dialog box which asks the user to select a file from the computer 2. Copy paste the data from a worksheet in another workbook (say workbook A) to this newly opened workbook I am not the only person who...
  17. C

    Dialog Box, Form, or Macro that Adds Rows of Data to the End of an Excel Table

    I have a spreadsheet in which I need to create a dialog box, form, or field-entry box for simple end-user data entry that automatically adds entries to the bottom of a table. My end-users are very inexperienced using excel and I want to design something for them that makes for simple data entry...
  18. H

    VBA User Form help - How to save current worksheet as a csv file?

    Hi, I'm working on a workbook (contains two sheets) that users can log certain data with a user form I created. I'm new to vba but doing pretty well, however one of the areas I'm struggling with is on the form creating a button, and when the user clicks it it saves the active work sheet to a...
  19. S

    Worksheet not active after dialog box closes

    I'm using VBA to display a dialogue box (user form). When I close the dialogue box, the Excel worksheet is not active - the title bar is dimmed. I need to click somewhere on the worksheet to make it active. I've tried lots of VBA commands to achieve this without success. What am I missing?
  20. P

    How do macros handle/interface with popup boxes/message boxes

    I have a macro that is supposed to copy the contents of a SharePoint folder to my C:drive, Sub CopyWorkbooks() 'Note: If ToPath folder ("C:\Aggregation\") already exist it will overwrite existing files in this folder 'if ToPath does not exist, it will be made for you. Dim FSO As Object...

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