1. M

    What would be the VBA code to move to the next column after Enter but NOT after Tab?

    I have the following code to run a macro that sorts column A after I hit the Enter key and keep the modified row selected. However, it also runs when I hit the Tab key. I don't want it to. Is there code that would run the macro when hitting Enter ONLY? Thank you! Private Sub...
  2. W

    Enter in QR not working

    Hello! In QR we have an enter after each row, which works fine in notepad when scanned with barcode scanner. But in excel it just outputs one string and sounds an windows "error" sound when it's supposed to output the enter. Doing the exact same thing with tab works just fine, no issues, it...
  3. P

    Replace and Find VBA code for a command button

    Hi goodmorning all, hope you can help me place I have cells which sometimes has forexample -1, -4, -3 in them the range is cellsB24:P39, so what I do at the moment manually is CTRL F (find and replace) clickon replace tab – in find what enter (-*) and in replace with enter (0) thenreplace all...
  4. F

    Concatenate(?) + Vlookup

    I have cell (K7) to enter a value for hours I have cell (K11) to enter a value for minutes In cell K15, I want the outcome to be HH:MM in decimalised form - 7h:30m = 7.5h Sheet 2 is where I've linked the Vlookup to for the minute conversion, how can I join together the hour figure from K7 and...
  5. M

    Enter "today's" date when data entered into a specific cell?

    Hi guys, I'm setting up an Excel sheet to maintain a spreadsheet for asset management. We have an asset management system in place, but there are occasional times where it's offline(Or I am), so I wanted to make something that I could chart these items on, and I wanted to get a little fancy. So...
  6. L

    If 100.00% =Yes Formula

    I need a formula that i can place in F:2 that if I:2 equals 100.00% entered Y in F:2 if not enter N I though that maybe something like this would work but is not =IF(EXACT(I2,"100.00%"), "Y", "N")
  7. HappyChappy

    Barking up the wrong tree

    Hi is it possible I have seven wookbooks stored in numbered week folders each workbook is dated sun01.11.19 to sat07.11.19 . I need to be able to enter the folder name week 45 and each of the seven wookbooks within opened and sheet1 from each be combined into a new wookbook.
  8. F

    VBA Copy Row based off cell value

    I am needing some help here. I have a sheet that has dates in column O. I have a code that copies dates based off a date, but I have to enter the date into the code. I would like to be able to enter a date in say cell A1 and then run the code to copy the rows based off the date I enter in A1...
  9. S

    VBA HELP: Problem entering data to Excel table with Form

    Hi, I am trying to enter data through a form to an Excel table. But the the data is not going to the table but it starts just below the table and the data entered doesn't belong to the table. All data entry procedures works fine. Just it doesn't enter into the table. Here is the code I used for...
  10. B

    Randomize where a random number is limited to the number of repeats

    I have this code to select a random number up to the value I enter in Cell A1 In Cell B1 I enter the number of rows I want to fill. This VBA ensures that each number is only selected once The problem I have is that sometimes Cell B1 is a larger number than cell B2 so I want to be able to enter...
  11. A

    Carriage (Enter) instead of word wrap

    Can someone as assist with a code that will enter a carriage (Enter) whenever the multi-line textbox wraps the string to the next line. I know the multi-line textbox will do this for me, but I need this to enter it a cell to indicate to separate line. Thanks for you
  12. D

    Capturing if anything is in a cell

    I want to verify how to properly enter a formula that captures if anything is in a cell. currently I have something like this =COUNTIF(F:F,"*?") Is my statement accurate?
  13. JenniferMurphy

    Display time in hours?

    Is there a way that I can enter a time value from a stopwatch as hh:ss and have it displayed as hours (hh.hh)? For example, I'd like to enter "7:45" in a cell and have "7.75" displayed in that cell. I know I can do it by entering the "7:45" in A1 and use a formula in B1 (=A1*24) to convert it...
  14. B

    Macro for Excel Data Consolidation

    Can someone help me with creating excel macro for the following. Data will be entered in the "Main" Worksheet Table. Shown entries for a project with two units - Unit 1 and 2. this could be multiple units. <tbody> Project Name "Enter Project Name Here" Test Date "Enter Test Date here"...
  15. HomeTek

    Finding the highest total value

    Hi, I have a spreadsheet in which I want to find out which sport has accumulated the most playing time (example below). The answer is of course cricket, but I am having trouble with what formula I need to enter into cell J2 to provide this answer, if anyone can help at all please? I have...
  16. S

    VBA auto email

    Hi all, We have a tracker for stock waiting to be booked in. When our warehouse has booked in the stock, they enter 'Closed' into a particular cell, add a comment, and the line turns blue. How can I set the spreadsheet up so when the warehouse enter 'Closed', an email is created with the...
  17. A

    userform - user must enter name to begin

    Hi, how do i set up a userform to make users enter their name before they can proceed? I don't want to use an inputbox before the form is called as the form is meant to help them save time while answering telephone calls. Currently, their is just a text box for them to input their name but most...
  18. C

    Run macro after the enter key is pushed on specific cell

    I have it to where users enter a number in cell A3. I need a macro to run after they hit enter when on cell A3 and only cell A3. They may not enter any data in cell A3, but need it to run a macro regardless if hitting enter while in cell A3. Not sure how to do that.
  19. M

    Colour format based on cell value question

    Hi I've been trying for a couple of hours to conditional colour format cells based on cell value but can't get it right. I have the formulas but I only seem to be able to enter 1 formula but I need to enter 3? My rules are: If B7=>99 but less than 99.9 then shade amber If B7<99 then shade red...
  20. F

    Adding with VBA

    I'm looking for a way to add whatever number I type in my active cell to the cell immediately adjacent to it to the right. However, the part that gets tricky.. Is that I only want this to work in a range of cells. . . not the entire sheet. I have a tally of numbers in the range N5:N24...

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