1. T

    Dynamic/dependent Dropdown inline tables (de-normalized source)

    Dear MrExcel-Community, once again an dependent dropdown question, but I haven't seen a solution (no VBA) for my problem. I've seen a couple of approaches putting values into separate ranges and refering then with INDIRET in data validation, but vor some reason I require the format you see in...
  2. MDHolmes

    Populating a wage based on a drop-down list

    I'm pretty much self-taught on Excel, and I'm really having trouble with this... I have two worksheets in my spreadsheet, the first is Labour Tracking, the second Data. My Data worksheet has a list of seven employees in Column A and their corresponding wage in Column B. The number of...
  3. G

    dropdown list based on filter function result

    Hi, I am trying to create a dropdown list based on the results from a filter function. Here's an example : I used Filter function (in B1) to get the results containing the word rose from column D. However this fills the cells B1 to B3, instead I would like to get a dropdown menu. I used...
  4. Akuini

    Macro to create searchable data validation+combobox

    Excel doesn't provide a built-in way to search data validation list. So it could be hard to scroll through the list when the list is long. This searchable data validation+combobox is a way to deal with that problem. It has these behavior: 1. The combobox can appear and hide by certain action e.g...
  5. Akuini

    3 or More Dependent Data Validation, with VBA, easy to set up

    I want to share a macro to set up multi dependent data validation with vba. Some versions of dependent data validation use formulas to set them up, usually with indirect functions. For 2 or 3 dependent data validation & small data set, it's pretty easy to set it up, but for more than 3, it might...
  6. E

    VBA drop down changes

    Hi Guys, I have a drop down list from cells B7:D7, which are dependent and the output is generated in cells B9,B12 & D12. I want somehow for the output results cells (B9,B12 & D12) to become blank if any of the drop downs value changes via VBA. is it possible to do that? Thanks!
  7. D

    Sum Range using a drop down menu

    I'm having a problem using the sumif formula with a drop down menu selection. I can easily get the cell value based on the drop down selection however I cannot sum the range of the cells. The Day range would be the drop down containing the last 7 days, the last 15 days, the last 30 days etc...
  8. A

    Create Drop Down Menu of Distinct Dates

    Hello, I have a column containing timestamps. I would like to create a drop down menu in another cell that contains a list of the the distinct month/year combinations in the timestamp column. I know how to copy the distinct values to another column and then create a Validation cell from those...
  9. L

    Force user to enter data on adjacent column if option from list is selected

    Hi all, I have a dropdown list on column AY with 'In-Scope' & 'Removed' as the options. If a user selects 'Removed' I wanted to force them to enter free text in column AZ to explain why they selected 'Removed'. Is there any way to do this? The file is also shared. Many thanks
  10. C

    Searchable drop down list

    HI All, I found some VBA which created a searchable drop-down menu after double-clicking which worked perfectly fine however now when I use it the drop-down appears I then select the entry and then rather than populating the cell it goes totally blank. Please can someone help me. I have no idea...
  11. R

    Dropdown from list in different workbook

    Dear community, In Excel, I am building a small database with information on employees, clients, invoices, etc. I have a separate file with some macros that I use to generate invoices. There are 3 things that I would like to have, where the first is required and the other 2 are nice to have...
  12. D

    Macro to utilize drop-down

    Hi everyone, I have a macro which edits and populates a template (which has other macros in it) and I need to populate a drop-down value for the month. The value is a numerical value of the current month, so I entered a code which would go to the cell "A15" and populate with the numerical value...
  13. L

    drop down filter in Excel

    I'm using a standard filter on a run-of-the-mill spreadsheet. I pressed a shortcut key by accident and now my drop down list has moved to the right, almost as if it's right-aligned. This is just an example to illustrate the position of the drop down box. How do I get it back to normal? Thanks
  14. D

    Dropdown List to automatically enter work shift

    Hi there, I'm new to VBA and Excel. I'm trying to write formula or VBA code to be able to get EXCEL to automatically enter WORK SHIFT based on time when data was selected from dropdown list. I have created dropdown list but now I want EXCEL to enter WORK SHIFT automatically when I select any...
  15. M

    Drop down select

    HI Click on the highlighted value in the drop down and help getting the new window <table class="adjustHtmlDropDownWrapper" width="185" height="17" border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"> <tbody><tr> <td valign="top" align="left"> <script type="text/javascript"> var MENU_ITEMS...
  16. F

    Looking for specific data in two columns to put in 2 text options

    Hi all, Explaining situation: i have document with two tabs, one tab has data that will sometimes need yes selected from a drop down on two different columns (BB and BC) and sometime yes won't be picked at all in my other tab i have one column and i want it to look to those two columns and if...
  17. B

    Create blank cells from drop down menu

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a diet plan as i go through the weeks and I would like to stick to one table where if I select the next week, all the cells would go blank and if I switch back to the previous week. I have my data still there. I would like to create a drop down menu of weeks where...
  18. R

    Disable enable drop down based on another drop down

    Hello Everyone, I have three drop down at A1 B1 and C1 A1 has value, Apple, Boy and Cat i want if A1 has apple, B1 drop down enable and C1 should disable if A1 has Boy then B1 = disable and C1 = enable if A1 has cat then B1 and C1 should enable Please help.
  19. B

    Macro To Change Drop Down Company Name and Save as PDF

    Hello All, Trying to work out a process to automatically save chargeback detail for a group of vendors based on a drop down filter. It is based on drop down filter because one vendor can return up to 500 lines. At every change in vendor, save what is visibly showing as a PDF. Sometimes what...
  20. Thumper007

    Formatting on a list Dropdown

    Good Afternoon all, I have a list that contains 3 options. Watch option is a statement. I want to highlight a specific word in each statement and then on another tab, be able to select the statement from a dropdown and have the statement come over with the word still highlighted. Is this possible?
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