enter key

  1. M

    What would be the VBA code to move to the next column after Enter but NOT after Tab?

    I have the following code to run a macro that sorts column A after I hit the Enter key and keep the modified row selected. However, it also runs when I hit the Tab key. I don't want it to. Is there code that would run the macro when hitting Enter ONLY? Thank you! Private Sub...
  2. J

    Action A Macro on enter in a worksheet

    Hi I have a list of dates for product to be dispatched in column B and I'm trying to get the date beside in column C for the start of production (10 days before dispatch date). This works fine while I am using Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As Boolean) but...
  3. C

    VBA Refresh Workbook When Pressing Enter

    Is there a way to refresh the workbook every time I press enter? Thanks OJ
  4. M

    Pressing enter copies in new formula before moving selection down

    Hello, Randomly this morning, my excel has decided that sometimes when I press enter (on a cell that is selected, but not clicked into for editing) it will copy in a formula to the selected cell before moving the selection down to the next cell (as opposed to just moving the selection). It...
  5. J

    Userform listbox populates after pressing enter

    I am new to VBA and am trying to teach myself while putting together some things for work. I am hoping that one of your geniuses can help me out. I have used this forum often and it has a ton of great people so lets get to it. Goal: I want to be able to add an item number and quantity to a...
  6. E

    Enter Key Won't Enter Data in Cells

    Hey experts, This is a confusing problem. For some users with Excel 2013, when data is entered into a cell, the enter key is not applying the data they typed into that cell. For example: A cell contains the label "[enter name]" by default. A user selects the cell and types "John Smith,"...
  7. T

    Copy and paste from column without quotations on carriage return.

    I have several textboxes with buttons that populate several cells in a single column and then copies that column so that I can then paste the contents into a seperate company data entry program that is web based. I have enabled the enter key (for carriage returns) in the textboxes so that...
  8. joebbshop

    Userform: Excel Crashes on Pressing the Enter Key

    Hi. I have a complex userform. I've run into a problem where pressing the either of the enter keys (the one on the number pad and/or the one by the letter keys) causes excel to crash & close. I've tried using an onkey command to disable the enter keys as in this post...
  9. 03856me

    ENTER or TAB key to trigger event in UserForm

    This code is working perfectly when the ENTER key is used. My user would like to use the TAB key most times since she uses the tab key on her primary program and it has become a habit. I have multiple folks using this program and some want the ENTER key and some the TAB key. Can this code be...
  10. 03856me

    Userform enter function disabled after opening and updating external file

    I have written the following code with works as expected when the user presses the Add button. The data from the userform is added to the table within the workbook and then an external workbook is opened and specific textbox values are added to a table in that workbook, then it is saved and...
  11. F

    Dynamic counter for counting human blood cell

    Hi to all, I am trying create an automatic counter for our Complete blood cell count. I have something in mind using COUNTIF. However, I would like to know if someone have any idea how to manipulate the keyboard function and characteristic to where when a user select and press a letter in the...
  12. T

    Enter Key function is Excel for Mac 2011

    In my old version of Excel for Mac, the enter and tab keys had the same function with the return key having a separate function. This was extremely useful for entering data into a protected spreadsheet. Each time the enter key was pressed the active cell would move to the next cell SKIPPING...
  13. R

    VB for Enter Key and Double Click

    Hi, I have VB written that acts upon a double click preformed on a cell. This works great. The question I have; is it possible to also act if an enter key is press on the same cell? My code in the worksheet vb: Private Sub Worksheet_BeforeDoubleClick(ByVal Target As Range, Cancel As...
  14. SteveInAlabama

    How to trigger event when accepting a default cell value?

    My app has a range "rProductionInput" to allow operator entry of production information for each production run during their shift. I am successfully using Worksheet_Change for all the empty cells in a row to move the cursor to the right as well as other associated code I want to run. My...
  15. B

    Can Excel command another application?

    Hello, Using VBA to write an excel macro, is it possible to command another application, in my case Internet Explorer? If so, Could you please help me design a code to complete these tasks: Select a number in a column (from Excel 2007) Switch to internet explorer paste the number (The box on...
  16. D

    Form Trigger

    Afternoon All, I have a form that loads up there are buttons for people to close it and take there selection etc however is it possible to encorporate a double click and or hit enter on keyboard in a listbox on a form? Many Thanks,
  17. R

    Carriage Return characters removing - Interesting case

    Hello, We have an excel spreadsheet which users fill out and send it to us. We convert that in a CSV file and then send it to Oracle for uploading. In excel file , we observed that there were some carriage return characters which would create issues while loading the data in oracle tables. so...
  18. Roopher

    Combobox Question

    Dear Excel Enthusiasts, I have a question regarding a combobox issue: On a VBA form, when I have finished the combobox input via pressing enter, the next form item (tab order determined) gets focussed. How can I achieve that the combobox remains in focus? Cheers,
  19. W

    protected cells acted differently on Mac excel 08

    This may sound trite but I am having a problem with cell advancing when the worksheet is protected. Using the number pad to enter in information, if the worksheet is protected the enter key automatically moves the highlighted cell to the NEXT UNPROTECTED CELL instead of DOWN TO THE CELL BELOW...

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