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  1. M

    Dropdown that stays updated and autopopulates two adjacent cells: staff role and pay rate

    Hello brilliant minds, I maintain a workbook with Tab 1 being a staff list with role/titles and pay rates, and I update this as rates change or people get hired/leave. Subsequent tabs are devoted to different grants, and I use the info from tab 1 to schedule hours for each grant-funded project...
  2. E

    VBA Code to change drop down list text

    Hey all! Hopefully I will find some help here. My excel sheet tracks different task items in rows and one column is to "Mark complete" as this is a shared file. I already created the dropdown using Data Validation with the Wingding 2 checkmark but I'd like the text in the dropdown list to read...
  3. T

    Concatenated cell to dropdown

    Is it possible to convert a cell with concatenated names (John,Peter,Mike,Philip) into a dropdown list: John Peter Mike Philip Thanks for helping out! Gr. Sander
  4. M

    Add Multi-select VBA to existing dropdown list

    I have a file with a worksheet that uses 8 separate dropdown lists. I need each dropdown field to allow multiple selections from the dropdown list and hold the selections in a separate cell. Example dropdown list in worksheet2/column T dropdown displayed in worksheet1/A65 dropdown...
  5. M

    VBA: Filter range by dropdown list selection + another criteria

    Morning all, I hope you all had a great weekend. This newly created thread follows this one. I wanted to filter the range D4:D590 by value selected from dropdown list located at the cell DK1, which has been solved by Fluff and fadee2. I used this code for it: Private Sub...
  6. K

    Excel Dropdown not visible when send to others

    Hi Everyone, I have an Excel Workbook 2016(.xlsm extension) with macros with Multiple Worksheets. I have Dropdowns in many cells with options to select the answer but I am facing issue that Dropdown list is not showing when I send this Excel Workbook to others. Also users are able to enter any...
  7. R

    Dropdown from list in different workbook

    Dear community, In Excel, I am building a small database with information on employees, clients, invoices, etc. I have a separate file with some macros that I use to generate invoices. There are 3 things that I would like to have, where the first is required and the other 2 are nice to have...
  8. O

    Students names ( on normal cells) changed automatically when i select a class from dropdown list.

    Students names ( on normal cells) changed automatically when i select a class from dropdown list : How can i do this via formulas or via vba? for example: "dropdown list " : [Class 6-1 Class 6-2 - Class 6-3 ] Student name 1...
  9. P

    Dropdown Menus (Display two columns, store only one)

    Good Morning, I hope that this finds you all well. I am working on a project where I want to create a drop down in the cells so that users only can select one value from a pre-defined list. What I would like to do if possible is since the value that will be stored is a code, in the menu I...
  10. M

    Find max value

    Hi everyone, I am trying to build a formula, but no luck. In the yellow cell (N5) I have a drop-down list of months that I can choose from. Currently, month "feb" is chosen. Now, I would like to get max value from the table below, from row coresponding to month "feb", so in this case from...
  11. A

    Selecting a dynamic drop down list on a web page using VBA

    I am trying to automate data download from FFIEC website using VBA. I am not able to make a selection in the dropdown list "Reporting Period End Date or Year" on the webpage using the following code. The dropdown list gets updated based on selection you make on the ListBox1 above it. Would...
  12. A

    Create Dependent Lists with Auto-Refresh/Update

    Hi All, I want to create many dependent drop list (more than 100) that auto refresh when the source list changes. I am able to auto update the list using data validation and by changing the source list using named ranges but the selected item doesn't change unless I re-select the data...
  13. S

    Change the Size of the Drop down list width with VBA

    I have an excel sheet that 6 columns have data validation, (drop down list), i want the width of the drop down list to expand when is selected the following VBa code worked for me but is only for one column is there any way to do it for 6 columns the VBA code is the following Private Sub...
  14. B

    Dependent dropdownlist on Excel table with subheaders

    Hello everybody! This is my first time posting a thread and I really hope someone here can help me quick enough. I have the following "table" (in quotes bc I couldn't format as an actual Excel table) that brings 3 identical subheaders categories (ADDRESS, EMPLOYEES and EMPLOEMAILS) to each...
  15. P

    VBA code to reset drop down list

    Hello. I am in need of some help here. I have 2 drop down lists on my spreadsheet. what I need is so when I select an entry in drop down list #1 for the other drop down list #2 to clear. Vice Versa I also need the same code to clear drop down list #1 when drop down list #2 options is...
  16. L

    Copy formatting from a Range to a Cell via Drop-down list

    Hello Guys, I've been browsing for a while now and can't make it work. I've seen all the steps i need made on different threads but i can't join them due my lack of VBA syntax knowledge. Therefore I'm looking for help in the forum that helped me the most!! I have a user colored dynamic range...
  17. A

    Check Box in Drop down list

    Hi all, I'm in need of a Check Box in Drop down list for multiple selection. The code which i had is given below. The disadvantages of the given code was duplication and unable to edit the selection. Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range) Dim Oldvalue As String Dim Newvalue As...
  18. J

    " Drop Down Lists in one worksheet - adding separate macros to each

    Hi there, I know very little about VBA, only starting using it this week by copying from Google, so my understanding of it is very small. I've been searching the net for a solution to my problem, however given my lack of understanding of VBA, have not been able to decipher solutions on Google...
  19. G

    Automatically add line to formula

    I don't know if this is possible but here it is: I have a sheet that I use to display an overview of competitors. The information on the sheet shows one competitor at a time based off of a data validation dropdown list of values. When the dropdown list is changed, the cells on the sheet change...
  20. D

    Drop Down Menu Help!

    Hello, I am sure this is a quick fix but for the life me I can't work it out! I am creating a planner with all months going along Row 1. I want to create a drop down so when I select e.g. March it will take me to the month March on my spreadsheet. It is going to be a rather long spreadsheet...

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