1. O

    Macros Disabled when sharing file - users don't have the option to Enable

    I'm having an issue sharing an .xlam (AddIn) macro I created. It's a fairly straight forward macro to 'batch open' a range of links. But when I try to send the file to others and they try to open and use it, they get this error. No one is even able to Enable the Macros as the option is greyed...
  2. Fida_mutia

    Disable and enable one of excel functions in ribbon menu.

    Hey, I wanna know how to disable one of excel functions in the ribbon menu? And how to enable it again? For example, I want to disable the pivot table function so that I can't create pivot table in my worksheet. Also I want to know how to enable the pivot table function again. That's all my...
  3. D

    Enable Microsoft Scripting Runtime with vba within a Public Sub with Public Declarations

    I have a Public Sub that has Public declarations as Public sdProcess As New Scripting.Dictionary Public sdHeaders As New Scripting.Dictionary I would like to automate the activation of Microsoft Scripting Runtime using this code or something similar...
  4. B

    enabling macros

    silly question, how do i enable macros on my workbook?
  5. B

    Disable / enable doubleclick on userform

    Hey all, I got a few labels on my userform that are editable by users once they login. At the moment they can always change the labels. I would like to disable this until they are logged in. Someone knows what code i need to enable / disable the double click event on a userform?
  6. S

    UDF and Enable Content Issue

    Hello, I have a UDF that is supposed to track changes for a defined range of cells. So if anything within that range changes record who made the change and when. The problem I am running into is that whenever a new user opens the file it asks them to Enable Content which, when they do Enable...
  7. MFish

    Mousescroll button use in combobox?

    Hi there, How do I enable the mousescroll in a combobox?
  8. A

    enable the new Insert Custom Visual experience in Excel 2019 Pro Plus

    Hello Sir, I am trying to find or enable the new Insert Custom Visual experience in Excel 2019 Pro Plus (Microsoft Excel 2019 MSO (16.0.11328.20156) 64-bits) My Excel is not showing this in the ribbon. I am using Version 1902 (build 11328.20158) There is a chapter called Try Example...
  9. J

    Macros & shared workbooks

    All, thank you for taking a look at this question. I have read some past questions and answers here on Mr.Excel from 2008 about how marcos/vba will not run on a worksheet(s) protection when shared. Here is a past comment, I discovered this characteristic about Excel 2007 shortly after our...
  10. A

    Enable Events

    In Userform Activate two combo box values are set, but I don't want their change events to fire. So I put Application.Enable Events = False before setting the combo box text value. But the change event runs regardless. Isn't Enable Events = False meant to prevent that ?
  11. H

    Sharing Excel W/ Macros and Userforms

    Is there a way to Share Excel with Macros and Userforms enable using Excel online that exceeds 5 mb?
  12. B

    Enable editing prompt

    Whats the trick to get a spreadsheet to make it show the enable editing prompt. I have a worksheet that i copy some data out but i can only copy before i click enable editing. As when i click it the sheet becomes protected and i cant copy from it without stuffing around unprotecting it and...
  13. C

    Macro disbled

    Hi, Trying to enable macros to run on excel binary sheet. I have changed the trust centre settings to enable all macros but still get the security warning and unable to run any macros ? Thanks in advance
  14. R

    Enable Macro when open workbook

    Hi Everyone, Can I force user for enable macro when open workbook. because if user disable macros...the macro cannot run :( I want to always run macro with this workbook Anyone have advise this case ?
  15. W

    Enable / Disable Iterative Calculations

    Hi, Can anyone help me to build a button which enables/disables iterative calculations? I'm not really sure how to do it and I have googled it all to no avail.
  16. J

    VBA - Copying Worksheet from Named workbook and pasting to "Macro-enabled workbook and named worksheet"

    Hi, I have a macro-enabled workbook with a calculation table These are the steps I need help with. 1. I wish to copy the sheet of a downloaded workbook, however, the workbook is "$XXXX" but when you enable content it changes to "Book1". Ideally I want the original workbook name as it is...
  17. L

    VBA Code to automatically enable content then enter password

    Hi All, I have another question. I have some code to automatically enter a password (linked pw protected docs) in multiple times when using my update links macro. It works fine. The issue I have is sometimes when I open the document it asks me to enable content which I then have to manually...
  18. P

    datetime picker is not holding custom format after saving sheet

    I am using the DateTime picker and it will not hold the custom format even though it shows it has not been changed in the DTPicker properties. I have tried hard coding using dtpicker1.customformat but that doesn't hold either. Is it possible to create a date/time picker without using the activex...
  19. P

    Enable Events keeps getting turned off- How do I troubleshoot this?

    I have a workbook that I use for every client file I touch. For some reason, the enable events keeps getting turned off somehow. I figured I probably have application.enableevents=false at the beginning of a macro somewhere in the workbook, and then don't have =true at the end of that snip of...
  20. A

    VBA Macro to Open Read Only Excel from SharePoint and Enable Edit Workbook

    Hi all, I am currently in the process of trying to create a macro to run from my current workbook (file1) and be able to open an excel file from SharePoint (file2) to refresh and update using the data from (file1). The only problem I am running into so far is when opening (file2) it is...

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