1. K

    DLookUp for Search Strings in another table...

    I am trying to do a lookup function in Access as I would use a Vlookup in Excel. I found the Dlookup expression but cannot seem to get it to work properly. I would like to use an expression and not VBA if at all possible. I would like the expression to reference the below table (titled Search...
  2. S

    Trouble feeding stored date parameters to Access Queries linked to Excel pivot tables

    I am doing monthly financial reporting using Msft Access 2019 and Excel 2019, and need help in feeding stored date parameters to 30+ Access Queries. It is tedious to update the date ranges within each Access Query manually each month, and the amount of time required to close the books each...
  3. T

    Problem with DLookup cutting off the last character of the criteria

    On my main form, I've got a date field that should update another field based on a range of dates. The field is called txtDateSubmissionPhase1 and it should look up information in the table tblStageLookup, which has these relevant columns: StageDescription and StageEndDate. This is the DLookup...
  4. S

    Dlookup and Comboboxes

    Hi Board, I have a form that recalls a product price from a table (tblFurniture), using a dlookup. As follows: UnitPrice: DLookUp("[1stBand]","tblFurniture","[ProductNameText]='" & [Element] & "'") This works fine, but I want to return the price based on the selected band (1st,2nd,3rd etc)...
  5. F

    Circular Reference with calculated Query Field

    Hello, i'm kinda new to access, so excuse me if my problem here is poorly-worded. I have a form that tracks Jobs and a subform that tracks various items for each Job and the status for each: Completed, elapsed minutes, etc. Each item might require additional Processes and I want to know how...
  6. F

    DLookUp for textbox control source to pull from another query

    Hello, I have been all over the web and keep seeing the same examples on how to do this, but for some reason, I can't get it work for me. I have a form called "frm_Metals_JobDetails" it is bound to a query called: qry_MetalsJobsActive There is one textbox on the form that I want pull data...
  7. gheyman

    ACCESS DLOOKUP in a Query Criteria

    I have a table that has a Field named PID_Number and another named WBS_PG_ID. On a form a have a combobox where the user can select the PID_Number from that table. I need a Query to where I want to put in a criteria. The criteria is the corresponding WBS_PG_ID for the PID_Number that was...
  8. M

    Dlookup Error.

    Sorry if this has been asked before but I cannot get the syntax right for this DLookup. I am at the start of this project converting something I have done in Excel to Access. I have checked several threads but just can't get it right. It does not error when I check the compile but errors when it...
  9. S

    Searching for a record causes Access to Not Respond

    Hello all, I have a form that displays individual employee records, with a handful of subform pages containing a couple of DLOOKUP functions in text boxes. Ever since I added a new DLOOKUP function, when I try to search for a record by an employee's name, Access fades to white and says "(Not...
  10. A

    DLookup Format Issue

    I can't figure this one out. I keep stumbling my way through DLookups... Please help! x = Nz(DLookup("ID1", "AttendanceEvents", "EventDate= #" & txtRmvP & "# and USRI = ' " & fOSUserName() & " ' and (EventTypeCode = 'P' or EventTypeCode = 'SS-P' "), 0) I'm getting a mix of errors when I try...
  11. A

    DLookup Question

    I'm using DLookup for the first time and trying to wrap my brain around how it works and the syntax involved. I want to basically append a table using a form. Dim chgreqrec As Recordset Set chgreqrec = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("AttendanceEvents") chgreqrec.AddNew chgreqrec![Event Date] =...
  12. G

    Value of field instead of ID

    Hi. I'm really struggling with this and I'm hoping someone could help me. I have a couple of dependent combo boxes in my forms, and it's storing the data in the table as id's instead of values. I need the values in the table, not the id. I will be exporting this table and sending it to a 3rd...
  13. M

    DLookup Problems in Access Form

    Hi, I have a form which has shift information on it. Name, Date, Machine etc. I have created a small table for machine targets which looks like this: Machine, Throughput, OE, JE, OEE Control 1 77% 70% 96%...
  14. M

    Using dlookup with an if statement in vba

    H there. I've been a member for ages but am just getting to grips with access and have come across a little issue I need help with. Im trying to write some code to only display certain fields if an entry selected from a different table has data in the corresponding second column. i.e. I have a...
  15. A

    Type Mismatch in DLookup with multiple criteria

    I am receiving a Type Mismatch error and cannot figure out why. I had a Dlookup with 1 criteria, which was working fine. I have been trying to 2 additional criteria which come from the same table to this dlookup, however I keep getting a type mismatch error. Here is my code: M_ID =...
  16. P

    using dlookup

    Hi, I have a value within a textbox returning "lanID" with some VBA behind this.. I would like to lookup this value in the textbox (textbox is called userID) and return "where "lanID" = "User Name" in the "staff" table.. hope that makes sense Many thanks for the help
  17. B

    DLookup Or DMax To Find Value

    I am sure this is fairly simple but I am having trouble getting started on this. I use a Form to invoice clients which includes the field [Billing_Month]. What I'm looking to accomplish is this. When I create a new invoice and enter the [cboAccountID] value, the [Billing_Month] field will...
  18. B

    DLookUp Multiple Criteria Access 2010

    I am trying to create a DLookup with multiple criteria in Access 2010, and running into a little trouble. I create invoices via a form. On the invoice form I select the AccountID, and set billing month and year. Based on that information, I would like to search my Prepayment query...
  19. S

    DLookup - connect to db

    I've tried to use DLookup in Excel, but how do I connect to my database before i use the function? I've tried Private Sub HentData() MsgBox Access.Application.DLookup("[Name]", "Persons", "[Id] = 2") End Sub but i guess it wont work before i choose which database i will use.
  20. F

    Dlookup - probably a basic question

    Hi there I'm much happier in Excel but have found myself building an Access database. I would like a Form (inputdata) to feed into the table (Maindataset). Within the form (which will be for non specialist users) I would like a user to select a country from a drop down box. There is another...

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