duplicate values

  1. J

    Highlight duplicate cells in a named range with conditional formatting

    Excel 2018 conditional formatting for duplicates is limited to the number of rows at the time the conditional formatting is applied, whether by a formula (such as COUNTIF) or by selection of the highlight duplicates rule. Using a named range in a formula simply reverts to the actual cells within...
  2. C

    choose random numbers from list excluding some, or automatically refresh formula until results ok

    Hi, I have a list of 20 values in excel. I want to pick four by a certain rule, which I have figured out. Now I want to pick 6 randomly from the remaining 16. I used 'randbetween' for the whole range of values (since I won't know ahead of time which 4 will be picked by the rules) along with a...
  3. C

    Conditional formating maybe? (Stuck)

    Hey there guys (And Girls), I have a problem i just can't solve, ok here it is i have 2 sheets within my document that will have a VERY similar list in them. i would really like to see if i am putting in duplicates in either list without having to jump back and forth. I was personally thinking...
  4. L

    VLOOKUP and IF Formula to look up duplicate values only once

    Hi All, May I please seek your help? I'm trying to vlookup Balance OED as of 31/07/2018 for each account, sample table below, on a separate sheet. However, multiple lines for each account may have the same Balance EOD and I'd like to look it up only once. I have tried to use this formula...
  5. M

    Conditional format checking duplicate values across multiple columns

    Hi, Can somebody please lend their knowledge to help me fix a small issue. I have two columns of GPS coordinates values. I need a conditional format to check a couple of thousand numbers to know whether their are any duplicate coordinates. For the values to be duplicates they have to be...
  6. O

    SUMIFS with duplicated column names

    Hi there, Please see the attached Sample on dropbox link. I have a Master sheet that I want to track the total of events that occur each week for a sports team. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mpsxrh3couwu2lh/Sample.xlsx?dl=0 On the Engine sheet this will track the possible events each week and...
  7. B

    Rank function

    Hi, I'm using the RANK function with COUNTIF to uniquely rank all values within a range (=RANK(A2,$A$2:$A$11,0)+COUNTIF($A$2:A2,A2)-1). The removing duplicates is working great for most of my values, but I've currently got two values of exactly 7.5% (I've checked using a =A1=A2 style test)...
  8. FrumpyJones

    Automatically color rows based on matching values (with separate colors for each match)

    Hi Everyone, I am getting an output that looks like this: 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/21/2017 1131312865 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 8/7/2017 1131221294 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 3/28/2017 1160019485 2/21/2017 1130300368 2/21/2017...
  9. D

    Formula: Need to select a duplicate occurrence based upon other row values

    I need a formula to identify or select a single occurrence of a duplicate value based upon values in other columns of each row. For instance, in the table below, I would want to select the instance in A4- where none of the other row values were blank. Any advice is appreciated. <tbody> A B...
  10. T

    Merging duplicate values and totalling the data from within those rows

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet with just three columns but after using the Conditional Formatting to highlight duplicate values from column A (Name) there are duplicates present as per the first table below. I need to get to a stage as per the second example whereby the duplicate Names have been...
  11. D

    Remove non exact duplicate values

    Hello all, I'm look for a way to remove duplicate values that are not an exact match. The processes from everywhere I look seem to not work. Example: Original values: Wal-mart #2501 Wal-mart #2600 Wal-mart #5164 Change to new value: Walmart Thanks for any and all help
  12. S

    Count of duplicate values in a column between a date range

    I have 2 columns: 1st column contains dates and 2nd column contains Names. I need to count the number of duplicate entries between a date range. thanks,
  13. D

    INDEX & MATCH Issue with Duplicate Entries

    Hi, Apologies for posting another Index/Match thread, but I think I've been through them all now and I'm still struggling. Index/Match is my Achilles Heel so apologies if this is straightforward. I have a summary tab displaying stats on various sites (each site has its own tab). An example of...
  14. J

    highlight consecutive duplicates only if they repeat a specific number of times

    Is there a way to count only when the data repeats a certain number of times in a row? For example, I need a formula to highlight cells only if the duplicate value occurs 30 or more times consecutively. I have been using either "=COUNTIF(A1:A3,A2)>1" or "=OR(A2=A1,A2=A3)" in conditional...
  15. L

    Creating a List From the Unique Data of Two Separate Rows.

    I am attempting to create a list from the unique data of 2 row. I have tried VLOOKUP, MATCH, and PivotTables and couldn't find what I'm looking for, I am still new to Excel and its various functions. An example of what I'm trying to accomplish is: In A1 to A5 we have: a,b,c,d,e and in B1 to...
  16. R

    Case Sensitive Duplicate Values

    Hi everyone! Does anyone know how to find case sensitive duplicate values (0001678bv5 and 0001678bV5 are NOT duplicates) in Excel? I don't want to delete these values, I only want them highlighted. I found a formula to input in the conditional formatting tool, but I must be missing something...
  17. D

    sum of values based upon duplicate values in adjacent cell

    Hi all. I am building a spreadsheet to calculate to total value of items that have been assigned a specific code. I want to be able to sum the cells in (for example) column D that have the same code in column A. I'm thinking maybe SUMIF would work but I'm a little stumped. Thanks
  18. T

    Duplicate Values Help

    I am trying to highlight values that only appear twice in a data set, but not ones that appear 3 or more, is there a way to do this, and also change it to highlight ones that only appear 3 times, etc.?
  19. W

    Duplicate Values ???

    I have 12 tables (specific years( 2006, 2007, 2008..)) and within each year table there are 2 columns containing Part number & VSC. I am trying to gather every part number and its corresponding VSC from each of the tables without any duplicates. Not sure if query or script will work best. Any ideas?
  20. N

    Index, Match and return sum of the matched values

    Hi there - I am hoping someone can help me with my first post on any forum.:) I have a set of data where there are duplicate occurrences of the same person. Each duplicate person has other attributes which make the data unique which is used in another report and I used 'Index, Match' to return...

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