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  1. M

    Vlookup in Excel VBA for Data Entry

    HI Excel Expert , Request your valuable help in solving the below error . PS: Am new to Excel VBA coding . I have got 3 Sheets in the attached workbook “Just combo V2” Download link : Just combo V2.xlsm Sheet 1 Sheet 2 =”School” in which Cell A1 : A14 Contains list of schools Sheet 3...
  2. A

    Check Box in Drop down list

    Hi all, I'm in need of a Check Box in Drop down list for multiple selection. The code which i had is given below. The disadvantages of the given code was duplication and unable to edit the selection. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As...
  3. C

    How to search on numbers via dropdown box to return results in subform

    I've created the query on InvoiceID which is a large number. I have already created the search drop down box showing numbers in order. However when I select the number the Subform blanks out (there is data) rather than showing the results of the InvoiceId. I have used this code on other...
  4. C

    split worksheets based on dropdown

    Good morning, I have a report with 500 separate account results - these are currently set up as a self serve via a dropdown. What I want to do is create 500 separate split worksheets based on the dropdown choice. However I want each worksheet to display all the results /charts etc which are set...
  5. M

    How to reference a data validation answer in a cell in another sheet

    Hi, I am recieving a #VALUE ! error when trying to copy the result of a data validation drop down in another sheet and dont know why. e.g. In sheet 1 I have a a drop down box in a cell (A1) that has recent dates in. On sheet 2 I want the chosen date to show in a cell. I have put the formula...
  6. S

    Message to user of which to select in 3 different drop downs.

    Hello, I'm currently working on trying to have a warning box that indicated when the drop downs have not been selected, but I'm coming back with too many formulas for this one box. Currently I have: =IF(AND(B4="Choose Current Grade", B6="Choose Proposed Grade", B8="Select Geographic...
  7. A

    Dropdown list for the Item listed in the PivotTable Field List ?

    Hello everyone, I am almost done with a large dashboard for my company, and I feel a little lost on this final touch I want to add to it. I do not know how to attach a pic, but i will try to explain in a way that makes sense. In my Pivot table worksheet, i can get a slicer and be able to...
  8. D

    Seeking Cool Drop Down Box Design

    To Excel Giants Everywhere - Please help, I am familiar with the general options for drop down lists... i.e. format the cell to reference a list and then check one. Is there another solution where a user can check multiple options and then those options are stored in one cell? If so, is...
  9. M

    Drop down to generate list from table

    Hi I am looking to generate a list from a drop-down menu. On sheet 1 there is a table which lists “keywords” in column A and “policies” in row 1. Within the table “x” is marked where a keyword is found in a policy.</SPAN> On sheet 2 I have a drop down list with all the keywords and what I...
  10. B

    Code to find value based on dropdown selection

    Hope someone can help... I have a dropdown list of employee names to filter a matrix-style spreadsheet. On selection, all columns except the selected are hidden. My problem is that every time I add a new employee, I have to modify the code to match the name to a specific column. I need code...
  11. P

    Drop down boxes

    Hi All I have a list of industries which I would like to have as a drop down box, to restrict only the industries included in the list. I'm not sure how to do this. Any help please. Many thanks :confused:
  12. J

    Create table based off drop down box selection

    Hey All, Im trying to create a table based off values in another reference worksheet which will be generated from a value selected from a drop down box. The values in this newly generated table is then to have a dropdown box next to them in which W or L can be selected. the link below...
  13. W

    Using dropdown box to change data in spreadsheet

    I have a dropdown box which I want to use to populate data into about 10 different cells on the top of a spreadsheet. There is a lot more data on the spreadsheet that I do not want to change with the dropdown box, this data will also feed into other sheets in the workbook.
  14. B

    Checklist/Dropdown - Screenshot included!!

    Hi, I am researching companies and tracking my research using an excel spreadsheet. I've created a rubric rating a company 1-5 with 5 being the highest rated/i.e. best potential sale. Each of the following items is rewarded with one point for each of the following. 1. High need of paper...
  15. D

    Using two data validation lists to select element in array

    I am trying to use two seperate dropdown lists to select a specific value in a table of set values. The first drop down will select the row and the second will select one of two columns. I have the data validation lists ready to go but it looks like the main hangup I'm getting is having the...
  16. L

    How to automate data entry in a cell using Drop down menus ?

    Hello, Is it possible that selecting an item from drop down should enter certain text in a cell ? For example in cell "L7" there is a drop down with two items 1) pay due 2) Bill Selecting (pay due) should enter following text "Payments are due from the dealer, requires special attention."...
  17. S

    Autofill Drop Down Box

    Hi This is my first post. I'm wanting to know if there is a way to auto fill a drop down box. For example I have a drop down box in Cell A1 which has an input range of $E$1:$E$4 and a cell link to Cell A1. I now want to have another drop down box in Cell A2 with the same input range and but...
  18. F

    IF functions and drop down boxes

    Good morning Mr Excel, I am trying to create a formula that allows me to have different options populate a cell depending on the content of another cell. I think i have done this before but cant remember the finer points, =IF($C$7="Select Axle...
  19. A

    Combo Box Selection Populate Corresponding Cell

    Hello, I am attempting to use an ACTIVE X combo box. to deliver the desired function. What i would like to do, is make a selection from the drop down combo box, and depending on what i select, have it populate other fields. PLEASE HELP!!!
  20. andrewb90

    Issue with VBA

    Hello, I have this code: Code: Sub comments1() With ActiveSheet With .Rows("180:186") .Hidden = Not .Hidden End With With .DropDowns("Tag1_1") .Visible = Not .Visible End With With .DropDowns("Tag2_1") .Visible = Not .Visible End With End WithEnd...

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