1. E

    Dragging formula along columns with changing reference cells

    Hi, I wrote the following formulas in Cell B2, C2 and D2 of Sheet 2: B2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!T2<20160000;Sheet1!U2>20150000);Sheet1!V2;"No") C2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!X2<20160000;Sheet1!Y2>20150000);Sheet1!Z2;"No") D2: =IF(AND(Sheet1!AB2<20160000;Sheet1!AC2>20150000);Sheet1!AD2;"No") I want to drag this...
  2. A

    Drag Picture on Userform

    Is it possible to have a Picture on a UserForm and have its size change with the Form as you drag the bottom right corner ? I have this working on some other platfoms (Access, VB6) but can't seem to manage it in Excel - or the Picture flashes white bars while moving. Any help much appreciated.
  3. R

    Drag formula to sum multiple row data horizontally

    Hello party people. I need help figuring out how to drag the formula below horizontally across columns so they reference the vertical data below. I tried using the transpose function but no luck. Will this require the index function? I can't get it to work. Thank you for your help. cell A1...
  4. S

    Scroll/Drag check boxes down and link to the new cell

    I am making a rather large list with checkboxes which is working well. When I want to expand the list, I have to individually edit each check box to be linked to the new cell. Is there a better way for when I drag a cell down by the bottom right corner that the new check boxes are linked to the...
  5. T

    Help a newcomer to VBA. if statement or equivalent

    I have an excel document that I get every month. I would usually type the formula =IF(Q3="I","Colonial FS Insurance","Colonial 1st State") into cell AB3 then double click the corner to drag down to the last row. The number of rows changes every month and can be anything from 30 to over 2000...
  6. F

    Drag formula to the right incrementing by 8

    I have a formula I'm dragging to the right. I need to increment by 8 rows as the formula extends to the right. =IF($G16<>"",$G16,"") =IF($G24<>"",$G24,"") =IF($G32<>"",$G32,"") etc... How can this be accomplished?
  7. C

    Using replace to replace ONLY the first instance

    I'm trying to use this formula: REPLACE("S";1;1;"O") To remove the first instance of S only. An example of what the column would look like: <tbody> T O O P P T S S P O T O O </tbody> Sadly, It is necessary that I drag the formula I have down thus resulting in all the...
  8. E

    Code to replace formula

    Hi all, I have the following formula that searches to find the latest row of data Column C is the date Column F is the job ref Column G is the article ref IF(AND(MAX(($C$12:$C$10023*($F$12:$F$10023=F322)*($G$12:$G$10023=G322)))=C322,C322<>""),"Latest","") I have this on a long list and have...
  9. R

    drag a SumIf formula

    Hi all, Can anyone help me out as I'm doing this one by one and there must be a faster way that I'm not aware of. I have a workbook of 28 pages. One tab is referenced by the month as in Jan-Wrk and its partner tab is Jan-Financial. In the work book, I created a general ledger with a...
  10. C

    Formula question

    Hello everyone I know that once you enter a formula into a cell you can drag it down to fill in to all the cells under it. My question is in certain cells i have a different formula in it and was wondering if there was something i could put into the formula to prevent it from changing when i...
  11. D

    Auto drag, drop and replace

    Are there anyway to do drag , drop and replace function on excel? I want to create a dynamic excel presentation on a 3X3 box , not only user will be able to drag and drop the data from Cell 1 to Cell 2 but fill Cell 2 will the data from Cell 1. The function must be able to run on all 9 box and...
  12. rogerfoster88

    Dragging my formula to the right that goes straight from $C$8:$C$12 to $C$14:$C$18 and so on, without breaking the whole formula

    A huge thanks to Fluff and Jack for helping me get to where i am with my formula. =SUMIF('[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$C$8:$C$12,B138,'[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$D$8:$D$12)/6+SUMIF('[Production Plan.xlsx]Production Plan draft'!$J$8:$J$12,B138,'[Production...
  13. N

    Copying formula to the last active row

    Hi, I have a formula in B2 that i want to drag up to the last row that has a value in column C. Formula is: = if(D2=“BOAUSD”, “NY to advise”, IF (D2= “TDTOR”, “Toronto to advise”, “London to advise”)) When I drag to the next row, the cell should change to D4,D5 etc.
  14. D

    Why do cell references sometimes NOT update when I drag a column to a new location?

    It's standard Excel functionality that when you use the mouse to drag a cell (or range of cells, or even an entire column), any formulas that refer to the dragged cell/range/column will change so that formulas don't break. This works without problems 99% of the time. HOWEVER, I've found several...
  15. A

    dragging a number without it changing

    Hello I have what I think will be a very simple question. How do i drag a cell to copy into other cells without the number changing? example: I type 20 into a1, i want to drag it to copy 20 into the next few boxes but instead it is changing the cells by 1 each time. i have one spread sheet that...
  16. A

    Chart data with multiple blank cells

    Hi, I have a data set that has four columns. The first two are time and data values. Columns C and D have most rows blank except for rows where a value is returned. The values returned represent local maxima and minima values. What I want is to put a symbol at the data points representing...
  17. V

    formula for day date in a year

    Hello all Is there a formula please that if I enter a date IE: 01/03/2019 (Ist Mar 19) That I can drag down which will add all the other correct dates each day
  18. B

    IF(AND(OR multi step fx help needed

    <tbody> A B C 1 23 -145 1 2 -71 140 3 35 130 1 4 -22 -127 </tbody> How do you write a proper IF(AND(OR fx in cell C1 that I can drag down thru C4 that states: if the number in cell A1 is >0 and <50 AND the number in cell B1 is >-150, <-109 *OR* >109, <150, then cells C1 populates...
  19. W

    pasted Link Syntax

    I am using the link below to rea a cell in another closed wb. And it works. Except I need to fill a range and when I look at the formula in the cell it is posting as $A$2 instead of A2 so I can not drag it. What's wrong? ActiveCell.FormulaR1C1 = "='Z:\.. M C T...
  20. C

    VBA to fill down 10 rows

    Ok guys I am finally giving up after trying to work this outfor most of the day. I have a code that takes me to the last row of formulas I have copied down. It then selects that entire row.I would like it to be able to then fill down from this row to the 10 rows below. I can manually drag the...

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