double click

  1. SkyGod

    From Listview to Listbox

    Hello, I want to give connection when a data selected in listview to listbox. I mean double clicked a data in listview must be also selected in listbox by automatic double clicked way. Every rows have a UniqueID after saved. Thank you for help. Download Link
  2. F

    VBA - Date don't recognize itself as a Date (keeps left alignment until I click it)

    Hi everyone, I m trying to do a simple VLOOKUP formula with two different Dates. One of the Dates come from other Excel Document (Col A) and the other one come from a HTMLDocument (Col B). Both columns have Date Format but column B don't recognize itself as a Date until I double click manually...
  3. L

    Using VBA to open Insert picture from file on Double click

    Hi everyone! I ran into some trouble trying to open the insert picture from file dialog box when double clicking a specific cell and then inserting the selected picture into the double clicked cell. I was able to get a basic code working where if you double click a cell in a range, then gives...
  4. D

    Removing hidden formatting - VBA substitute for double-click (Text to Columns not working?)

    Hi Folks, I have an excel report that has been exported from a website. The date column has some hidden formatting on it, so that when I format the column using: Range("RepTable[Delivery Date]").Select Selection.NumberFormat = "yyyymmdd" The date remains in the format: DD/MM/YYYY. When I...
  5. B

    Add vba code into each individual sheet in workbook

    Hi VBA Pros, Hoping you can help, I have a workbook that has many worksheets and each sheet when triggered will be emailed automatically to the the person who's name is the name of the worksheet. - This part is working fine. The challenge im struggling with is because the sheet requires data to...
  6. D

    Run VBA from double clicking a cell

    Is it possible to run a macro subroutine when double clicking on a cell contained in a worksheet? what im thinking of is creating a subroutine that will filter data on a sheet and when the user double-clicks say "Cell A10" then macro would run if they double-click "Cell A11" a different macro...
  7. M

    Double click for changing cell color

    I have this VBA (see below) to change the cell color on a double click. I need to make this so it will change a row of cells with the double click. Any ideas? Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) Cancel = True Select Case Target.Interior.ColorIndex...
  8. J

    Update worksheet cell value and Listbox rowsource with double click in another Listbox

    Hey guys! I'm working on a project that includes an User Form that should incorporate the following functionalities: a) User searches a database by typing a value in a textbox b) Once clicking "Search", the results are display in a Listbox c) If an item in the Listbox is double clicked, the...
  9. E

    Capture and display the cell number being double click as a History record

    Hi All expert, Can I check with you.. As I have a Tools booking system. However, notice, people book already and then unbook later. So I want to track who double click the cell to unbook. How? I intend to record down the action that the user did in the form. Now I can record down the user name...
  10. S

    Double Click Problem with Code

    I am using an Excel file to store primarily demographic data. I have two pieces of code imbedded in this workbook that allows me to use a Combobox to select demographic data and change to an abbreviation. For example Green -> GR, Purple ->PUR. The code has affected my ability to double click...
  11. C

    Double click Cell to open another workbook

    Hello, I have a question about how to double click cell to open another workbook. In my sheet 1 of workbook1, i would like the user to be able to double click any of cells in column A (that may or may not have text in them) to open up another new workbook. Each cell at A column, when double...
  12. D

    double click opens userform with listbox, how to stop same dbl click causing listbox selection

    Hi, I have a userform which opens when I double click a cell Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) If Not Application.Intersect(Target, Range("G2:G501")) Is Nothing Then Cancel = True UserForm1.Show End If End Sub My problem...
  13. R

    Macro that adds a code to an existing worksheet to allow a range of cells a double click (today's date) option.

    I know very little about VBA and don't use it on a regular basis to learn much. I normally find code from a Google search, paste it in and modify it to fit my needs. Below simply inserts code from a module to an existing worksheet. 'This inserts code from a module to an existing worksheet Sub...
  14. T

    Code to input text requires double click to work

    I have a piece of code that is set to input "yes" or "no" into a specific cell dependant on user input on a different sheet. I can only get the "yes" or "no" to appear when I double click the cell and press enter. Is there anyway to refresh or double click the cell within VBA? I have checked the...
  15. V

    Assign value to shape by double clicking

    Hi everyone, Can anyone help with vba code on assigning value to a shape in an excel sheet through double click event. I have a number of different types of shape on the sheet, I want to be able to assign values such as time value etc. to each one by just double clicking on them. Thanks in...
  16. D

    VBA for double clicking a specific cell to bring you to a different specific cell (or sheet)

    I am hoping to write a VBA/macro so that when I double click on a specific cell that it brings me to a different cell (or in this case a different sheet inside the same workbook). To elaborate I want to be able to input text into cell B3 if it's a basic answer, however if it requires more...
  17. D

    On Double Click or On CTRL Click for many Shapes

    All, This is my first post to this board, I have tried searching the board and I haven't been able to come up with an answer. I am fairly new to VBA and have a question regarding the on double click private sub and how to assign it to shapes (CTRL click would work as well). I have a sheet that...
  18. L

    Dynamic Userform on Double Click

    Hello everyone. First, I hope I'm posting in the right place. I'm new to the forum. I have a spreadsheet that opens an input box when I double click a row within column F. The contents of the input box is then placed into the corresponding row of column AA when I click OK. (i.e. If I'm in...
  19. Z

    doubleclick Copy/paste cell VBA: Going one further

    Hi, I have had moderate sucess with my first few attempts at implementing vba code but I am still struggeling a bit here and I cant tell how advanced this problem may become to solve. In the below table I am trying to create a macro(s) that will: 1. upon doubleclick in cell of column "fruit"...
  20. D

    Pivot Table Double click/Show Details Auto Update

    I am wondering is there a possibility that when I Refresh Pivot Table, the Table (that is created by double click or Show Details) also Refreshes?

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