1. S

    Search a table and return rows based on criteria of 2 cells

    Hello! I'm looking to search a table like the the one below. In a separate sheet in the workbook, I'd like to have the "Subject" as multiple columns and list underneath it all of the titles that match the subject and have the language in english. I tried working a combination of index and match...
  2. F

    building a traslator for the ancient language(eragon)

    hi i am working on a traslator for the ancient language from eragon i curently have a dictionary of 2530~ words and have created a version that works but you have to tell it the grammer of the word and it ignores sentence structure is there any one out there who has any idea how to convert...
  3. C

    Insert the value of another cell inside/between another cell

    Hi Forum! I'm wondering if there's a way to put the value of another cell inside another one ... but between the lines ... sorry for my bad english
  4. B

    Weighted Average based on Field identifier

    Hey Guys, How would I create a measure of a weighted average based on 2 different field values? I know how to do this in excel using SUMPRODUCT, but I'm relatively new to DAX and dont know how to do the same calculation that I would normally use in Excel. For the below, in excel, I would use...
  5. L

    Array Formula - ACT scores

    I am a teacher, summarizing ACT results. I have over a hundred students who have each taken the ACT for four years, anywhere from one to four times each year. For example, I am trying to calculate an overall average Composite score for 2017 for the following data. <tbody> A B C D E 1 2017...
  6. D

    Change language only for Excel

    Hello there, I would like to set the display language for Excel to English (so I can write the formulas in English) but I would like to keep the other Microsoft Office programmes (Word and PowerPoint) in German. It looks like the Excel-language-options are bound to the Office-language-options...
  7. A

    English Formula Question

    Hello World! Here's a quick formula question, I've been using Excel in my mother language, and recently I got a new job where they only use English excel. I've been trying to automate an spreadsheet, pretty simple but every time I try to use SUMIFS it only sum the first value. Here's my...
  8. F


    I really should know this but I can't seem to figure it out, how can I extract the subject name from the following? The name will always be between "):" and ":" 2019: Year 10 TA1 (31 Oct 2018): English Literature: Effort: Name The bit I want to extract is English Literature. Thanks again :)
  9. M

    Convert a vertical list of values

    I have a list of RAL DESIGN colours like this: Row Code Gernman English Code German English Code German English I need is displayed: A B C 1. Code German English 2. Code German English All the codes are unique ans displayed like this 000 60 00 I'm struggling to get...
  10. S

    Can I reference the date format in a cell in a table onto another cell on the main worksheet?

    Hi all: Thanks for taking the time to look at this. Getting a bald spot on my head from scratching. I have a timesheet that is in 2 languages, English and Spanish. When I click on my dropdown language on the main worksheet, the words chane to either English or Spanish. I can't figure out, or...
  11. M

    Looping through multiple worksheet - Not working properly

    Dear Expert, I am a newbie to VBA and wanted a bit of code to help me out with some excel files. It nearly works. It processes and updates the 1st worksheet perfectly but does not process any other worksheets and I have no idea why! My excel file has 4 columns and lots of worksheets (the...
  12. F

    If And Or formula

    I know I am missing something really basic here and would be grateful if someone could point out to me what. If the values in certain subjects are greater than or equal to 4 then I want the formula to return "Y" else "N". The formula I am using is...
  13. J

    Index match min if

    <tbody>#CACACA[/URL] "] A B C #CACACA[/URL] , align: center"]1 #C0C0C0[/URL] , align: center"]ID #C0C0C0[/URL] "]Subject #C0C0C0[/URL] , align: center"]score #CACACA[/URL] , align: center"]2 1000 Math 80 #CACACA[/URL] , align: center"]3 1001 English 45 #CACACA[/URL] , align: center"]4...
  14. S

    Manipulate a String - Vba solution

    Hi, Trying to help a friend with this problem: They have masses of essentially text data which is basically a specialist English to French dictionary. A cell contains both the English word(s) and the French equivalent, and he wishes to split this into two cells. Looking through the data it...
  15. V

    Replace text string based on a table

    Hi all, I have a paragraph of Chinese characters in cell A1 of sheet2 that need to be replaced with English words. In sheet 1, column A contains Chinese words with thier corresponding English word in column B. As this is a long table, and new words may be included frequently, nesting...
  16. B

    Nested if issue

    Hello, looking for some help to get this code working. The code I have working so far is to check if some specific text is part of a range or not. The saerch tells me if the text is French or English by searching for specific words. This part works and will place the value where the text is...
  17. J

    Need help with this array formula please!!

    Here is the data I am working with... <tbody> MultiEmployees English (United States)-> Polish (Poland) Afaf Steiert (Afaf Translations) Chinese (China)-> English (United States) [SN0017] Future Trans English (United States)-> Slovene (Slovenia) [SN0017] ES Localization & Translation...
  18. K

    Help With Index Match or VLookup _ Multiple Columns, Rows

    Hello - In the example below, I have two worksheets: Worksheet 1 and Worksheet 2. I am trying to merge/match data from Worksheet 2 into Worksheet 1 so that the result is WORKSHEET Merged. Thank you for any help. <colgroup><col style="width...
  19. F

    copy cells from columns A to C to next non-blank cell

    Another day another plea for help :) I have a spreadsheet with 255,398 rows. Each student has anything between 5 to a 1000 rows, however, not each row has the student's details. So the table (in a very simplified form) looks something like this <tbody> Surname Forename UPN Achievement...
  20. M

    Array Formula that calculates next value

    =INDEX(Data!$E:$E,MATCH($A2,IF(Data!$H:$H=Summary!E$1,Data!$A:$A),0)) An example of the array formula above would be: Return the Course Title if the Student Name is John Smith and the Department is English. This works for the initial instance. It only works for the initial instance though...

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