1. M

    Applying specific discount dependent on SKU type

    Hi! I have a pricing file where i have various SKU's which are in the type ABC-XXX, AD-XXX & GE-XXX (could also be more but using these as examples). Each SKU has a price. I have another tab where i have listed what the % discount should be depending on the SKU type but don't know how to get...
  2. H

    Vlookup cross reference two parameters

    I have a scenario where I am looking up supplier prices in one spreadsheet and putting them into another in order to produce a client quotation. In one tab I have information on our suppliers and their discount structure and on the other I have their prices. Some of our suppliers offer us...
  3. H

    Excel vlookup with variable information

    Helloooo, Is there a way please to lookup information from other spreadsheets based on variable information? This is quite hard to explain so I’m just going to list out what I have below and hope that someone can make sense of what I am trying to ask! So this is a little mock up of my scenario...
  4. S

    IF with two conditions

    Hi I need formula with if command in column E based on data from A to D, Secondary no Discount <tbody> Segment Transmission Value Discount % Result Primary AUTO 1000 20% 200 Primary<strike></strike> MANUAL 1000 10% 100 Secondary AUTO 1000 0% 0 Secondary<strike></strike> MANUAL...
  5. S

    Dax Measure of LAST DISCOUNT Amount

    Hello all, I am in desperate need of some help with rolling back our inventory and seeing what the discount amount was on a prior date. I have a measure that rolls back the date and I have a table with the historical discounts by date. What I need to see is: SKU QTY DISCOUNT AMOUNT VALUE...
  6. R

    Making a letter point to a specific cell or equation?

    HI all, I have just joined as i have spent the last hour unsuccessfully searching the net trying to sort out an excel question i have, what i'm trying to do seems pretty simple but i cant figure out how to do it... I'm a basic excel user, using it mainly to create pricelists. So here is the...
  7. G

    Pivot Calculation

    I would like to add an additional row in my pivot table for percent of Gross Sales below each of the following categories. Any idea if this can achieved? Gross Sales POD Expense Commissions Rebate Discount Freight Costs Net Sales $4,69,655 $293,212...
  8. C

    Returning specfic value based on customer X spend which is an array

    I have a question on returning X customer's discount percentage Y, based on their Z spend amount.Ie: I have a list of 5000 customers, Various min and max spend and its corresponding discount. For customer John, i can locate John by index match among the list of customers. Then when at customer...
  9. P

    A question about IF AND?

    Hi, I have a work book with two sheets. On the Sheet1 I have a table with data for Restaurant in cells A1 to I4 Then I have data for Super market in cells A6 to I9 Finally I have data for Coffee shop in cells A11 to I14 <tbody> A B C D E F G H I 1 Restaurant Discount offer...
  10. Sean15

    Formula for total price less bulk discount

    Hi: I have been struggling for a solution and I need some help. Expected values are in column H to J In H2, I am looking for a formula for total cash due: = look up value in A2, return ticket price x tickets sold, less cash discount (per discount band) x ticket sold Excel...
  11. S

    1 formula for 2 discount % and 3 countries

    <tbody> Area Price Discount 1 Discount2 Net price A 100 20.5 3.78 79.5 B 100 15.7 2.95 84.3 C 100 11.3 1.87 88.7 A 20.5% 4.75% B 15.7% 3.5% C 11.3% 2.105% </tbody> Please help to make single formula in Net price column for example in E2...
  12. T

    Joining Multiple Tables Together and zero out values

    I've been googling for a while and can not find the solution to this. I'm trying to Join a Sales Table with two separate discount tables. When I join the tables together the Sales is repeated on each line. I want to have the sales number show up only once and have the rest of the rows show...
  13. F

    NPV Discount Rate

    I have been offered 2 payment methods as I was buying some tools for a company I work for. I need your help to assess the best method. Here it goes, Total cost is $100 and I don't want to pay it all in advance. First offer is they increase the total cost by 30% (they call it "financing cost" ...
  14. L

    VBA: In a Column Fill empty Cells with Entry from Pop Up Window

    Hello, I need assistance with a little bit of VBA code. The code needs to: Identify all the blank cells in Column D, It is the last column. Display a pop up dialog / Userform A response is entered by the user in the dialog. Whatever is entered into that dialog will then fill ALL of the blank...
  15. J

    Taking the right amount out of more than one condition

    Hi friends, I took picture of my problem as it is easier for me to explain on it, as I cant fully solve this problem. So I have to determine percentage of discounts (F row) according to conditions in table on right side. 1) For different suppliers I have different discount rates on different...
  16. K

    Really messed up Excel exports from financial software

    Hello, We use accounting software from a big, reputable vendor. They offer Excel exports, but really don't know how to make them proper. What it looks like is shown below. The problem is the multiple-row layout. How would I go about to fix this to a normal structure of 1 entry per row? It's...
  17. M

    USERELATIONSHIP filter question

    I've got a measure where I'd like to have a USERELATIONSHIP clause in the CALCULATE. The code below works... however, I'm not clear why I can't add the USERELATIONSHIP as a filter parameter to the "inner" CALCULATE. If I do that without the outer CALCULATE the measure returns blank<blank>...
  18. S

    Multiple IFS with Calculations

    I am having issues writing a formula that will change the discount of a quote based on a subtotal. The Formula...
  19. J

    if statement - testing a single cell works, testing a range of cells not working

    The below works: =IF(OR(I10>H10,I11>H11,I12>H12,I13>H13,I14>H14)," Discount Given is greater then Max. Discount", IF(OR(C3={"B","W"}),"Discount can be UP to 7.5 %", IF(OR(C3={"L","N"}),"Disc. Max. 3%/Midwest only - up to 7.5 %", IF(OR(C3={"D","V","X","SR"}),"ENTER xx for MAX...
  20. bbbuffalo

    How to return a discount amount based on multiple ranges in Excel

    I've got a table with the following columns Quantity, Price, Sub Total, Discount Tier, Discount Amount, Total If the quantity is between 100 and 200 I want to show a 5% discount in the Discount Tier column If the quantity is between 201 and 300 I want to show a 7% discount in the Discount...

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