1. E

    Check box type based on box and item dimensions

    Hi everyone, Currently I am dealing with a puzzle regarding box types used for different items. Based on the item dimensions, I have to decide which box fits best (use the smallest box possible). I have the following workbook: SKU Shopware Auftragsnummer EA Length EA Width EA Height EA...
  2. M

    Position and Resize Rectangles Dynamically, Based on Cell Values

    I've been working on this all day and have had zero success. I want to be able to change dates in Columns A and B and have rectangles position and lengthen themselves accordingly, based on the calculated values in Columns C and D. I almost had something working earlier today but it would only...
  3. C

    Text recognition to Sum Conversion for altering sum ammount

    Hi there, I'm new to the forum and to excel, to some extent. I'm looking for some advice so I can complete a quantitative form for the company I work for. In short, what needs to happen is: I enter a few key products into a certain cell that actually subtract the calculated measurement instead...
  4. M

    Get only data on PivotTable

    If I double click Grand total on PivotTable I get all columns of data including those not on the PivotTable. Is there way to get the data only for dimensions that appear in the PivotTable only ? Thanks
  5. M

    Defining shape dimensions

    Hi Dears, I am trying to draw a 3d box (shape type 14) with VBA, but I cannot find the required parameter to define its depth. The width and height parameters are very clear, but I am unable to change the default depth of this shape. The command used to draw the box is; DIM MyShaep as Shapes...
  6. M

    Importing data week by week

    Please can someone let me know the best way to approach this challenge - I need to create a Master sheet capturing data week by week during the year from another sheet each week. The issue is lining the data when the client's locations will not always be the same (income is against the...
  7. E

    Insert Image Path and Dimensions Returned

    I am trying to be able to insert the path to an image, and have the dimensions and other attributes of the image returned in a cell. I am able to get the dimensions of all the images located in the specified folder when running the macro below: Sub Dimensions() Dim sFile As Variant Dim oShell...
  8. U

    Excel Loop?

    Hey guys, first post here. I need a little help. Basically I have two sheets, Sheet 1 contains the dimensions of parts I have at my warehouse, and the Box Types sheet contains the dimensions of boxes we have available. I think you can see where I am going with this. I'm trying to reference Box...
  9. J

    Select every field in row different from value and copy

    Hello guys, I'd like to make a macro that selects all values in column J that are different from 0, and all values in column K different from 0.01.1900, and copies them on let's say A1 on sheet2. The dimensions of the J and K values will match and will be in one block. Any help?
  10. H

    Feet and Inches - Cut List Optimizer

    Not sure if this is doable or not...but figured this would be the place to find out. I make boxes out of plywood for storing various materials, kids sports stuff, tools, etc. I'd like to have a spreadsheet that I could enter in the thickness of the material and finished dimensions of the box...
  11. H

    File-specific Printing

    Hi guys, I have two files that need to print at different dimensions. The dimensions are set by the label printers. I am wondering if anyone knows how to get a file to always print to a specific printer. I looked into it and it looks as though it may be dependent on a macro. Thanks!
  12. C

    Separate dimensions is a string

    Hi All Can someone help me out please I am am trying to create a formula to separate dimensions in a cell and display them in separate cells example in Cell A2 it has <tbody> PRODUCT DIMENSIONS ARE 305X1070X1625MM I want to display in cell B2 C2 and D2 <tbody> B2 305 C2 1070 D2...
  13. B

    image dimensions

    Hi, I found code for image dimensions in adobe (https://forums.adobe.com/thread/2309642). Can something like that be done in excel? To show image width and height as alert for x number of columns (for multiple columns)? I work a lot with excel, but i am beginner in vba (researching it). Till...
  14. B

    Making Best Use of Wood

    I wood say ;) that one of the most practical uses of an advanced spreadsheet for the Average User, would be to create a sheet that determines the best use of several pieces of wood, such as plywood, based on a parts list. Im not saying its possible for the intended purpose, but if they could do...
  15. B

    can we draw shape?

    my intention to draw shape by using cell reference i like to give shape dimensions,angles which i want to draw triangle rectangle...etc in excel
  16. M

    Quick array question

    Can anyone give e the syntax of how I'd create a variant array without setting the dimensions beforehand or using a range on a sheet At the moment I basically Dim unclosed_liabilities_array As Variant then set the array by finding the last row and selecting an empty space on the sheet...
  17. C

    Sumproduct, different dimensions

    The E4 SUMPRODUCT total shows 46 upon being entered. Can someone tell me mathematically how Excel got there since the arrays are different dimensions? Notice I changed the , to a * sign. Thanks.
  18. M

    Finding which 4 boxes can hold product X's dimensions

    Hey, Friends; So lets say I have 4 box sizes with their dimension in a list. I also have an array of objects to fit in the boxes with their own dimensions. I only want to fit one item in one box so i want the box that fits the item the best. Under my "box that fits" column, I'd like a formula...
  19. J

    Several variables but few resources of addresing

    Hi guys! In PBI, we have very few ressources for work with addressing/variable/dimension. Basically, we have 2: Table and Colommun. Example: Table1[Colommun1] Table1[Colommun2] Table1[Colommun3] Table2[Colommun1] Table2[Colommun2] Table2[Colommun3] Table3[Colommun1] Table3[Colommun2]...
  20. S

    convert # x # dimensions to decimal for panel size

    Hello, I am hoping someone has some experience taking dimensions and converting them into decimal format. I have made some code to extract all panels from a list and create a new sheet called "Panels." I need to take this one step further, and convert the # x # format into a decimal number...

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