drop down lists

  1. B

    Conditional Lists

    Hi Members I am trying to create a spreadsheet for our tennis club, We may have members that play on multiple teams , on our calendar to schedule matches I would like to be able to restrict the drop downs if a player team is selected then any other team that they play on can not be selected...
  2. tlc53

    VBA Code Hide / Unhide Rows based on selection of 2x Drop Down Lists

    Hi there, I have the below code, which is working well at hiding and unhiding rows depending on the number of investments selected from the drop down list. In additional to my current code, I was wondering if I could go a step further and hide further rows depending on the outcome of 2x drop...
  3. C

    Count "All" occurrences of a category from a drop down list

    Good morning I have previously received some great assistance for a problem I had using the Countifs function from Joris, a board regular. I wish to expand on this formula to be able to achieve a new level of functionality for a project I'm working on. I currently have the below data on one...
  4. J

    Disable options when other options have been selected - named ranges

    Hi I kinda know how to do this with single cells but not with named ranges...everything I have googled so far seems to point to dependant or cascading lists but is not what I need....anyways Basically Say I have a drop down list in column A (in each cell) A drop down list in Column B (in each...
  5. W

    Drop Down Lists

    Hi there, This is my first time posting and really have little in-depth experience with excel. With that said, I am tasked with creating a spreadsheet for calculating some estimate numbers at my work. So here is my dilemma. I have a cell in A1 that is a drop down list. Based upon what you...
  6. J

    Dependant drop down lists

    Hi I am trying to create dependant drop down lists but am currently having issues. I understand the concept and can get it working when I hardcode the ranges as a named range, however when I use the offset function in the name range I cant get the dependant drop down list to work. For example...
  7. S

    Create an Automatically Updating Table based on Drop Down list Selections

    Good Morning, I am trying to create a sheet whereby a table returns only those values that are selected from either one of two drop down lists. The first drop down list has categories, for example: Onboarding, Facility Management, Admin Tools. The second drop down list has specific areas of...
  8. N

    IF Formula with Drop Down Lists help

    Hello! I am currently running into issues while using the If Formula with multiple drop down lists. Currently, there is a mandatory drop down on sheet 1 in A8 with five options. There is also a mandatory drop down list on sheet 1 in B8 that is reliant on A8 selection. There is then three more...
  9. C

    Index match, multiple results, drop down lists

    Hi, For some reason, my index match formula isn't working. I want to automatically populate two other boxes based on a value entered in another box that is selected from a drop down list. I am using an index match for each box separately, but it returns with #N/A. =INDEX(array of desired...
  10. D

    how to create a dynamic drop down list in excel

    hope so one can help me out. I know how to create a drop down list, and I know how to do it so that as a person types the list will search and find what they are looking for.. But my problem is it seems it doesn't work with a large group of Data, when to me that is when it is most useful. I...
  11. K

    Character Limit for Drop Down List coding in Excel2010??

    I've been working on a spreadsheet for custom quoting jobs for my business. It has multiple dropdown lists feeding from different worksheets where one of the lists is dependent on the other. The first drop down is straightforward and is a choice of every material we have available. The second...
  12. M

    Conditional Formatting Question

    I have several columns with drop down lists. Is it possible to format a row to highlight the cells with the drop down lists to notify the user to ensure those cells are filled out. For example, if someone types into a row, I want certain fields (the ones with drop down lists) to automatically...
  13. M

    Disable Drop Menu When Criteria Is Met?

    Hello Everyone, I have a validation drop menu (data / validation / settings / list) that I want to disable when one date is greater than another date. So for example today is 5th November but I want the drop menu to disable when the date is 6th November. Cell C1 contains a start date (can be any...
  14. K

    Auto Complete for Data Validation in Excel

    Hi Guys, I wanted to know if there is any way that I can get my validated cells to suggest items in the validated lists based on texts typed in so far. All suggestions are welcome. Thanks
  15. T

    Creating Multiple Dropdowns

    Hi, I've encountered a very frustrating situation after conquering what I thought had been the hard part of my project. I spent a good part of today looking around on Google and this forum in search of a solution without having any success, so I'm hoping someone can give me a hand! What I'm...
  16. V

    Daily "goods in" controlling with the use of an automated checklist template

    Hello all, I am new to the forum and this is my first post. I will try to be as specific as possible with the description of my goal. Many thanks in advance! I am trying to contro the daily intake of products at my store. The warehouse receives between 40 and 50 individual pieces of equipment...
  17. D

    Drop down list help

    Hi there, new to this forum so sorry if this thread goes against any guidelines or anything :p I am creating a spreadsheet system for storing student grade data, and I need to be able to select from a list of 240 students, who are all in different year groups, then form groups (e.g. 7a), then...
  18. S

    share excel sheet with drop down lists by email

    i have an excel template that requires people to make choices using drop down lists. how can i email this template in the message body so that the recipient can then choose from the drop down list and then submit by email. i know i can send them the file as an attachment, but i want to send it...
  19. Mississippi Girl

    Drop downs based on selection from other drop downs

    Hiya! Hope y'all can help me again!! I have a list of Projects, WBS codes, and BLI codes. I'd like to create a budget planning spreadsheet for multiple project managers to use for their annual planning. Instead of sending out customized templates for each project manager, I'd like to...
  20. R

    use VBA code to create Excel drop down list

    I am endeavouring to create and store a dropdown list in a worksheet cell as opposed to using the traditional excel 2007 methodology. The list currently contains seven items. I have played with a few lines of code and cannot seem to get it to work. Also, I would like to be able to wrap the list...

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