dynamic named ranges

  1. T

    Having a Named range Name in a Variable

    Hi Gurus, I'm looking to check if there is a way we can have an excel variable contain the string value of a named range. For Ex Defined Name "NameRange" points to cell C1 in excel. I'm looking for a VBA code like Dim L_Var As String L_Var = "NameRange" Msgbox [L_Var].Value. I would have...
  2. A

    Dynamic Named Ranges, Index, blank rows and Charts

    Greetings all - I have been looking (here and elsewhere) to learn how to build dynamic ranges, AND for that data to be usable in a dynamically updating chart. The desired end result: Dynamically updating chart, from dynamically updating range. What please, is the best way to proceed...
  3. S

    Shared workbook - Issues with Dynamic Ranges & Tables

    I have a number of different workbooks, let's just call them workbook 1, workbook 2, etc.... Each workbook has multiple worksheets referencing different data from the other workbooks/worksheets. I originally had different named ranges (static) in each worksheet, to make things easier to...
  4. freelensia

    Dynamically refer to a table name

    Hello everybody, I am joining the forum for the first time. Hope to learn a lot from everybody and exchange useful information. With Excel 2013 we can use Tables just as named ranges. I am trying to refer to the Table "Extract". However, this table name may change in the future. As such, I...
  5. A

    Dynamic Named Ranges and Pulling from Data Sheet to rest of Workbook

    Hi all, I have seen many advanced spreadsheets that make use of a single Data sheet, where data is only pasted or imported from some data source and drives the rest of the workbook. I have set up a data sheet that records the type of customer, their status (i.e., recent customer, not-recent...
  6. H

    Dependent Data Validation across workbooks. Source data frequently sorted and manipulated

    Image of (2) workbooks: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7BUBKK8yXCUV2c3V2NSMTlNLVE/view?usp=sharing I want to be able to compile parts data in one workbook. "MASTER PARTS LIST.xlsx" https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7BUBKK8yXCUMnFBZDV1alFNQ2c/view?usp=sharing Then I want to create a list of...
  7. M

    Using COUNTIF(s) function with two dynamic named ranges set equal to each other as criteria

    Hey Everyone, This is my first post on the forum and I really need some help! Currently I have an IF function like this: IF(b4=f4,1,0) then a countif(results,"=1") where results is a dynamic named range of the results of the if function. I have to drag down the if formula for the entire...
  8. G

    How to create a dynamic data validation from a table based on criteria

    I have the following table. <tbody> United States Hong Kong India Job Grade Per Hour Per Day Per Hour Per Day Per Hour Per Day USD USD HKD USD INR USD P 1,600 12,800 - 24,150 3,145 D1 1,000 8,000 6,950 7,158 -...
  9. S

    Need help with Dynamic Named ranges in middle of worksheet

    hi I need some help please. I have a worksheet with different sections of data that I need to interrogate with Index, Small, Row formulas to create separate summary reports. Ideally the main data worksheet would be split up so each section is its own worksheet which would mean I could easily...
  10. K

    Copy & paste multiple 'Named Ranges' from different worksheets to a new workbook using VBA

    Hi, I need help with building a vba script that would copy & paste-append all of my data from their defined "Named ranges" from one workbook to a new workbook. The workbook where I'm copying from has multiple worksheets and they each have their own set of data with their own named ranges...
  11. T

    Return Multiple Filtered Lists from Table with Blanks on Separate Worksheet

    I have a list of song titles in Col A, and several column headers of 'categories' or 'themes' in Row 1 (ie. 'Christmas', 'Advent', etc). For each song, I put an 'x' under each column/theme for every theme that is found in the song (ie. 'Christmas, Advent, etc). Data Table...
  12. K

    Year On Year Chart with dynamic ranges. (sorry long post)

    I am trying to create a chart with YOY growth on secondary axis. I will be having many charts in the workbook hence want to create a chart using dynamic named range which will return values of YOY growth as an array which I can use as the source for the secondary axis chart. The data looks like...
  13. S

    Using dynamic named range in VBA for scatter chart labeling

    I'm trying to make a macro that will change the data labels on a scatter chart to the title of each point. Ej: In this case I would like the data labels to show the movie title. The code I used comes from this website, but my scatter chart has two series of data. I would like to use dynamic...
  14. H

    Using dynamic named ranges, data validation, and SUMIFS together.

    Dear Mr. Excel Community, I hope that all is well. I’m looking to you for some help using named ranges, data validation, and the sumifs function together. Here is a simplified version of my problem: I have two columns: Column A has letters X, Y, and Z in the first three rows and column B has...
  15. B

    Excek VBA Delete Blank Rows only allow 1 Blank Row

    Dear All I have named range called Name which equals to =Sheet1!$A$1:$A$7. Since I want to allow only 1 blank row in a named range. Therefore, I want to delete row 7 then my named range will have only one row. Please note the example provided is simply example and sometimes there could be...
  16. S

    Using Conditional Data Validation with Dynamic Name Ranges

    Hi, I've got a conditional validation rule setup where the user is filling out details for an employee. First they select a department, then they select a role from that department. On another sheet is a row with departments, with all the roles for that department listed below. I've setup a...
  17. S

    sumifs, sumproduct: Do they work with dynamic named ranges?

    I have created dynamic named ranges using cell reference and index formula. e.g. $a$1:index($a$1:$A$300,counta($a$1:$A$300)) I used those dynamic named ranges in sumifs and sumproduct (because in sumifs it didnt work, I tried sumproduct also) like...
  18. G

    Using Dynamic Named Ranges in VBA

    I busy building a Form in VBA (Excel) and I cannot reference my Dynamic named Range in VBA (and it does not exists in my Named Ranges Drop Down on the Excel Page), yet I can reference it through Validation/List on the Excel Sheet (but want to use a Form to input the data). Does anyone have any...
  19. T

    Dynamic Named Ranges

    I have been trying to set up a dynamic named range using a tip found elsewhere on this forum. Problem is I can see the range name when I go Insert/Name/Define but when I click on the name box at the top left of the excel screen its not there. The list is currently about 140 rows by 9 columns...
  20. ClimoC

    Sticky: Display Named Range contents based on text in cell

    Hey Excellers... I have some dynamic named ranges in sheet1, and in sheet2 I have data validation dropdown list which has the names of all the DNR's in it. What I want it to do (in sheet3, no less) is for the user to be able to pick a named range from the dropdown list, and have a particular...

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