dropdown list

  1. P

    Type of dynamic dropdown based on a validity column

    Im not sure if this type of dropdwn is actually called something else... Ive seen and have working other types of dynamic drop down, but I cant work out how to do what I want here. Im not even sure it can be done as all the other examples Ive seen required a active selection of a filter/choice...
  2. A

    Data Entry form with drop down menu

    I have a data entry form that works perfectly well, but I want to streamline the formatting and limit the data that can be entered with drop down menus. I've looked online but can't find something for a data entry form, and only a user form with a combo box. Is this the only way to have drop...
  3. B

    Google Sheets - Dropdown selection populates named range in the above cell

    How can I have a named range populate the above cell relative to the dropdown list, based on the dropdown lists selection? Say I have a dropdown list in D4 and the user selects the option 'apparel'. How can I make it so that D3 auto-populates with the named range apparel? The named range is 4...
  4. S

    Sum values based on their 'code'

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a way of adding a total value based on the selection of two different cells. These two cells have a drop down list, each of the options on that drop down list has a value: The first image shows the drop list on the cells, and the second is a different sheet with...
  5. tabbytomo

    Dependent dropdown list using numbers (dates) instead of letters

    Good afternoon everyone! I've got a weird one that I can't find anything for, nothing to even read up on so hoping one of you wizards can help! I'm simply wanting to make a dependent dropdown list where a date is chosen in one cell, then in the next cell a series of (numerical) values will be...
  6. R

    Is it possible to create a drop-down list with a custom, typeable response option?

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? This is my first time here, so please be gentle. No, but seriously, I need help. I want to know if it's possible to create a drop-down list that provides an option for someone to click and begin to type a custom response in the space. Thanks guys!
  7. S

    Drop down list selection to fill down results on multiple rows

    Hi! I've been breaking my head trying to figure out and or find an answer on how to use a drop down list (of names) to fill down a column with the results. More detail. Lets say I have multiple sheets, each with a name, an a list of objects they own like this: And on another sheet, I have a...
  8. H

    Need help with formula from dropdown list

    Hi, I have a dropdown list in cell A1/A2: A2 refund A3 no refund Now, refund/no refund have a value in I1/I2: I1 4000 I2 5000 I want to be able to multiple a quantity (it will be in cell B2) by the selection of the dropdown list, for instance: If i select refund, i want to...
  9. S

    Calculating figures based on dropdown selection help

    Hi Everyone, I am having real problems calculating values based on certain drop down selections I make. For example, for my business I am trying to calculate the spend per year by selecting a drop down and choosing the year I want to be calculated. I already have the spend data for all the...
  10. P

    Dependent dropdown lists

    Hi guys, I am trying to create a sort of flow chart using dependent dropdown lists. I have managed to get 3 dropdowns working, but I am struggling with the 4th dropdown. In this example: A2=ProductList B2=INDIRECT(VLOOKUP(A2,ProductLookup,2,0)&"List")...
  11. A

    VBA - Button to go a specific sheet depending on dropdown list

    Hey Guys, I'm quite a newbie on this. So, I need button when I click, it will go a specific worksheet (within same workbook) depending on a dropdown list. example: dropdown list say 'Freq Change' when I click the button, it goes to the 'Freq Change' sheet I will have multiple sheets like this...
  12. M

    Dropdown that stays updated and autopopulates two adjacent cells: staff role and pay rate

    Hello brilliant minds, I maintain a workbook with Tab 1 being a staff list with role/titles and pay rates, and I update this as rates change or people get hired/leave. Subsequent tabs are devoted to different grants, and I use the info from tab 1 to schedule hours for each grant-funded project...
  13. E

    VBA Code to change drop down list text

    Hey all! Hopefully I will find some help here. My excel sheet tracks different task items in rows and one column is to "Mark complete" as this is a shared file. I already created the dropdown using Data Validation with the Wingding 2 checkmark but I'd like the text in the dropdown list to read...
  14. T

    Concatenated cell to dropdown

    Is it possible to convert a cell with concatenated names (John,Peter,Mike,Philip) into a dropdown list: John Peter Mike Philip Thanks for helping out! Gr. Sander
  15. M

    Add Multi-select VBA to existing dropdown list

    I have a file with a worksheet that uses 8 separate dropdown lists. I need each dropdown field to allow multiple selections from the dropdown list and hold the selections in a separate cell. Example dropdown list in worksheet2/column T dropdown displayed in worksheet1/A65 dropdown...
  16. Martin_H

    VBA: Filter range by dropdown list selection + another criteria

    Morning all, I hope you all had a great weekend. This newly created thread follows this one. I wanted to filter the range D4:D590 by value selected from dropdown list located at the cell DK1, which has been solved by Fluff and fadee2. I used this code for it: Private Sub...
  17. K

    Excel Dropdown not visible when send to others

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Workbook 2016(.xlsm extension) with macros with Multiple Worksheets. I have Dropdowns in many cells with options to select the answer but I am facing issue that Dropdown list is not showing when I send this Excel Workbook to others. Also users are able to enter any...
  18. R

    Dropdown from list in different workbook

    Dear community, In Excel, I am building a small database with information on employees, clients, invoices, etc. I have a separate file with some macros that I use to generate invoices. There are 3 things that I would like to have, where the first is required and the other 2 are nice to have...
  19. O

    Students names ( on normal cells) changed automatically when i select a class from dropdown list.

    Students names ( on normal cells) changed automatically when i select a class from dropdown list : How can i do this via formulas or via vba? for example: "dropdown list " : [Class 6-1 Class 6-2 - Class 6-3 ] Student name 1...
  20. P

    Dropdown Menus (Display two columns, store only one)

    Good Morning, I hope that this finds you all well. I am working on a project where I want to create a drop down in the cells so that users only can select one value from a pre-defined list. What I would like to do if possible is since the value that will be stored is a code, in the menu I...
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