1. M

    Creating Duplicate Rows Out of pivot with two extra columns

    Hi everyone, I have a data set that is updated on regular basis by multiple users. Hence, the number of rows of this data set keeps on changing. However, the number of columns remain the same. The data set looks like following...
  2. M

    Function Not Working - Sort & Remove Duplicates by Creating New Array

    I am not well versed in VBA and have no idea where to start finding the issue here. I need to write a function that will take a 1 dimensional array as an input and spit out a new array with all the values sorted alphabetically and duplicates removed. This input "SourceList" column has text...
  3. M

    How many instances of a column with duplicated values

    Hello all, I have been struggling with this one and couldnt find answers on google! Though am sure the answer is fairly easy. So i have a list of duplicate values in a column as below. A A A B B C I need an excel formula (non vba) which results "3". Because we have only A, B and C regardless...
  4. moonsugar

    Could I have some help with this project? Repeat a set of cells down the length of a column

    Hi there! I've been using Google Sheets for some years, and have just come back to Excel for the first time since 2007. I've just spent perhaps the better part of an hour trying to search for what I'm trying to accomplish, with no luck. Somehow I've managed to do it before a few times, but I...
  5. R

    Index Match with duplicates

    Hi, I have a pivot table which lists football teams down column A (home team) and across row 2 (away team). The values in the pivot table are the game week that the fixtures will be played. From this, I've been able to create an Index Match which summaries the fixtures almost as required. The...
  6. E

    Sum and remove duplicate rows

    Hi, i wrote a macro that will Sum and Delete duplicate rows. The code works fine, however it seems to me that i wrote to much code for a simple task. Can you sugest a simpler approach please? Thanks. Option Explicit Sub test() Dim lrow As Long, k As Long, i As Long, q As Long...
  7. L

    Duplicate Timestamps & Creation of Unique Reference Number based on Loads

    Good Afternoon, I am having some issues with a dataset that came from an outdated system our business used before I joined, they had recently moved to a new system when I joined and now I can see why! The data below relates to Customer Journeys, which lack a vehicle identifiable field (which...
  8. L

    VBA to update one sheet from data stored in another workbook

    Hello there! How are you? I hope you can help me. I'm new in VBA and I have an issue I can't resolve. I'll try to explain what I need. I have Workbook A and Workbook B. Data in Workbook A is updated by clicking a button. It takes information from another Workbook B that is generated by an...
  9. Z

    CountIF - remove duplicates

    I have a spreadsheet that tells me customers that have been referred to my business eg. Customers referred via route A, B, C, D. Aswell as the nunber of referrals via each route I'd like to count the number of customers. Eg, I may have 20 referrals via route A but 1 customer has been referred 8...
  10. apgmin

    list and count unique Excel 2013

    In column A, I have a list of values from A2-A503, I fill these cells In column B from Column B2 onwards I want to list the unique values from column A ( A2-A503 ) In column C from Column C2 onwards I want the nos. of repetitions of the unique values listed from B2 onwards PLEASE SEE THE...
  11. B

    Highlight Duplicates, but only if less than 24 hours old

    Good day! I'm running a simple spreadsheet: -ColumnA: string input by user -ColumnB: timestamp of when string was input (=IF(A2<>"", NOW(), "") What I'm trying to do is have conditional formatting highlight duplicate values in Column A, but only if the timestamp is less than 24 hours old. I...
  12. P

    Match Text string and Remove Duplicates

    I thank each and every Mr. Excel forum members who are helping hundreds of Productivity Issues daily. I am looking for a solution to remove similar duplicates by identifying the Pattern which every text ends with a Number. Based on Column A (primary key) - the macro should run on column B...
  13. S

    Find duplicates in column, then automatically deletes duplicates

    Hi All, I'm a beginner in terms of VBA and so I need help in finding duplicate data in columns then automatically deletes or selects them for deletion. Here's a macro VBA code I found on the internet but it only displays the word "duplicate" in another column. - Sub sbFindDuplicatesInColumn()...
  14. S

    VBA for finding duplicates values in a column and automatically selects it

    My problem here is there is already a VBA code for finding duplicates but the problem here is that. It still takes too much time to click all the duplicates 1 by 1 just to delete them, for example: Imagine a column filled with 5000 data and the duplicates found are around 1500, I can't possibly...
  15. ibmy

    Most number repetitive/duplicate occurring in SEQUENCE

    Hi, Can someone help me, sorry for bad English since it is not my native language here. Ok, I want to find what number in column show "most repetitive/duplicate in SEQUENCE". Im dealing about 100 000 data in a single column. Here what i have tried: (1) I tried use the "most frequently...
  16. L

    Formula to identify unique values from two columns

    Hello everyone, I am struggling to come up with a formula to find every unique value between two different columns. I would want it to identify a unique number only if it is unique between the two columns i.e if "5417" is in once on column A and once on Column B I am fine with that. That...
  17. dreen

    How to Check for Duplicates and Display a Count MsgBox

    I have Three worksheets, and essentially I want to select a cell in Column A of Sheet 2 (As the Active Cell) and check if there are any duplicates in Column A of Sheet 3 (The Range for this Sheet should be from A1 to the last row of Data). If there are any duplicates, I would like a msgbox to...
  18. R

    Automatically generate/separate duplicate value in cell.

    Hi guys, I need your help. I want to separate automatically the duplicate names in my list while typing them. I want to include also the quantity of duplicate names. The image "2" is only a sample which I would like to happen.
  19. J

    Formula help, counting unique occurences.

    I am looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. Also looking for a formula that will count unique occurrences that does NOT start with W81UTH, ignoring duplicates and blank cells. I want to achieve the desired results...
  20. J

    Output first Match Found if Cells contain Duplicate Text

    Suppose I have several a range of cells, each cell of which contain a string, and I want a function to look at this range and output "FALSE" if all strings in the range are unique from each other and I want it to output the first duplicate it finds if there are at least two cells with the same...

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