VBA transfer data in specific cells to table (based on conditions)


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Jul 18, 2019
Hello everyone,

I need your help with writing a VBA-script to automate a daily work.
Every day I receive multiple data entry sheets (Excel) by mail. I have to extract the data in the sheets to a table in another workbook stored on my drive.
All sheets have the same format, which means the data is always in the same cell on every data entry sheet (eg The name is always in cell B4).

A simplified example of the sheet:



What I want to achieve:

Step 1
- Copy the unique key (always in cell C1) on the data entry sheet.
- Go to the workbook with the table and search for the column named "Key".
- Find the last entered row in that column and paste the key in the next available row.

Step 2
- Copy the name (always in cell B3) on the data entry sheet.
- Go to the workbook with the table and search for the column named "Name".
- Search for the row on which you entered the unique key.
- Paste the name on the right spot (in the column "Name" and in the row of the unique key).

:eek: The search function is very important, because the columns can change in the target table.

Step 3 (till ...)
Repeat step 2 for all other values on the data entry sheet.

Is there any possibility to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 3, 2012
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Welcome to Forum.

Work approach you outline seems time consuming & tedious.

As a suggestion, If your colleagues have access to a folder on your corporate network then you could with some VBA, set their templates to write the data directly to a master workbook (like a database) You could then just extract records from master workbook as required in one go.

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