1. M

    Counting and updating dupes in an array

    Hello Excel VBA Masters, I'm hoping someone can help me with my current challenge. I hope to cycle through a one dimension array and when a duplicate piece of data is found the first instance of a duplicate has "dupe_1" appended to the data. If a second duplicate is found it will have "dupe_2"...
  2. J

    check for duplicate in excel table before adding new

    Hello I am fairly new to VBA and i am looking to create a tabel without having someone enter duplicate records over and over by hitting the AddReturn button over and over. below is what i am using for the command button. Any Idead what i should add to stop this? Private Sub AddReturn_Click()...
  3. T

    Highlighting duplicate person name on the bais of creterias

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/j14abilgo2yyphu/Test.xlsm?dl=0Hi, I am working on one huge file. where I have duplicate person name in col. B. I am looking for a code which highlight these names if same person has same deptt and same PO issue date. Like person we have three ZZZ person name but...
  4. T

    Automatically Duplicate Column of One Sheet to Another

    I have six separate sheets that follow the same structure as the table below. In each sheet, I want the first column to remain the exact same. So if I start adding/removing columns from the first sheet, I want the following five sheets to automatically duplicate. Anyone have something that...
  5. K

    MS Excel – How to create a VBA to remove duplicates with dates within 21 days keeping the most recent duplicate

    Hello, I have done a fair bit of research with no luck and hoping to get some assistance. I have data from A3 to W10,000 and I am looking for a macro that can remove rows where the name in column C is a duplicate and the date in column W is within 21 days of another date with the duplicated...
  6. H

    MARCO VBA: Del Duplicate Row if match with 3 Col

    Del Duplicate Row if Col A, B, C matched I had thousand row, so possible to use macro?
  7. S

    review for duplicates and fill the same

    Hello smart people, I have a large spreadsheet i'm using for people's names/addresses/phone numbers etc I have to add more constantly when a new download becomes available. However, on my initial sheet I fill the row (example, they don't want to be contacted is red, left a message yellow) I...
  8. T

    Looking for VBA help with randomizer

    Good day, all I'm looking for help creating a macro that will reference a list of unique values, pull 21 of those values to another sheet, and not duplicate those values when I request to pull another 21 values. Example: Sheet1 has 250 unique values in column A Need to pull 21 of these values...
  9. E

    Highlight Partial Duplicates

    Hi, I am trying to create a schedule, and want the cell to highlight when there is a duplicate. My problem is that sometimes the cell has one person, and sometimes it has multiple people, and I want to highlight when a person has been put into more than one task. e.g. <tbody> Task Person...
  10. T

    efficient way to sum numbers of repeated rows?

    hey guys, basically the title said it all. I have one excel file, that contains the sum of lots of files, they were all the same format, rows and columns, but with different values,it's cool that with a macro I have been able to put them all in the same sheet, but I don't know where can I go...
  11. I

    Basic duplicate needed please

    Hi, I am looking for a basic duplicate code so when i leave a specific cell the code would run. So my new code should work like this. Worksheet is called DATABASE Cell where i would type the customers name is always A6 Once i leave cell A6 the code should check for a duplicate in only the...
  12. A

    Find Duplicate only if date is within X days of original

    <tbody> B F J ID# Date Duplicate? </tbody> Iwas wondering if you could Help me out with a formula? I need Column “J” tosearch for duplicate values in column “B” and say “Yes” only if the date incolumn “F” is within 180 days (6 months) of the original value.
  13. J

    VBA - Identify duplicate values in column

    I need assistance with a vba code that will identify duplicate values in a column and copy those cells into a new tab labeled duplicate. Thank you in advance
  14. S

    Related tables - two tables that won't relate

    Hi all, I have two tables. 1 - contains project profitability data. It contains the period end date and the project number and name with the relevant data against (many many rows) The above three criteria will duplicate in the list as a new months information is pasted into the rawdata 2 -...
  15. C

    Highlight Duplicate Values, Non Contiguous Cells

    Hi all, I am trying to apply a simple conditional format where cells with the same value are highlighted. The problem I am running into is that the data I want to apply the formatting to is in every other row (2, 4, 6, etc). The formatting works fine if the the duplicate value appears in the...
  16. willow1985

    VBA If duplicate found, msg prompt, highlight duplicate and end sub

    Hello, I am looking for a code that will compare cells A2:A50 from "New Employee" sheet with cells A3:A1000000 in "Employee List" sheet and if a duplicate entry is found it will prompt a message box stating "duplicate entry found", highlight the duplicate and end the macro. I have a master...
  17. P

    Stuck with Macro to Remove Duplicate Rows

    Greetings, I have a macro to remove duplicate rows that I'm pretty sure used to run, but it isn't working now. I haven't used it in quite a while, but yesterday I needed it and it crashes with a run-time error 1004 at the "ActiveSheet" line. Can anyone tell me what is wrong with it? Sub...
  18. A

    Formula to apply to filtered data

    I using this formula to copy duplicates of column S (starting at S10) over to U (starting at U10) - =IF(COUNTIF($S$10:S10,S10)=1,S10,""). However, I want it to only apply to the filtered data meaning if a duplicate was found on S11 with S13 and the duplicate was moved to S11, the next time I...
  19. J

    Duplicate template based on refreshed list

    I have a workbook that has a template on a sheet named "template". I have another sheet names "People" that has a table that refreshes each day based a query. On column A it has a list of people's first and last names Goal: After the I refresh the query (separate macro), I want the new macro...
  20. P

    Power Query - Remove duplicates from Folder Download

    Hi, I'm creating a personal account analysis system and using the 'From File, From Folder' process in Power Query. The issue I'm having is to identify where two downloads from a bank or credit card account cover the same period and hence have duplicate entries. In doing so I want to avoid...

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