dropdown list

  1. P

    How to get Multiple Vlookup values in to Dropdown list

    Dear All, I am trying to enter employees bank loan interest recover detailes in excel sheet ("3-2 Reimbursment" Sheet). For this purpose i use two sheets, one "3-2 Reimbursment" , other "Loan Details". in Account Details sheet, there are many emloyees details and some amployees may have more...
  2. W

    Dynamic dropdown list based on database

    Hi all. I have a sheet with selection options in database format: Tag Value A 123 A 234 A 321 B 12 B 34 C 1 On a second sheet I want the cells to have a dropdown list based on the filtered value of the database. The value which should be filtered on is in the header row, e.g...
  3. Y

    How to select Gender from Dropdown list using Excel VBA?

    I'm stuck with how to select the Gender (Male / Female) from a dropdown list in a Website. My current script works, apart for the gender part: Sub MERF() Dim IE As Object Dim doc As HTMLDocument Set IE = CreateObject("InternetExplorer.Application") IE.Visible = True IE.navigate...
  4. N

    Set back Dropdown selection in one dropdown after the selection in an other dropdown has been changed

    Hello, so first of all - this is not about dependent dropdown lists - The dropdown lists in my excel file are already dependent from each other. What I would like to know if it's possible to automatically change what is set in one dropdown when changing something in an other one. I do have a...
  5. R

    Help with worksheet_change

    I am trying to display a msgbox if a user selects certain options in a dropdown box. Here's the scenario. This is for a scheduling assistant I am building. Daily schedules have several cells with a dropdown lists that refer to the entire staff. I know the staff's availability, so I have...
  6. A

    Drop down list + test value

    Hi all. I need your help for the below case. I have C20 and D20. C20: will contains multiple values based on the user selection. C23: based on C20 value, I need to reflect a specific value in cell D20 as follows: 1. If C20 contains ( Screen) or (Mouse), I want D20 to show dropdown list contains...
  7. K

    Data validation - prevent duplicates

    Hi I have a dropdown list I created using the data validation option based on list I have in another sheet. I was wondering if I could also prevent users from selecting a duplicate value from the dropdown list within the same cells.
  8. S

    VBA_change array to Range

    Hi, can anyone please update the code below? It is for dropdown menu, which cannot be overwritten with copy+paste. This works perfectly, but sometimes the list is too long (over 255 characters) and once I close and open the file it is showing errors. I found the solution and it needs to be done...
  9. J

    Selected Dropdown List Values all Displayed in UPPERCASE

    Good Day Everyone, I have a Bit of a Funny Issue that I'm not Sure what could be Causing it, as it Only Happens to One User while the Rest is Fine. I have a Template that is Used by 5 Data Captures in the Company, Very Simple, on Sheet One(Data) I have the Data Range to be Used in the Dropdown...
  10. E

    How to add different (hours/minutes) to a cell when choosing an item from the dropdown list

    ok, so it basically comes down to making an excel sheet with the hours/minutes spend cleaning machines. I've made a dropdown list in excel "B2" with 5 items (machines) Cell B2 = (dropdown list) machine 1, machine 2, machine 3, machine 4, machine 5. Cell B5 = contains the Start (at what time...
  11. B

    Check Manually Inputted Text in Cell Range Contains Text from Several Validation Dropdown Lists

    I have manual inputted text strings in cell ranges: B104:B125 B132:B175 There are validation dropdown Lists located in the following ranges: B200:B212 D200:D212 B221:B231 D221:D231 The drop down lists could be 1 text string in 1 cell or 1 text string in every cell in the specified ranges...
  12. S

    Toggle Button caption dynamicly changed

    In my project I have activx toggle button. To this button I have this VBA code: Private Sub ToggleButton1_Click() Dim xAddress As String xAddress = "G" If ToggleButton1.Value Then Application.ActiveSheet.Columns(xAddress).Hidden = True ToggleButton1.Caption = "Pokaži...
  13. R

    How to get dynamic Dropdowns based on the header cell such that the dropdown options are from range, named header cell, in another Source Workbook?

    Hello everyone, I am struck with this problem since yesterday and have been unable to find any solution despite all the web searches. Please help me if it is indeed possible. To better explain the situation: We have multiple templates for different product types (400+). We share these files...
  14. A

    Create link based on other data from columns

    Hello, I am trying to have excel create a tracking link based on which carrier an employee selects in Column G and the tracking # in Column H. Since each carrier tracking has similar link formatting, I would copy their link, but just need to change the tracking # part of it ... for example...
  15. P

    Type of dynamic dropdown based on a validity column

    Im not sure if this type of dropdwn is actually called something else... Ive seen and have working other types of dynamic drop down, but I cant work out how to do what I want here. Im not even sure it can be done as all the other examples Ive seen required a active selection of a filter/choice...
  16. A

    Data Entry form with drop down menu

    I have a data entry form that works perfectly well, but I want to streamline the formatting and limit the data that can be entered with drop down menus. I've looked online but can't find something for a data entry form, and only a user form with a combo box. Is this the only way to have drop...
  17. B

    Google Sheets - Dropdown selection populates named range in the above cell

    How can I have a named range populate the above cell relative to the dropdown list, based on the dropdown lists selection? Say I have a dropdown list in D4 and the user selects the option 'apparel'. How can I make it so that D3 auto-populates with the named range apparel? The named range is 4...
  18. S

    Sum values based on their 'code'

    Hi all, I'm trying to find a way of adding a total value based on the selection of two different cells. These two cells have a drop down list, each of the options on that drop down list has a value: The first image shows the drop list on the cells, and the second is a different sheet with...
  19. tabbytomo

    Dependent dropdown list using numbers (dates) instead of letters

    Good afternoon everyone! I've got a weird one that I can't find anything for, nothing to even read up on so hoping one of you wizards can help! I'm simply wanting to make a dependent dropdown list where a date is chosen in one cell, then in the next cell a series of (numerical) values will be...
  20. R

    Is it possible to create a drop-down list with a custom, typeable response option?

    Hey everyone, how are you all doing? This is my first time here, so please be gentle. No, but seriously, I need help. I want to know if it's possible to create a drop-down list that provides an option for someone to click and begin to type a custom response in the space. Thanks guys!

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