duplicate values

  1. H

    Help with schedule, new excel user

    I'm looking to have row A highlight certain cells when a duplicate value is added into row I. Attached is what it looks like now I have taken off the date, I'm looking to learn excel better so if someone could post a formula that would do so and explain the values in the formula and what they do...
  2. H

    Help with a scheduling system

    Hello, I'm looking for a formula that would turn a cell a certain color (the intricate part is I need it to read a code from another formula where the name that will be placed which will be in a different spot everyday will look up a certain code like AA. If the name does not have an AA beside...
  3. K

    Data validation - prevent duplicates

    Hi I have a dropdown list I created using the data validation option based on list I have in another sheet. I was wondering if I could also prevent users from selecting a duplicate value from the dropdown list within the same cells.
  4. J

    VBA to Sum and Delete Duplicate Values

    Hi All! I am trying to figure out a way to sum only the values in column B based on all duplicates from column A, then delete all duplicate rows, while retaining rows that do not have a duplicate. What I initially came up with was from another thread, but after modifying the code, it still...
  5. Z

    Xlookup help

    Hi, I have below table that has duplicate values for each EEID and what I need is to map those EEID to another table that has business and home for each EEID, when I use the xlookup the formula brings one the first value, as you see in below table and what I need is to get the expected result...
  6. E

    Comparing two comma-delimited lists and getting unique values

    Hello! A set of data was gathered where it consists of name of certifications and those who have completed such certifications. Required certifications (certs to shorten) needs to have a 'Yes' filled out . What I'm trying to figure out is returning a list of what certs that are required against...
  7. P

    Conditional formatting, Duplicate values

    Hello all, I have a little problem highlighting the duplicate values. I have a column that uses vlookup, when it doesn’t find a value, it outputs “”. But every cell that outputs this, is now a duplicate but that’s not what I’m looking for. Is there a solution where the “empty” cells don’t get...
  8. M

    Monthly Report to find duplicates and update

    I need a formula to find and update all the duplicate entries below the original entries in the Detailed Report Sheet as shown in the picture below. I have monthly sales which is a repeating items and at end of the month I need to populate 1 single report which can show in the first duplicate...
  9. I

    Copy and paste VBA code including duplicate values

    Hi. So I have two workbooks here. I have attached screenshots of both. One is Pickorder. Column A lists the dispatch times. Column B has route codes. Column D has the dispatch areas. Column E has the dsp taking the route. For example, CX19 dispatches at 6:15:00, at STG.A01 for HIQL. I then have...
  10. J

    Highlight duplicate cells in a named range with conditional formatting

    Excel 2018 conditional formatting for duplicates is limited to the number of rows at the time the conditional formatting is applied, whether by a formula (such as COUNTIF) or by selection of the highlight duplicates rule. Using a named range in a formula simply reverts to the actual cells within...
  11. C

    choose random numbers from list excluding some, or automatically refresh formula until results ok

    Hi, I have a list of 20 values in excel. I want to pick four by a certain rule, which I have figured out. Now I want to pick 6 randomly from the remaining 16. I used 'randbetween' for the whole range of values (since I won't know ahead of time which 4 will be picked by the rules) along with a...
  12. C

    Conditional formating maybe? (Stuck)

    Hey there guys (And Girls), I have a problem i just can't solve, ok here it is i have 2 sheets within my document that will have a VERY similar list in them. i would really like to see if i am putting in duplicates in either list without having to jump back and forth. I was personally thinking...
  13. L

    VLOOKUP and IF Formula to look up duplicate values only once

    Hi All, May I please seek your help? I'm trying to vlookup Balance OED as of 31/07/2018 for each account, sample table below, on a separate sheet. However, multiple lines for each account may have the same Balance EOD and I'd like to look it up only once. I have tried to use this formula...
  14. M

    Conditional format checking duplicate values across multiple columns

    Hi, Can somebody please lend their knowledge to help me fix a small issue. I have two columns of GPS coordinates values. I need a conditional format to check a couple of thousand numbers to know whether their are any duplicate coordinates. For the values to be duplicates they have to be...
  15. O

    SUMIFS with duplicated column names

    Hi there, Please see the attached Sample on dropbox link. I have a Master sheet that I want to track the total of events that occur each week for a sports team. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpsxrh3couwu2lh/Sample.xlsx?dl=0 On the Engine sheet this will track the possible events each week and...
  16. B

    Rank function

    Hi, I'm using the RANK function with COUNTIF to uniquely rank all values within a range (=RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$11,0)+COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)-1). The removing duplicates is working great for most of my values, but I've currently got two values of exactly 7.5% (I've checked using a =A1=A2 style test)...
  17. FrumpyJones

    Automatically color rows based on matching values (with separate colors for each match)

    Hi Everyone, I am getting an output that looks like this: 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 2/21/2017 1130300368 2/21/2017...
  18. D

    Formula: Need to select a duplicate occurrence based upon other row values

    I need a formula to identify or select a single occurrence of a duplicate value based upon values in other columns of each row. For instance, in the table below, I would want to select the instance in A4- where none of the other row values were blank. Any advice is appreciated. <tbody> A B...
  19. T

    Merging duplicate values and totalling the data from within those rows

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with just three columns but after using the Conditional Formatting to highlight duplicate values from column A (Name) there are duplicates present as per the first table below. I need to get to a stage as per the second example whereby the duplicate Names have been...
  20. D

    Remove non exact duplicate values

    Hello all, I'm look for a way to remove duplicate values that are not an exact match. The processes from everywhere I look seem to not work. Example: Original values: Wal-mart #2501 Wal-mart #2600 Wal-mart #5164 Change to new value: Walmart Thanks for any and all help

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