1. J

    Count # of days listed for month/year

    Hi! I have column A:A as date (dd/mm/yyyy) from Sales entry*, column B:B as amount and D1 through D12 are months & years (11/2018, 12/2018, 01/2019, 02/2019....) How do I calculate the sales entry by month and year in column D? *Note: No sales entry date if the amount is 0 or store is closed...
  2. D

    data entry form

    I have looked in google and not found the answer to this question. 2 actually First is it possible to edit which fields appear in the data entry stock form. I do not want all of the columns to show up in it. I have formulas in some of them that will calculate based upon the what data is...
  3. V

    Formula or Code

    Hi All, Thanks in advance We have the following sheet Excel 2010 32 bit ABCDEF 1 2 3S.No.YearBatchSams 4193193000 5232193200 6378193000,3200,80008000 7424194000 8512192000 9693193000Sams 10768198000 11894194000 12924194000 131083193000 141135195000 151256196000...
  4. F

    Code will not copy full list

    Hi The Code below looks at a dynamic list of information in a worksheet "Teams & Runners Data Form Entry" and should copy all the information in Columns B:E and paste it into the sheet "Team List" columns A:D. However! It currently only copies 10 of the 18 rows in the "Teams & Runners Data...
  5. A

    How to stop entries in excel if it’s value above the set of target

    Hai , can any one help me to solve this issue Am creating one leave plan template , I want to restrict the entry if the leave is crossing above the target . In my template row is employee names and column follow dates, And for leave plan i put code for leave as “V” and total count by using...
  6. M

    Grouping certain value by colomn

    Dear Forum Need help please. I have entries raw data that not in order like this. Entry No 1, Car, Duck, Cabbage Entry No 2, Bird, Banana Entry No 3, Plane, Bird Entry No 4, Bike, Pea Entry No 5, Pear Entry No 6, Car, Duck, Banana Entry No 7, Duck, Bike I want all entries will grouping...
  7. A

    Sudden explosion in size of sheet in workbook

    So, I've just joined a new team, and we make heavy use of Excel templates for data entry from our various clients. However, there's a lot edits that get made to these spreadsheets and occasionally and without warning, or even being informed, the file size suddenly increases by inexplicable...
  8. D

    lookup initial entry in multiple transfers

    Hi, I have two columns with Entry no and TRansferred from entry no and would need to calculate a column Expected initial Entry no, that brings the initial entry no if an item has transferred ( it's differnt than zero). It is easy to bring the value if we have one transfer for example entry 2...
  9. H

    Removing Duplicates with formula

    Evening everyone, Please can yyou help with an issue. I am trying to remove any duplicates from a sheet using a formula so this does not have to be done manually. However the 2 formulas I have used, do not work when there is more than one entry. Can anyone help...
  10. H

    Advanced Filter not updating automatically

    I have set up an advanced filter but it won't update automatically, but then again maybe it's not supposed to! I have a data entry worksheet to which random part numbers are added against known fault codes. All this is numeric. Fault codes are in column A, part numbers in column B. I have...
  11. A

    Looking for a tutorial for data entry

    I want to create a data entry form on sheet1, and then have the information saved to sheet2. I do not want to use the built in Excel forms. The data entry needs to have vlookups that pull in a description, which then needs to be modified and the modification saved off (not the original...
  12. A

    Data Validation for E-mail Input

    Hello, I have a few columns (not adjacent to each other) where I expect users to enter valid e-mail addresses. What I would like to validate is that the entry contains all the valid characters possible, namely digits 0-9, latin letters a-z (not case sensitive) and special characters...
  13. S

    Change of TextBox Value

    Hello Everyone, I'm working on a simple GUI to input serial numbers. I have created a textbox in a userform to allow a input of a serial number using a hand scanner. The scanner will read serial number and submit an Enter command upon completion of input. Using the Enter command allows the...
  14. M

    Locking a row after data entry

    I am creating this spreadsheet for work purposes and i need to allow staff to enter customer details, name, order no, address etc. However i would like for after each customers data enter for that row to be locked. So ideally i would like after each entry for staff member to initial the entry...
  15. S

    Look up Next Entry

    Hi, I have the following code which looks up the value in cell G6 in sheet "Fulfilment Tracker - Data" and pull the adjacent cell data into cell G8 of sheet "Fulfilment Tracker -Input" Set Table_Range = Workbooks("Fulfilment Tracker - Data").Sheets("All Data").Range("A2:T20000") Set...
  16. I

    Blank entry in drop down list

    Morning, I have a userform which has many comboboxes with drop down lists. I have noticed that if a drop down list entry only shows N/A then below it is a blank entry also. Anything else where there are 2,3 or 20 options to select then the blank space at the end isnt shown. The sheet where my...
  17. S

    Multiple Condition IF/OR Statement with TEXT

    I am trying to return “Address” if late entry code does NOTcontain “yes” (preferably not case sensitive), OR if the very last column,outsource PO # = 0. If neither of those conditions are met, I would like toreturn “Clear.” I have responses for all based on this formula: =IF(OR(AM51 = 0, C51 <>...
  18. D

    VBA transfer data in specific cells to table (based on conditions)

    Hello everyone, I need your help with writing a VBA-script to automate a daily work. Every day I receive multiple data entry sheets (Excel) by mail. I have to extract the data in the sheets to a table in another workbook stored on my drive. All sheets have the same format, which means the data...
  19. F

    Complex Yes/No Mesg Box Pop Up prior to deletion.

    :confused: I am trying to code a pop up when the user deletes "Pending" Column M. I have searched for samples where; entry was deleted & the message had Yes/No response. I have a previous message saying "Two appointments were scheduled on your calendar previously. The first appointment was a...
  20. O

    IF statement

    Hi, I have the following formula in an excel cell - =IF(S80<>"",(S80)+41,"") This puts a date in in the cell that is 41 days later than the entry in cell 80 if it isn't blank. What I would like to do is if cell Y80 has an entry then the target cell will be blank. I've tried to do 2 IF statements...

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