1. D

    Creating an editable connection file for Excel worksheet

    Hello everyone, and apologies if this question does not belong here... I have an Excel 2007 worksheet that multiple people use to create certificates. It pulls data from the company's SQL data source, as well as from a data table that is hand-entered onto a separate worksheet in that workbook...
  2. T

    Using 'IF' and 'THEN' formula.

    Hi, could someone please help me? If I wanted to display set text depending on the entry in a certain cell, how would I go about that please? Say in my entry cell of E7 the word 'INTERNAL' was input, I'd like the phrase 'ACCEPTED' to be displayed in cell E17. If 'EXTERNAL' was to be input...
  3. P

    RibbonX question xml stuff

    Hi All, In using: ?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"? <customui xmlns="<a href=" target=" target=" _blank?="" forum="" www.mrexcel.com="">http://schemas.microsoft.com/office/2006/01/customui" <customui xmlns="<a href=" target=" target=" _blank?="" forum=""...
  4. R

    Data entry on Sheet 1 that automatically updates a sorted sheet 2

    I have a main sheet (Sheet 1) for employee data entry based on a sequential number and I have a copy of that sheet (Sheet 2), using VBA code, which sorts automatically by last name. I'd like to make the data entry only one time on Sheet 1 and have the data update to Sheet 2 which would sort...
  5. B

    Troubleshoot nested excel formula

    Hello, I am trying to make a formula that looks through a range of cells and returns any cell that does not contain the word ''FALSE". The range is 1 row and 10 columns. Right now the formula works as planned except the problem is that it only iterates through the first 4 cell columns and...
  6. E

    Formula Returning one line only

    Hi, I have the following formula =IFERROR(INDEX(Backorders!$G$2:$G$1000,MATCH(D10&F10,Backorders!$B$2:$B$1000&Backorders!$H$2:$H$1000,0)),"") which returns the "Quantity" based on column B (Job No) and column H (Part Number) This works great if there is only 1 in the list but if there is 2...
  7. M

    IF AND formula

    I am sure I am making a very simple mistake but can't seem to find the solution. I am using this formula: =IFERROR(IF($F3="GTS",$M3,(IF(AND(H3="Manual",F3="GTS"),I3,""))),"") I need to differentiate between manual entry and formulated inputs. Column H has the option to select 'manual' for...
  8. K

    Populate a table with unique names only, VLookUp attributes

    Hello all, I'm trying to take an arranged set of competitors and a) source their names uniquely into a one-column leaderboard, and b) display any entries associated into the contest that received honorable mention or were selected by our editors for other features. I have a main contest title...
  9. F

    Best Way to Password a Microsoft Workbook that is to be Shared with Others

    I have a Microsoft Excel Workbook with four worksheets. One of these Worksheets (Data Entry Worksheet) has a Macro for clearing data entry cells on this one worksheet. I would like to provide this Workbook to others to use. I would like to keep them from changing any portion of the workbook –...
  10. S

    (VBA) Create Row --> Populate With Data From Field

    Hello, I tried to explain this in a lot of ways. Sorry if it is over the top. I have an excel VBA sheet that I'm starting to use to get rid of some of the willy nilly tasks that i have to do in the course of the day. Every-time I have to upload a sheet into the DB, I have to create TWO...
  11. T

    Drop down Arrow not showing

    I've made a spreadsheet using drop down validation lists. It works for all users except for one person. They are using Excel 2007 on a Windows 7 computer. They cannot see the arrow to show the list of options. The cell is not locked. If the user types in a valid entry, it works. I've tried...
  12. L

    Insert userform data as new row in table

    Hey guys, Really needing some help with this, it’s had me stuck for hours now, countless google searches and YouTube videos I still can’t do it haha. My excel experience and knowledge is umm poor to say the least, I think the last time I used it was about 10 years ago at high school to...
  13. P

    Rota Form Help

    Hi I have a workbook that I have created for a rota. It runs for the full year with data being selected using a drop down. what im trying to do is create a userform which asks for the date, and based upon the date entered it searches through each worksheet (jan to dec) and displays the name of...
  14. A

    VBA search and update help

    Hi, Wasn't sure how to correctly title this question but here goes; I would like to know how to find the contents of a cell (which I am currently doing with a worksheetfunction.Vlookup method), copy the contents to an integer (or other number) variable, add another integer to it (based on a...
  15. C

    Alternative to Sumproduct

    hi I have a spread sheet which has a few thousand formulas similar to the one below causing the spreadsheet to take a while to calculate whenever an entry is made is there an alternative to the formula below - im using excel 2010...
  16. L

    When is a number is not a number?

    I have an Excel spreadsheet report downloaded out of a cloud based CRM/Practice Management app called Karbon (karbonhq.com). The report contains 3 columns with dates. The cells with the dates are formatted as 'Number' but the entry appears in date format as follows: 04 Jan 2018. This cell entry...
  17. A

    Conditional Formatting

    Dear All, I need a Conditional Formatting Formula to indicate the additional Duplicated Entries in different color, the first entry should be in default color the additional entry only in different color. Daniel Jose Daniel Maria Jack Jose Thanks a lot
  18. C

    Moving a Picture in excel with command buttons from one cell to another

    First off I just want to thank those that have been a big help to me with my previous questions as I have already learned a lot from them. I am having problems finding the answer though to my latest dilemna. I have a picture I want to be able to move from one cell to another by many different...
  19. R

    Static datestamp by formula?

    Hi all, I'm trying to enter a datestamp from a single cell entry point, and this works fine, but obviously it changes every time $A$2 is changed. (There are hundreds of entries in column "D") =IF(AND($A$2=D2,$A$2<>""),IF(E2="",NOW(),E2),"") I need the datestamp to remain static, after new data...
  20. E

    Last Entry within a range

    Hi all, I am trying to find a formula to list the last entry from column K:4:K23 These cells may change from time to time, so need the latest entry displayed Many thanks for any help

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