due date

  1. J

    Counting Past Due Reports however with certain Exclusions

    Hi, My first post here however lurker for several weeks, while pulling my hair on a stuck Excel spreadsheet. How do I count how many submissions are past due date to today's date, while excluding actual submission dates (submitted means no longer overdue), for Purchase Order M-54210 only...
  2. D

    Gradient conditional formatting for due dates?

    Hello, I'm trying to conditionally format a column that's filled with due dates. I'd like it to to be conditionally formatted with a 3-color gradient starting at yellow, moving to orange, and finally to red. I'd like the fill to begin with yellow when the due date in the cell is about 10 days...
  3. R

    Command button to send/display email to corresponding email address if condition is met

    Hello VBA experts, I have a spreadsheet that I would like to add a command button to that would populate an email to the corresponding email address, but only if a condition is met (an upcoming due date). I have tried several versions of code, but none have worked so far and I'm also a beginner...
  4. E

    Highlight Blank Cells Based on a Date in a Different Column

    I have a spreadsheet which has due date in column AB, and a completed date in column AC. If today's date is = to AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn orange. If today's date is +1 day greater than AB and AC is blank, I'd like AC to turn red. If a date is entered in AC which is either equal...
  5. S

    Due Date, Finish Date

    Hi :) I have a question concerning due dates and finished dates. How would I format the two columns to where if it is complete, the red format I have set up for "expiring soon" goes away? If the order is complete, I'd like for the conditional formatting to correspond. Due date is column D, and...
  6. D

    Expired Due Date

    I am drawing a blank...I want to take TODAY() date and compare it to a DUE Date and see if it is over due or not. I know this formula is probably simple. Example todays date is 10 May 2018: Book "A" is due 30 May 2018 = FALSE Book "B" is due 03 MAY 2018 = TRUE Book "C" is due 28 FEB 2017 =...
  7. F

    Calculate Overun Date

    Hi there clever people, I am really hoping someone out there can help me out, I have been struggling with this for a while now. Here goes :) I have a list of tasks my team needs to carry out on a regular basis. I need to work out the due date for an task to next be carried out based on the...
  8. M

    Automatic email on set date, referencing another cell for email address

    Hi All, Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. I have quite a large spreadsheet. I want to set up an auto email reminder (using outlook) so I can go back and check on the status of certain files I keep track of. I have a userform that fills out certain information and on this I have...
  9. D

    Due date "IF" formula Format

    I have a spreadsheet that has multiple "due" dates. I would like to highlight either the cell or at least the text to a color IF the maintenance due date is within 7 days of current date. In a nutshell a widget may require different types of maintenance for various frequencies. (most commonly...
  10. M

    Use today's Date to find a due date that is 30 days out and copy rows to sheet.

    I found that someone else had posted the core of this code to do something similar to what I am trying to do. The issue that I am having is that when the spreadsheet opens it does not get the rows that have items that are due. If i run the macro once the sheet is open it does not bring the...
  11. H

    Formula to forecast bill payment dates based on bi-weekly pay-checks.

    Hi, I am working on a spreadsheet (attached) that will automatically add the bill amount due for the appropriate (rows) to the appropriate (column) of the bi-weekly pay-date. I have the formulas added already to calculate the bi-weekly paydate. I also started adding formulas to insert the...
  12. J

    Formula to auto-update a due date of a recurring bill

    Excel 2007 Windows 7 I'm making a budget in Excel (and also making use of macros) One section allows the user to enter "non-weekly" bills - bills/expenses that occur regularly but NOT on a weekly basis, for example, electricity bill which is billed (in Western Australia) every 3 months. Upon...
  13. P

    how to use advanced filter on multiple data?

    Hi guys. I have Excel 2003. I am working on a problem. I have multiple sheets for various purposes of my customers with all various columns. However i require to have a master sheet which gives me the due dates customer wise in one place. i.e it selects the customer, the worksheet purpose (say...
  14. G

    Conditional Formatting - Due Date Within 3 Days and Not Processed

    Hi Everyone, I'm stumped on a certain conditional formatting that I need for a MS Excel 2003 document that I'm working on. Basically in column A I have a list of due dates that I want to turn red when today's date is within 3 days (prior not post) of that date. Another twist on this that I...
  15. T

    Highlighting Due Dates

    Hi, I am trying to highlight due dates on a spreadsheet, but am confused as to how to use the TODAY function along with the conditional formatting (if that is even the most appropriate action). If the Expected Completion Date (E) surpasses the Due Date (D) or TODAY, I would like Column G to say...
  16. O

    Function behaves differently in two PCs

    I have a table with projects. The start date is in cell A5 and the due date in cell D5. I need to know if the dates were entered correctly, and if so how many days remain to the due date (or how many have passed since it). I have this function (which usually works well): [CODE]...
  17. A

    Due Date

    Hi I need to set up a due date; the due date is a weekday on the last day of the current month, if its a weekend (Sat, Sun, or Holiday), it will due the next weekday of the next month. I don't want to use a macro, is there any way to do this using formula? Thanks, Ash
  18. C

    calculating dates...

    Hi Everyone, Is it possible to calculate dates based on information from more than one cell? In this case, I would like to calculate a due date 90 days after a date entered in cell E2, if the date is before the date in cell F2. Essentially, if someone is part of the data, their enrollment and...
  19. B

    Due date conditional format

    I've scoured the board and didn't find a formula that specifically matched (or that I could modify to get it to work) so here is my question... I have a column with due dates. I want them to highlight as red if they are due within the next 5 days. I know how to use conditional formatting, I'm...
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